Buy Nintendo Switch For A Cheaper Price From Here

Buy Nintendo Switch For A Cheaper Price From Here
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The Nintendo Switch is the highly anticipated mobile hybrid console soon to be released by the Japanese giant. And although it is set to be accompanied by titles such as The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Then followed by new Super Mario and Splatoon titles. Some critics and fans have decided that it’s too expensive, which has led to one UK retailer lowering the price!

Gameseek’s Nintendo Switch Price

Yes, you have read the above correctly, UK gaming retailer Gameseek has dropped the price of Nintendo’s console before it’s launched! Why? There’s two possibilities, one the retailer has decided to honor pre-orders set at the reduced £198.50. Or two, this is a marketing stunt aimed at enticing UK consumers who like the idea of saving £80.

Will this have the intended effect? It’s quite likely that a larger amount of pre-orders will be made for the Nintendo Switch via Gameseek. Nintendo themselves, have set the UK RRP (recommended retail price) at £279.99 for which most retailers have stuck to. However, unless others like Tesco, Asda, Game, Amazon, and Argos drop their price too, Gameseek will surely benefit.

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Neon Red and Blue Variants

On the retailer’s blog, it has issued a statement in which it say’s:

“GameSeek is happy to announce that our customers will have another chance to pre-order the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch console at £198.50 before release day.”

Apparently, this is the second time the console has been offered at a reduced price by the retailer. This time around, however, it is being referred to as a Mega Offer, and the Red Neon and Blue Neon variants are provided.

What included with the Console?

According to Nintendo, the official Nintendo Switch package will include the Console. One left Joy-Con plus right Joy-Con, two Joy-Con straps, one Joy-Con grip, dock, and an HDMI cable plus AC adapter.

In an early press release, Nintendo did state that there would be two versions of the system at launch. The first included gray versions of the Joy-Con controllers and the others, neon blue and neon red Joy-Con controllers.

What about games?

No Games Included

Previous Nintendo consoles like the Wii and Wii U came packaged with games like Wii Sports. As for the Nintendo Switch, many thought it too would come bundled with something similar. However, this time around the company will not include a title from the start. So, with games possibly costing up to £60 it’s possible that the saving Gameseek is offering will be welcome.

Fortunately, though, if spending £198.50 on the device means you will have blown your budget for games. Nintendo will make a free preview of Splatoon 2 available at the end of March for three days.

Final Thoughts

If the idea of saving £80 on the Switch has you excited, you should probably get over to Gameseek now. However, it’s worth noting that to take advantage of the offer, you will have to signup if not already. Doing so will enable the company to alert you to when the console is available for pre-order and prevent you from missing out!

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