Halloween Update Gets Pokemon Go Back To The Top Spot

Halloween Update Gets Pokemon Go Back To The Top Spot
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Pokemon Go is embracing seasonal events to persuade players to play more, and it looks like the updates are having a positive effect, says The Verge. According to market intelligence firm Sensor Tower, the location-based app is on the top of the iPhone top-grossing charts in the U.S. again after dropping to as low as number 10 last week.

Pokemon Go reclaims the top spot

As it turns out,Pokemon Go players just needed some candies to return to the mobile game. The ranking of the location-based app was dropping in the App Store as more and more players either found no reason to spend any money or their spending petered out; however, with the Halloween update, it is back in its top spot.

Earlier this week the gaming giant Niantic updated the augmented reality app by putting digital monsters into the real world to celebrate Halloween. The game awards users more ghosts and more candy (treats) to upgrade their collectible creatures. The players will notice other more gruesome Pokémon on the streets as well.

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Pokemon Go’s Halloween event started on Tuesday and will run through the first day of November. This event is one of the main reasons the popular game is back at the top of the $36.6 billion gaming business, says The Verge.

What after the Halloween event?

The most notable thing about the Halloween event is that it does not include any new content. Developer Niantic instead was able to engage lapsed players with a simple remix of the resources they already had inside the location-based mobile game. This suggests that the gaming giant could easily continue doing events like the Halloween one to persuade users to play without having to invest large amounts of money in creating new content.

After the double candy update went live, the mobile game jumped back to the top of the charts in the App Store, but what will happen when the event ends? Since we are in the holiday season, the gaming giant has Thanksgiving and Christmas and the launch of Pokémon Sun and Moon. However, what the game really requires is genuine activities in place so that when players who return, they stick around longer, says a Forbes report.

According to a report from SuperData Research, the augmented reality app was the top-grossing mobile game around the world in September as well. However, its ranking is in risk if the game continues to fall behind games like Game of War and Mobile Strike.

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