New iPhone 8 Concept Visualizes All The Best Rumors

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Rumors about the iPhone 8 abound, and if you’ve been having trouble visualizing what these rumors would look like in the real thing, you’re in luck. A German-language website has published some artist renderings showing those rumors in action, so to speak.

Biggest camera update in the iPhone 8

These images are courtesy Handy Abovergleich. The artist describes this iPhone 8 concept as having “the biggest camera update of all time.” This concept assumes three models, one of the many rumors we’ve been hearing. All three models receive the dual-lens camera treatment, with both lenses having 16 megapixels and being able to record 4K video. The cameras feature OIS and an aperture of f/1.7, and the bump that currently exists due to the camera on the iPhone 7 has been removed.

The artist describes the display on the iPhone 8 concept as “just enormous.” The bezel-less AMOLED screen features deep blacks, bright whites and rich colors, plus “killer” contrast ratios.

Other killer iPhone 8 features

Handy Abovergleich’s iPhone 8 concept adds an iris scanner, something that has been a rumored addition to the iPhone for some time. It also embeds the Touch ID fingerprint scanner into the display, just as rumors have been saying for a long time. The Home button has been redesigned to be part of the display, although it remains at the bottom of the device.

The iPhone 8 concept features six different colors. The three main colors are high-gloss jet white, space black (like the one on the Apple Watch), and polished gold. The other three are Apple’s signature silver, jet black and rose gold. The front and black of the iPhone 8 are glass, while the frame is constructed from stainless steel like the Apple Watch.

The concept also features USB-C, which is found on Apple’s MacBooks and offers faster speeds. Of course the processor has been updated so it’s faster and more energy-efficient, and wireless charging has been added, with the range extending all the way out to three meters. The iPhone 8 Pro in this concept supports the Apple Pencil and features a massive 5.8-inch screen.

Notice that there’s no foldable display in this concept, making it much more realistic than those suggesting that Apple will be ready to utilize its patented foldable display tech this year.

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