Netflix, Inc. A Clear Winner In 2015

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Netflix stock has more than doubled at a time when the S&P 500 index barely managed to end the year in green, making the streaming firm one of the hottest stock of the year, says a report from Quartz. The second-best stock is Amazon, up over 122% year to date.

Netflix dominating small and big screens

There are several factors that are pushing Netflix stock up. The streaming firms two new Marvel superhero series – Daredevil and Jessica –were critically acclaimed. For Kids, the company premiered seven new shows, and also came up with 12 comedy specials including shows from Aziz Ansari and Chris Tucker.

Coming to the big screen, the streaming firm gave nine documentaries, and two feature films including Beasts of No Nation, which is surely an Oscar contender. And now, its latest true-crime documentary – Making a Murderer – is becoming a rage with the viewers. In addition, the streaming firm is also working to bring back the favorite old shows.

Netflix also won nine Golden Globes this year beating rival HBO for the first-time ever. Of the 34 Emmy nominations, the streaming firm was able to win four, and also managed to bag 10 Screen Actors Guild nominations. Netflix’s dream year with the nominations proved that HBO is no the longer the leader in television.

Year of great expansion

The year 2015 can also be termed as the year of great expansion for the streaming firm. The company launched its services in many countries including Japan, Italy, Spain, and plans of making it service available in many more countries next year.

More than half of the American watch Netflix, and the streaming firm account for more than a third of peak web traffic in North America. By the end of next year, the streaming firm aims to be present in almost countries on Earth.

Netflix will be hoping that all its achievements will help to get bigger revenue, which has been rising steadily for years now. The company now boasts of nine straight quarters of 20% or more revenue growth, says the report.

Big revenue does not always translate into big profits, and same is the case with Netflix. For the last quarter, the streaming firm reported a profit of just $29 million on a revenue of $1.7 billion. However, this holds no importance when investors have so much confident on the stock.

At 11.19 EST, Netflix shares were down 2.09% at $116.54. Year to date, the stock is up over 139% while in the last one-month, it is down over 5%.

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