Google Pixel 3 Concept Video Shows Potential Design And Features

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While we likely won’t see the Google’s upcoming flagship for quite some time, a creative third-party designer gave us an idea of what we might see from the phone in a Google Pixel 3 concept video – courtesy of Concept Creator.

It’s important to preface this article by stating that this is far from an official confirmation of design or features. Rather, it’s an exercise in imagination and a cool way to tide us over as we wait for more official details to come out that confirm or deny the ideas in this Google Pixel 3 concept.

Google Pixel 3 Concept

The video of the Google Pixel 3 concept embedded below gives the impression that the phone will be following the trend of many high-end smartphones – ditching the bezels as much as possible and prioritizing an edge-to-edge display. While there’s still more of an edge there than with competitors like the Samsung Galaxy, it’s clear that the Pixel 3 is going for a similar aesthetic. As we saw on the Pixel 2, the Google Pixel 3 concept shows two front-facing speakers as well

As far as controlling the phone goes, all physical buttons are situated on the right side of this Google Pixel 3 concept, with the power / lock key featuring a different texture than the volume up and down buttons. Given these two rockers’ proximity to one another, the difference in textures should make it easier to find what you’re looking for when fumbling for your Pixel 3 in the dark.

While the majority of the back of the Google Pixel 3 concept is covered in metal, the very top of the device has a glass panel, on which the phone’s single lens is located alongside an LED flash. Despite the single-lens setup, both the Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2 had one of the best cameras on the market, so we’re expecting the same or better from the upcoming Google Pixel 3. The design of the phone seems to curve a bit when taking a closer look, and as expected, the Google logo is featured prominently on the back of the device. The curve of the phone should make it easier to get a grip on the phone, which is a welcome addition considering the fact that many smartphones are becoming rather unwieldy to hold with one hand.

While there’s no telling what colors we’ll actually see when the phone releases, this artist’s Google Pixel 3 concept shows an all-red model, a black and red model, and several other variants. The concept shows a fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone, which has become somewhat of a necessity considering the industry’s move towards minimizing bezels on the front of the screen. Several Samsung models have opted for a rear scanner, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see such a decision employed in the final version of the Google Pixel 3. There is technology in development from multiple manufacturers for in-display scanners, however, which would be far preferable to a rather awkwardly-placed rear option.

There’s no telling what specifications will be included with the upcoming flagship, but the Google Pixel 3 concept does make some educated guesses. The phone may be powered by Qualcomm’s latest chip – the Snapdragon 845. Rumored to include 6BG of LPDDR4 RAM and 64GB of native storage, you’ll have room for all of your apps and the phone will perform admirably with even the most demanding of tasks.

Untapped Potential

Google saw great success with their original Pixel phone, and improved upon their winning formula with the Pixel 2. However, as a relative newcomer to the smartphone scene, Google still has something to prove if they’d like to convert a significant portion of customers away from flagships from the likes of Apple and Samsung. Google’s phones have a reputation for amazing cameras, and the Google Pixel 3 concept video seems to suggest that we’ll see an equally powerful camera included in their upcoming phone, but is that enough to capture the attention of the market?

Google really has something going for them with the Pixel line. A smooth operating system from the minds behind Android itself makes operating the phone a breeze, and premium performance and design make it a worthy competitor to any luxury phone. There may be potential for the company to become a leader in the high-end smartphone scene, but they need to continue to innovate and deliver high-quality handsets if they’d like that chance.

It’s still too early to discuss what we might actually see from the Google Pixel 3, but until we know more, this concept video gives us something to think about.

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