New Jobs In The Cannabis Industry

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With recreational marijuana being legalized in many states across the U.S there have been many new jobs opening in the cannabis industry. Between sales, cultivation, and delivery services, the cannabis industry has employed over 300,000 workers in the past year! So what are these new and exciting jobs in the marijuana market?

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The Most Important Cannabis Jobs

Some of the most important jobs in the cannabis industry are in the production of cannabis related products. The highest paying of these jobs is a position as a master extractor which can have a pay range of $80-$250K. Extractors oversee the production of safe and effective oils and concentrates and maintains overall safety standards. Another job involved in extraction is a position as an extraction technician which has a pay range of $27-43K. This position operates the actual extraction equipment in the laboratory environment.

In dealing with the actual plants there are many jobs as well. A position as a master grower can pay up to $120K! People in this position usually have some sort of scientific background in plant science such as botany or horticulture. They oversee large scale grow operations, while trimmers, harvesters, and cultivators take care of the daily care of crops. Even jobs in the daily maintenance of the greenhouse have opportunities for advancement and competitive wages.

Within the sale of cannabis and cannabis related products, workers have many choices about the positions they may want to hold. Budtenders can be paid up to $40K for helping customers choose the best strains and products for their needs. These employees require good sales and customer service skills, so oftentimes retail workers will find themselves landing jobs in the cannabis industry. Receptionists and cashiers are also needed and are responsible for verifying information and greeting customers.

During the pandemic there was an increase in the amount of dispensaries that offered delivery services. This created the new position of marijuana courier which can pay up to $35K. Delivery drivers can also receive some sort of extra income either through sales commissions or tips.

During the pandemic many people found themselves without a job due to the amount of businesses that had to shut down. The cannabis industry was able to give thousands of workers new employment in an environment that is welcoming, inclusive, and professional. With the number of states that are legalizing cannabis the amount of jobs are going to continue to grow, will you join the ever expanding movement?

Cannabis Jobs

Infographic source: Best CBD Oils