Nintendo NX Mock-up Shows What It Might Look Like

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Nintendo is expected to launch the Nintendo NX this month, but ahead of that, a mysterious tweet appeared in the midst of a Nintendo Direct announcement in Japan. The tweet is purporting to display the new Nintendo NX. It comes from an account named @guythefighter, and the image in the tweet looks more like a controller than an actual console.

A few problems with the design

The tweet comes via the Japanese site BigGlobe, which posted the mock-up on its site showing the home console and tablet hybrid with detachable controllers.

When translated to English through Google Translate, the description from @guythefighter reads: “Announcements or from Nintendo, will tell the update information of the home page. Please pardon because it does not have to answer to your questions and inquiries.”

Though it is not the clearest translation, the reader can get the gist of it. The tweet shows a controller that extends outward laterally to enclose a screen in the center. However, there are many problems with this design, notes Digital Spy. First, the pads themselves look about as “ergonomic as a hedgehog dipped in sulphuric acid.” Second, the central screen is a little too big to shrink between the pads on either side, unless it is some kind of insane bendable OLED magic, which is highly doubted, the website notes.

In addition, the design conflicts with the reports that the Nintendo NX is a handheld with a 6.2-inch screen and space for cartridges. The image in the tweet looks more like a controller than a real console. It is not certain if this image is what the Nintendo NX would really look like as it is just a mock-up based on the rumored information about the console. It sure does look appealing though.

More trustworthy information regarding the Nintendo NX suggests it will be a handheld-console hybrid and will integrate with first-party mobile applications, says Digital Spy.

Nintendo NX: what to expect?

According to gaming experts, the upcoming Nintendo NX will be a hybrid system consisting of both a home console and a mobile device. The mobile part may have both handheld and detachable controllers, and the home console part could be plugged into a television.

Nintendo NX will reportedly use cartridges instead of discs, according to iTech Post. But customers are not very joyous about this as cartridges have less storage room than discs. These are, however, just rumors, and nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo yet.

Nevertheless, the gaming giant is hoping to avoid a repeat of its Wii U, which was hugely undersold. Recently, the company said that to succeed, the concept of the console will have to be explained clearly to consumers. Now rumors suggest that the gaming giant will unveil the Nintendo NX at the Tokyo Game Show scheduled to start on September 15. The games officially confirmed for the Nintendo NX console are Dragon Quest 11, Dragon Quest 10, Just Dance 2017 and Sonic 2017.

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