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Nintendo Switch Video Leak: Consumer Gets Console Hybrid Two Weeks Early

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We’re now two weeks away from the Nintendo Switch officially hitting the shelves. However, it would seem as though someone within the consoles distribution chain didn’t get the memo. Because one lucky individual who pre-ordered the new device got his two weeks early! And what’s even more fascinating about this story, is that he has created a Nintendo Switch video and shared it with the world.

unboxing nintendo switch video

The Unboxing Nintendo Switch Video

Now, according to some, this apparent unknown switch receiver has created two videos. One with the actual unboxing and another showing the device’s user interface. Now the one we’re showing you below is a combination of the two, so you can get a good feel for it.

As for what’s in the box, disappointingly it all looks pretty as to be expected! There’s the Switch unit, dock, Joy-Con controllers, Joy-Con grip, Joy-Con straps, an HDMI cable, and an A/C adaptor. So, no surprises there then, we and many others had been hoping for a sneaky inclusion of a bundled game. However, it looks as though the rumor of a free Splatoon 2 becoming available is true.

nintendo switch video
Screenshot:YouTube/FloKO, showing Switch components laid out on a table.
nintendo switch video UI reveal

Switch UI

During the Nintendo Switch video, the creator lays out all its parts onto a table before turning on the tablet. Yes, that’s right tablet, watch the video, and that’s what the Nintendo Switch is without its dock! In all honesty, from watching the user play around in the UI for a minute or so, it’s a little underwhelming.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re not prejudging the device. However, its interface is reminiscent of an Android tablet. Obviously, we’re hoping that isn’t the case when we get a chance to dig deeper. Having said that, if you’re a Nintendo fan. This video does reveal that it has stuck with familiar sounds similar to those on the Wii U and Wii.


Nintendo on a Rampage?

If you could be a fly on a wall one of the most interesting conversations to have overheard of late would have been at Nintendo HQ. “Seriously, it got sent out two weeks early,” would probably have been the dismayed execs first response. Followed probably what would have been some under his/her breadth expletives.

As you can imagine, the Japanese giant must now be on a collision course with one of its retails partners or a distributor. So, whoever it was that unofficially sent out the switch best be looking over their shoulder. As the unofficial Nintendo Switch video and subsequent reveal of its UI and the fact that no games are bundled. Means a mockery has been made of the companies long term plan to keep everything under wraps until it launches.

Having said that, this unwanted (by Nintendo) unveiling of its new pride and joy may be a blessing in disguise. It could have the effect of increasing consumer demand because they will know what they’re getting!

What do you think of this Switch video, has it wet your appetite for the Switch? Come and share your thoughts on this and anything else console/hybrid related in the comments section below.

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