New Google Assistant Features Announced At CES

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CES, formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, is a great place to learn what to expect this year in the tech industry. Among the announcements at the Las Vegas event was a plethora of new Google Assistant features for all smart devices you could possibly think of. Google also revealed the new features on its blog, adding that it aims to make its AI assistant the “most helpful digital assistant,” regardless of your location.

Google Assistant Connect

One of the new Google Assistant features announced at CES is Google Assistant Connect, which may appeal to device manufacturers aiming to make their products more affordable. Assistant will use the manufacturers’ already-existing smart platform to make setup easier for users. The company explained that some manufacturers could create smart devices with an e-ink display, and Google Assistant would support it with its Calendar and other features.

Smart Clock and Smart Display

Google has collaborated with Lenovo to offer a new Smart Clock which will work with Google Assistant to make users’ morning routines more productive. Google Assistant will enable users to set their alarm preferences on a 4-inch touchscreen. Upon awakening, they will be greeted by animations on the auto-adjusting screen. For example, Google Assistant will display an artificial sunrise animation 30 minutes before the alarm goes off, providing a gentler waking experience.

Moreover, Whirlpool featured a new KitchenAid Smart Display with Google Assistant. Anyone who enjoys cooking can integrate it into their kitchen, and then it will guide them through cooking recipes from Yummly. Google Assistant will also be able to control smart devices in the kitchen. Knowing how messy the kitchen can get while cooking, the device features a 10-inch water resistant display.

Google Assistant on Google Maps

Google Assistant is also available on Google Maps starting today. Assistant will support users as they navigate via Maps on both Android and iOS devices. The company allows users to share their estimated time of arrival with their friends using just their voice, reply to text messages, and play music and videos.

New accessories for driving

Google also collaborated with Anker and JBL for some of the new Google Assistant features. The search engine giant built Assistant into accessories made by the other two companies for use while on the go and/or in the car. The feature is currently available on the Anker Roav Bolt and JBL Link Drive, which are plugged into the car’s socket. This enables users to connect their car’s stereo to their phone using Bluetooth and/ or an auxiliary cable. Being able to use Google Assistant hands-free can reduce the chances of accidents caused by driving with your phone in your hands.

Enhanced translation

Google Assistant also received a major boost in translating. Google explained that Assistant will serve as an interpreter when the update rolls out in the coming weeks. The feature will be online on all Google Home devices and Smart Displays. Google Assistant will be able to translate users’ sentences into another language, which can be helpful when trying to converse with friends from other countries or while traveling. Assistant will even enable users to order food or check in at a foreign hotel without spending a lot of time trying to make themselves understood.

The new Google Assistant features also include support for more devices. Here’s the full list:

  • Devices and appliances: Instant Pot’s Smart WiFi Programmable Pressure Cooker, Sub Zero’s refrigerator and wine storage, Wolf E-Series and M-Series ovens, Cove dishwashers, U by Moen™ shower
  • HVAC: Rheem’s Econet Smart Thermostat, Côr 7C thermostat by Carrier
  • Security: McAfee’s Secure Home Platform
  • Water Leak Sensors: LeakSmart Leak and Flood Protection, Flo by Moen
  • EV charging: eMotorWorks’ JuiceBox Level 2, SolarEdge’s EV Charging Solar Inverter
  • Irrigation: Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller, Rain Bird Smart WiFi Controllers, Orbit’s B-Hyve

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