New Samsung Galaxy X Sketches Shown In Patent Application

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Samsung is not one to sit back and let other manufacturers do all of the innovation. Their Galaxy S8 display was so popular that a lot of companies have been adopting a similar design over the past year. Now, it looks like Samsung may be one of the first manufacturers to market with a truly foldable smartphone. These new Galaxy X sketches submitted for patent purposes show us what we may be able to expect from Samsung.

Lots Of Screen In A Flip Phone

LetsGoDigital saw these Galaxy X Sketches and shared them online for the world to see. The patent gives us a better idea of what we may be able to expect from Samsung in the coming year. As you can see in the sketches above, there appears to be a sort of “spine” in the case of the device that would allow it to fold like a clamshell flip phone.

To me, the sketches make the device look very long and tall. Perhaps that’s just my impression from the sketches or perhaps Samsung has an interesting design planned. Could they go with separate areas of a display where you essentially have a top and bottom? Earlier Galaxy X sketches showed a less elongated device so perhaps the angle of these new sketches is just throwing me for a loop.

What Else Do We Know?

To be honest, there isn’t a lot that we know about the Galaxy X. However, let me try to round up all of the news and see if we can put it all together. As far as release date goes, that is up in the air. Some reports had suggested the device may be coming at the beginning of 2018 but, considering the lack of leaks at this point, I think that’s too soon. In my opinion, spring 2018 is the earliest we see the Galaxy X.

With some of the new camera tech announced by Samsung including their incredibly small sensors, we expect the Galaxy X to have one of the best cameras we have ever seen in a smartphone. If Samsung is going to release an innovative, unique product; you can expect they will be swinging for the fences and packing in every cool feature that they can.

As for price, it’s too early to get an idea of that. However, if you look at the smartphone market now and consider where the Galaxy X would fit in, you get an idea of what we may be able to expect. If the iPhone X sells for $999 and the Galaxy Note 8 isn’t far behind then you can imagine where Samsung might see their new, revolutionary foldable smartphone fitting in. It would not surprise me at all to see the Galaxy X start at over $1000. This will not be a device for the average user. This is going to be a premium smartphone built for people who want to own (and pay for) the latest and greatest in tech.

Are People Going To Buy Galaxy X?

That’s the big question. Do people want to go back to flip phones? Not only that, do they want to pay over $1000 to do so? If this turns out to be a roaring success then you can expect plenty of other manufacturers to release foldable smartphones of their own. In fact, Apple is already rumored to be working on a foldable iPhone but their development is not as far along as the Galaxy X so we may not see the foldable iPhone until sometime in 2019 or even 2020. They will definitely be watching the release of the Galaxy X very closely to see if their own foldable device has a chance to succeed or if this new trend is dead in the water.

What Do You Think?

It’s nice to see innovation in the smartphone industry but what do you think about a foldable smartphone? Will this be worth the cost of admission or would you rather stick with a traditional style of smartphone? I’m interested to hear your thoughts on the potential return of flip phones to mainstream consumers. Comment below and tell me what you think.

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