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Netflix, Inc. Updates Its Movie And Show Catalog For 2015

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Netflix never fails to bring pleasant surprises for users who love the streaming service, which is the biggest in the world. It has come to knowledge that the company will update its content starting Jan. 1 as a gift for the New Year. There will be loads of new movies and hit television series available for subscribers.

New shows and movies on Netflix

Netflix has plans of kicking off the New Year with movies and shows that are new, thus providing customers with a good start. Of all the new additions to the catalog, the most anticipated is the hit and overly popular TV series Friends. The series had 10 seasons in all with 236 episodes, and all of them will be available for streaming starting Jan. 1. Friends is among the most popular TV sitcoms and has viewers in large numbers across the world, and those fans will definitely love to re-watch their favorite series.

Also as many as 32 new titles will be added to Netflix’s catalog of shows at the start of the year. Mean Girls is one of those, which is a popular teen comedy. Those who were teens in the early 2000s will definitely be able to relate to and love the show, as it is a nostalgic favorite of theirs starring Lindsay Lohan, Tina Fey, Lacey Chabert, and Rachel McAdams. This movie was helpful in propelling Lindsay Lohan’s career to new heights in Hollywood, after which she bagged some meaty roles.

Over 60 titles leaving as well

Other additions to Netflix include Cast Away, which is a well-known Tom Hanks movie, and Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas starring Johnny Depp. The male demographic will be more than happy to know that Bad Boys II starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will also be one of the additions made to the catalog. Christian Today reported on the complete list of new movies and shows added to Netflix’s catalog, along with their dates of availability.

Not only additions but deductions too will take place from the Netflix catalog, with over 60 titles leaving. The 10 most prominent ones are – Batman, Love Actually, Titanic, Big Trouble in Little China, The Brady Bunch Movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Happy Gilmore, Rocky IV, The Usual Suspects and 12 Angry Men.

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