Netflix, Inc. Plans To Launch 20 New Shows A Year: Sarandos

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Netflix could add around 20 original shows every year says Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos, according to a Wednesday report from Variety. People across the world speak different languages and have diverse tastes, and the company hopes to serve them all with shows of their choice, Sarandos noted.

Serving diverse tastes

Sarandos discussed the company’s plans at the NETPE confab during the Q&A round with Mitch Hurwitz, creator of Arrested Development and Vince Gilligan, creator of Breaking Bad. A menu of original shows that can satisfy subscribers across the world and target different niches is being prepared by Netflix.

“We really are not trying to define the brand by any one show,” he said.

The Netflix executive also shared a few details about Chelsea Handler’s upcoming late night talk show. The show will be nothing like her earlier effort on E! “Chelsea Lately,” said Sarandos, and added the new show will “reposition Chelsea away from what she was at E,” he said. “The show became something she was not happy with.” Interviews, filmed segments and showcasing of Handler’s comedy will be the focus, said Sarandos.

Is Netflix going for quantity over quality?

Netflix is becoming popular among subscribers more for its original shows than movies. Shows run for a short duration on Netflix, but if the subscriber has time, then he or she can watch multiple episodes at his/her convenience. The fact that the firm plans to add 20 original shows a year is worrisome as the company may go for quantity over quality. Its competitors HBO, AMC, and Showtime always keep quality over quantity. It seems Netflix’s focus at present is on developing the maximum number of new shows rather than on making a handful shows that are of superior quality.

However, Sarandos said  he wants to successfully launch “high-quality” content.

Presently, subscribers spend more time browsing options on Netflix than actually watching the content. It looks like the decision-making is going to be even more difficult for subscribers in the future as the company is going to add 20 new original shows every year.

Recently, Netflix revealed plans for a global expansion over the next two years. The U.S. market is almost saturated, so Netflix has to expand globally. The streaming company has plans to expand to 200 countries from about 50 countries now.

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