American People Demand The Much Needed Coronavirus Stimulus Relief

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Small Businesses and the American People Demand to be a Priority With Needed coronavirus Stimulus Relief Over Corporate Immunity and Supreme Court Confirmations

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On McConnell’s latest attempt to run through a sham bill and undermine negotiations, Executive Director of the Main Street Alliance Amanda Ballantyne had this to say:

Small Businesses Waiting Months For Needed Coronavirus Stimulus Relief

“Today’s vote and yesterday’s procedural show mean nothing to the small businesses waiting months for needed COVID relief. Followed up by McConnell’s admission that he is advising the White House not to make a deal further cements the fact that supporting the American people is clearly not his priority. Instead, he is still trying to rush a confirmation to the Supreme Court.

We are past time for political games. Over a third of small businesses are saying they will close within six months with no support, and that number is worse for Black and Latinx owned small businesses - over half say they will close.

Supreme Court In NEws

The smaller Republican bills being pushed through this week will not support these businesses. What is needed are the additional grant programs and a comprehensive plan to deal with the health crisis from the HEROES 2 Act. And the priority of rushing through an anti-ACA judge to the Supreme Court means that not only are they abandoning them in this current moment, but setting small businesses up for another health care disaster next year with the potential dismantling of the Affordable Care Act.

Given Republicans are holding up needed coronavirus stimulus relief in part over a red line on corporate immunity, we must elevate again that small businesses have chosen paid leave supports (which would actually help stem the health crisis) over corporate immunity by 2 to 1 in our recent scientific poll. To hold up an essential relief package for large corporate interests, and a Supreme Court seat, exemplifies how the Senate and McConnell in particular have abandoned small businesses and the American people.”

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