New iOS 13 Concept Shows How Apple Can Deliver What Users Want

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Apple’s iOS 13 is now just days away. Apple will showcase the next-gen OS at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2019, which starts next week. This is not stopping designers to come up with the iOS 13 concept. The latest iOS 13 concept comes from a Toronto-based UI/UX designer, Michael Calcada, whose concept suggests how Apple could address some long-standing pain points.

This iOS 13 concept addresses user complaints

Calcada in his iOS 13 concept primarily focuses on points that the iPhone users have been complaining of or have long been demanding. One such feature is the always-on display, and Calcada’s iOS 13 concept includes this. With always-on display, users get quick information at a glance.

“Last year, I uploaded my iOS AR concept video that showcased new designs/ideas. The new iOS 13 video expands on that concept, showcasing many new innovations and improvements along with the power of augmented reality in your pocket,” Calcada said in an email to idownloadblog.

Other features included in Calcada’s iOS 13 concept are a new Notifications Hub with support for notifications grouping and a redesigned Notification Center with separate tabs for weather information and music playback. Calcada’s Notification Center includes notification colors, a dot in the status bar to suggest unread alerts and inline typing indicators in messaging notifications.

Calcada also tweaks the Home Screen to include a Dynamic Dock with support for four apps, new icons and a banner area on the top that will show calls, weather info and AR features. Further, the concept also gives users the ability to trigger the Control Center from the bottom of the screen using gestures.

Also, the concept offers more customization options for the Control Center, including an option for rearranging icons. Calcada’s iOS 13 concept also includes the Dark Mode, with the trigger switch in the Control Center. Additionally, the concept also redesigns the camera interface and adds a feature that will be available only in the iPhone 11, i.e., support for reverse wireless charging.

In terms of AR, Calcada’s iOS 13 concept offers features that seem to be unreal. One such feature offers information about the surroundings as users point the camera at it.

“I integrated augmented reality into the core OS experience, providing new innovative and intuitive ways to interact with your digital and physical worlds at once,” Calcada said.

To know more about Calcada’s iOS 13 concept, visit Michael’s personal website.

Making iPhones suitable for one-handed operation

Another iOS 13 concept that arrived recently was from designer Maximos Angelakis. Angelakis’ concept also tries to address one major iPhone limitation, i.e., that it is uncomfortable while operating with one hand. Though Apple already offers a Reachability option with the iPhones for one-handed operation, Angelakis came up with a new way to make the apps and menu more accessible.

Angelakis, in the concept, squeezes the size of the user interface to bring it closer to the thumb. With lesser area to cover, you can easily use your thumb to control the phone. Also, the designer changes the position of the card that now fills the lower part of the screen. Both these changes – the cards one and limiting the interface area – make it a lot easier to navigate and control the phone with one hand.

Apart from the accessibility improvement, Angelakis also proposes new buttons and gestures. Moreover, the designer also updates the home screen by giving users more customization options. For example, replacing apps with things that users actually want on the home screen, like time, weather details and widgets.

Angelakis also redesigns the Control Center and adds a new gesture. Since the Reachability gesture is no longer needed in this concept, the designer assigned it to invoke the Control Center. The designer also tweaked other core iOS features and apps, such as multitasking, the App Store, Photos apps, Camera, the Safari browser, Siri and more. Angelakis’ iOS 13 concept also includes a dark mode and a new UI for volume control. You can view the full concept from this link.

Another iOS concept was shared by Álvaro Pabesio, whose design is based on many of the real expectations for the next iOS. Pabesio’s concept includes features like a desktop extension for Mac/iPad, redesigned Mail, Reminders, a fresh volume HUD and more.

Apple will release the first iOS 13 beta next week at the WWDC, while the public release will happen sometime later this year along with the new iPhones.

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