Netflix Faces Criticism From VPN Providers

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Netflix made a major announcement last week to increase its efforts to block customers, who circumvent geo-blockades. This means its subscribers will no longer be able to access the streaming firms content from other countries by using VPN services and proxies. Such a move from the US firm has been condemned unanimously by the VPN providers, says a report from TorrentFreak.

VPN providers oppose Netflix

Various movie studios have repeatedly called for this kind of move from Netflix, which already blocks IP-addresses linked to such services with the application of commercial blacklist data. However, such as move also has an impact on customers having good intentions, and use VPN for the simple reason that they wish to protect their privacy.

TorrentFreak, who spoke to several VPN providers about what they think of Netflix’s plans, got to know that several of them are already facing the issue, and have promised to do their best to ensure the availability of workarounds remains in place. Along with announcing counter-measures, several VPN companies are also raising the issue of Net Neutrality, indicating there are better options to address the issue.

VPN firms ready with counter measures

TorGuard’s Ben van der Pelt says they have been expecting a Netflix VPN crackdown for some time now, and therefore, this announcement did not come as a surprise. Pelt said this move from the streaming firm will leave many legitimate paid subscribers in the dark.

“TorGuard is monitoring the situation closely and we have recently implemented new measures that can bypass any proposed IP blockade on our network. VPN users who encounter Netflix access problems are encouraged to contact us for a working solution,” Pelt adds.

Taking a similar stance, SlickVPN said the chances of blocking static IP-addresses they offer are very less. Greg Lyda of SlickVPN said the company works continuously to make sure its customers have access to the entire internet. If Netflix blocks their IP addresses, then they will migrate to new IPs as needed, Lyda said. In addition, they also offer static IPs that can entirely eliminate the problem.

Netflix already blocked one of the VPN services named Mullvad, who is confused with Netflix’s decision. “Why do some companies insist on making it difficult or impossible to buy their products? Why does a company resort to blocking people from literally paying them?” Mullvad told TorrentFreak.

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