Nintendo NX Dimensions Leaked Ahead Of Unveiling

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The much-awaited Nintendo NX gaming console is rumored to be unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show later this month. The console has been subject to a number of leaks and rumors. Nintendo NX is said to have detachable controllers with motion sensor and an advanced vibration force feedback. It will also feature a “share” button that will let users quickly upload and stream videos to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Miiverse.

Nintendo NX to have a width of 281mm

One thing that wasn’t revealed – until now – was the dimensions of the NX development kit. Now Let’s Play Video Games has obtained the dimensions of the current NX kit from a source working on an NX title that will arrive next year. The source told LPVG that Nintendo NX is slightly thicker than Nintendo 3DS XL when folded. It has a thickness of 25mm, a width of 281mm and a height of 92mm with controllers attached.

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The detachable controllers have the same height and thickness, but they have a width of 38mm each. That means the console itself is 205mm wide. LPVG has also published a diagram showing where the TV connector, SD card slot, power button, cartridge, and the headphone port are located. The controllers connect to the console via a hole on either side.

Nintendo NX will be region-free

In another report, LPVG revealed that the upcoming NX console will be region-free. It means users will be able to purchase and play games from any country as it can run software from any region. Nintendo’s past consoles such as Wii U and GameCube came with region-locking. They prevented gamers from one region to play titles that were launched exclusively in other markets. But Nintendo NX will allow gamers to import and play exclusive titles that were not available in their home countries.

Nintendo has not officially confirmed any details on its NX console. It is expected to arrive in March 2017.

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