Scientists Name A Tiny Moth After Donald Trump

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Over the last few years, several animal species have been named after the outgoing US President Barack Obama. Science magazine claims that Obama has received this honor more times than any other US President. He has a total of nine species named after him, including a bird and a fish. Now Obama’s successor Donald Trump has received this unique honor even before he takes oath as the 45th President of the United States.

Golden scales on the moth’s head resemble Trump’s hairdo

Canadian scientist Vazrick Nazari who discovered a new species of moth has named it after the new US President. The moth measures only 9 millimeters, and is found in southern California and Baja California. It is only the second species in a genus of relatively insignificant twirler moths. The other member of the genus being Neopalpa neonata.

The newly discovered species has been given the name Neopalpa donaldtrumpi after Trump. Nazari discovered it in a collection of specimens borrowed from the UC Davis Bohart Museum of Entomology. Findings of the study were published in the journal ZooKeys earlier this week. So, why did Nazari name the minuscule creature after Donald Trump?

The Canadian entomologist said he was struck by the resemblance of the golden scales on the creature’s head to Trump’s signature hairstyle. The moth’s hairdo was not the only reason Nazari named it after Trump. He pointed out that he wanted to bring people’s attention to ecological issues. Naming the species after Trump was a great way to gain attention.

Nazari appeals to Donald Trump to protect fragile habitats

Vazrick Nazari said we need to protect the fragile habitats in the United States that still have many undescribed and threatened species. The biologist hopes that by “appealing to Mr. Trump’s good nature,” the new administration will make efforts to keep protecting the fragile habitats. Last year, a caterpillar with an orange-yellow furry cover was informally named Trumpapillar.

Many other famous personalities have different species named after them, too. For instance, a beetle was named after Adolf Hitler way back in 1933 when he had just been named the Chancellor of Germany. British naturalist Sir David Attenborough has 12 species named after him. A bootylicious fly has been named after popstar Beyonce.

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