Nintendo NX Release Date, Price, Specs, Features

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Nintendo’s next-generation gaming console, code-named NX, is creating a lot of buzz, even though the company remains tight-lipped about the console. The Japanese company’s late President Satoru Iwata said last year that the NX would be a “brand new concept” in the gaming world. It won’t be a mere replacement of Wii U or the 3DS console. Let’s take a look at the rumored specs, features, price, and release date of the Nintendo NX.

Nintendo NX: A hybrid console

Last year, late Satoru Iwata pointed out during an investor presentation that handheld gaming systems were becoming more popular than home consoles in Japan. But home consoles remain popular in most other countries. Nintendo has said that it would create a new platform “that will be accepted by as many people around the world as possible.” It sparked speculations that Nintendo NX could be a hybrid console that will be small enough to carry around, but powerful enough to support TV-based gaming.

Later, several leaks and reports confirmed that it will indeed be a hybrid console with detachable controllers. According to the Wall Street Journal, the system will include both a console and a mobile unit that you can use with the console or take it with you for separate use.

Nintendo NX: Hardware

According to Eurogamer, Nintendo NX will primarily be a portable console that could connect to a TV through a docking station. The portable part of the system will feature detachable controllers that you can use to play games on TV. The controllers will also have a motion sensor and an advanced vibration force feedback. The new controllers are designed to eventually replace the Wii Remote.

Earlier this week, Let’s Play Video Games leaked the dimensions of Nintendo NX development kit. It measures 25mm in thickness, 281mm in width, and 92mm in height with controllers attached. The individual controllers have a width of 38mm each. Users can connect them to the console via a hole on either side. It will also have a split D-Pad and a Share button that will let you stream and upload videos to the social media.

The same report also shows where the SD card slot, TV connector, power button, home button, and cartridge are placed. Yes, according to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo NX will have cartridges instead of discs. Cartridges make sense because Nintendo’s target market includes kids. Reports suggest that cartridges will be more kid-friendly as you can’t scratch them like CDs and they load data faster than discs.

Nintendo’s next-gen console won’t be a direct competitor to Xbox One or PlayStation 4. It is said be more powerful than Wii U, but won’t be powerful enough to challenge Microsoft or Sony’s flagship consoles. Rumors indicate that it will be powered by Nvidia Tegra X2. Another report by Let’s Play Video Games claims that Nintendo NX will be region-free, meaning you can import and play titles that are exclusive only to certain regions.

What titles are coming?

Only a few titles have been announced for Nintendo NX so far. They include Just Dance 2017 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Another game Dragon Quest XI is also planned for the NX. Just Dance 2017 is the latest in the popular series of motion-controlled games. Other expected titles include Pikmin 4 and Project Sonic 2017.

Nintendo NX price

Nintendo’s gaming consoles are traditionally more affordable than those offered by rivals. And the trend is expected to continue with the NX. It doesn’t mean Nintendo NX will be as cheap as the Wii U. Though the Japanese company has maintained secrecy around the console, gaming industry experts believe that the NX could retail at a price 50% higher than the Wii U. That means it would cost roughly $300 in the United States.

Release date

Nintendo NX is set for worldwide release in March 2017. If rumors are to be believed, Nintendo could unveil the console later this month at the Tokyo Game Show that is scheduled for September 15-18. NX will be Nintendo’s first new major console since 2013. The console was previously expected to arrive in 2016, but its release was pushed back to March 2017. A Nintendo executive recently said the company didn’t want to repeat the mistakes it made with Wii U, so it was focusing on software planning.

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