This New Samsung TV Will Blend In With Your Wall Art

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Samsung has now completed the move toward fully blending the TV with wall art. This is a trend that’s been going on for years, starting with the slimming down and mounting of TV sets on the wall. The Frame certainly looks to be a stunning completion of this trend, as it’s a Samsung TV that doubles as an art piece.

Samsung TV features “Art Mode”

In a press release, the South Korea-based consumer electronics firm released more details about its QLED televisions and its new “lifestyle TV” called The Frame. Other products detailed in the press release include the company’s new Sound+ soundbar and a new Blu-ray player, but it’s the Frame that’s getting all the attention today.

The Frame is the first offering in Samsung’s new category called “lifestyle TVs.” The company teased a few details about the TV set at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. It’s basically a TV set that looks like another picture hanging on the wall. The set’s frame looks like a wooden picture frame, but that’s not the only thing that makes it unusual. It also features an “Art Mode,” which turns it into a work of art.

Samsung’s The Frame transforms into a picture

Conventional TVs just fade to black, but instead, the display on The Frame becomes a picture. Users can choose from more than 100 different images in 10 categories, including architecture, action, wildlife and landscape. Art Mode also lets users customize their experience even further by choosing from various layouts and colors. Samsung is also offering some additional accessory options that can also be customized, including an optional Studio Stand and interchangeable bezels, which of course change the style of the TV’s “frame.”

The Frame also features Samsung’s Invisible Connection and No Gap Wall mount so that it can hang almost anywhere without wires being visible. The TV set isn’t available yet, but Samsung said it will be sometime this spring.

The TV certainly looks like a neat idea, although those who have a Google Chrome already have something similar. The streaming TV stick puts up images on the screen when it’s not in use, although it doesn’t have nearly as many customizable options as Samsung’s art-dedicated TV set does. Consumers might also be wondering if The Frame has any features that allow the company to spy on their viewing habits in light of recent reports of some smart TV makers being fined for doing it.

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