Nintendo NX To Feature Detachable Controllers With Force Feedback

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Gaming enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the Nintendo NX, which is expected to be unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show 2016. Even though Nintendo is keeping its next-gen gaming console a tight secret, leaks and rumors continue to emerge about the NX. It is almost certain that the Nintendo NX will be a combination of a handheld and a home console.

Nintendo NX controllers to support motion control

Let’s Play Video Games has learned from its sources that the handheld controllers will be detachable, allowing you to plug them into your telly without any problems. What’s more, the detachable controllers will support motion control and an “advanced vibration force feedback.” Sources told the publication that the new controllers are designed to replace Wii Remote over time. Gamers who have Wii Remotes will still be able to play at least a few multi-player games.

The motion control is said to have much of the same functionality of the Wii Remote Plus. That means it can recognize your inputs from rotating the controller as you play. The force feedback goes far beyond simply vibrating. It will be similar to the Vive controller. Sources told Let’s Play Video Games that the Nintendo NX controllers can alter pulsing patterns, intensity, and duration of the vibration feedback to mimic the sensation of different movement types.

Nintendo determined not to make the same mistakes it made with Wii U

Nintendo is expected to launch several titles alongside the console, and Just Dance 2017 is rumored to be one of them. Just Dance 2017 will be compatible with both the Nintendo NX detachable controllers as well as Wii Remotes for multi-player support. Zelda: Breath of the Wild is also rumored to arrive on the same day as NX.

In an interview with A List Daily, Nintendo America president Reggie Fils-Aime said that, with NX, the company would like to avoid the mistakes it made with Wii U. “We have to do a better job communicating the positioning for the product.” This time, the company is also focusing on software planning. With the Wii U, Nintendo had delayed the release of many first-party titles, which led to consumer disappointment.

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