Nintendo Switch Price: Latest Rumor Pegs It At $215 To $250

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Fans are counting the days to when the Nintendo Switch price will be made official. We’re less than a week away from a big event at which the Japanese gaming company plans to reveal more details about the hybrid gaming console. It’s unclear whether the Nintendo Switch price is on the agenda, but many believe it to be.

Until the company officially names its price, however, we’re stuck with only rumors.

Nintendo Switch price at $215 or $250?

According to Nikkei, The Nintendo Switch price will be set at 25,000 yen, which translates to about US$215. Of course that’s a price in Japan as converted to U.S. dollars at the current exchange rate, so it can be expected that the Nintendo Switch price will be higher in the U.S. Many tech websites are speculating that $250 will end up being the final price, based on the price Nikkei gave for the gaming device in Japan. Although we’ll have to wait until Nintendo reveals the official price, Nikkei has a pretty solid track record on these matters.

At 25,000 yen, the Switch would be priced lower than the Wii U at launch, which would be a smart move, given that the console did not do well. Nintendo may have to draw families back in with a lower price in order to get them to take a chance on the Switch.

Is the Nintendo Switch worth $250?

One thing is for sure, and it’s that Nintendo must tread carefully when setting the Nintendo Switch price. However, one thing the new gaming device has going for it is that it’s a hybrid device. Nintendo has been known for making unique devices, and the Wii U certainly fit the bill. However, the company has historically been more successful with its handheld devices such as the Nintendo DS and, going further back, the Gameboy.

The Nintendo Switch could do quite well because it is a handheld device in addition to being one that fits into a dock and can be plugged into a TV. If it really ends up being priced at or below the price of the Wii U, families will feel like they’re getting two consoles in one, and Nintendo should be able to tap into the success it has experienced with handheld devices in the past.

The company has released just enough official information to whet our appetites, but there were some third-party accessories for it revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show last week. In terms of power, it seems unlikely that the Switch will be able to stand up to the Xbox Project Scorpio or PlayStation 4 Pro, but the device seems unique enough to create its own niche.

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