HBO Joins Netflix, Inc. In Warning VPN Pirates


Netflix was in the news recently regarding a policy for VPN users. Many think that the streaming company won’t actually impose restrictions on VPN users receiving services, but rival HBO may do so, if a report from Torrent Freak is to be believed.

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HBO coming hard on VPN users

It seems that HBO is not happy with viewers using VPN networks to access its services outside the U.S. Netflix may allow users to continue receiving services via VPN, but according to Torrent Freak, HBO is planning to take serious action against foreign users, and is even reportedly sending out emails to the suspected ‘geo-pirates.’

For HBO, the countries where users are accessing the service via VPN are Australia, Canada, Germany and the UK, according to Torrent Freak. According to the  the report, a few days back, HBO started sending out mails that read “It has come to our attention that you may have signed up for and viewed video content on the HBO Now streaming service from outside of the authorized service area (the United States, including D.C. and certain US territories).”

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The email from HBO warns users that the streaming company may suspend their account, and cancel their subscription.

“If we do not hear from you by XXX we will proceed with deactivating your HBO NOW account without further notice to you,” read the email from the company.

To counter piracy, HBO allowed users to enjoy its content including Game of Thrones, without a subscription, but instead of solving the problem, it has aapparently aggravated it.

Netflix winning users in Australia

Netflix, which launched its service in the Australian online streaming market last month, is already making waves. Australian app Gyde recently released its April Benchmark Report detailing the local subscription video on demand market. Though the report concluded that Stan leads in the total streamable hours, Netflix was found to be closing the gap. Since its launch in March, the U.S. streaming company has added content weekly.

Separately, recent reports claim that Sony Pictures has asked Netflix to suspend the accounts of users who access the service illegally. The reports cited leaked emails from Sony Pictures resulting from the cyber-attack on the studio last year.

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  1. So long as Netflix & HBO are making $$ from overseas subscribers they will be in no great rush to stop VPN usage. What will most likely happen is some of the larger VPN providers IP addresses will be blocked to make an example but it will be impossible for anyone to block the smaller providers. I

  2. @mistmaster:disqus I agree with you that they did not do this with just a click. Like Chinese government trying this from past couple of years but did not succeeded yet. Like you i also using different VPN providers according to their services available in different regions. For this information I go towards review sites like VpnRanks.

  3. Let’s see what happens. As a VPN user, they cannot stop it in just a click. It takes time. Been using VPNs for several months and really enjoyed unblocking places like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, etc… I really enjoyed streaming them and wow, their movies are entertaining even if it is limited. As long as VPNs are there, I will continue using them by protecting my online identity, and using all VPN services like unblock-us, and others.

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