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Must-Have Apps For Businessmen Who Travel Often

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Must-Have Apps for the businessman on the go

Being an entrepreneur usually means juggling between different projects, meetings, paperwork, and business trips. So much work, and hardly any time for play. On the other hand, trips should be nice experience where you expand your knowledge, meet potential clients or coworkers and close the deal successfully. But it’s all spoiled with organization agony: searching for a cheap flight, booking your hotel, arranging your documentation and after all, getting by in a new town.

Does it seem familiar? If the answer is yes, then keep on reading and discover some useful apps which will make your trip a pleasant and valuable experience.

Must-Have Apps – Hopper

For starters, you need to book your flight and if it’s possible to find the best offer. However, having too much on your plate, it’s difficult to spend hours looking for a cheap flight. That’s why you need a right hand that will save your time and do that tedious job for you. Hopper is a travel app which helps you find the most convenient flight and book it in just a few taps. Practically, it predicts the best time to fly and buy a ticket in order to save up your money. Likewise, Hopper offers a possibility to receive travel alerts via push notifications about the instant prices drop and before they rise, plus travel tips. The only thing left to say is have a nice trip!

Available on iOS and Android

Must-Have Apps

Must-Have Apps – PDF Merge

In case you need to apply for a visa, then you have to gear up for considerable paperwork and bureaucracy. This tiresome process usually requires a lot of patience and numerous different documents. Once you gathered all the necessary documentation the last step is to organize everything neatly in one place. Therefore, PDF Merge app will give you a hand. This productivity app combines two or more PDF documents and creates a new file using the existing ones. Also, it’s possible to merge PDF files from Gmail attachments and cloud services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox and more. An efficient way to round up your visa application, right?

Available on iOS and Android

Must-Have Apps

Must-Have Apps – TripIt

After booking your flight and getting your visa, it’s time to get down to business and organize your trip. Before it would be a nightmare to organize itineraries, even with Google’s help. Now, TripIt will make this notorious activity a breeze. Just forward your confirmation emails to [email protected]. Straightaway, TripIt will create a master itinerary for each of your trips with all your travel details in one place. It’s very convenient that it’s possible to access your travel plans anytime, no Internet connection required. It’s like having your personal travel assistant, you just need to sit back and relax, while TripIt will do all the work.

Available on iOS and Android

Must-Have Apps

Must-Have Apps – MAPS.ME

Once you step into a new city, into an unknown territory, it would be helpful to have a proper navigation in order to get by without a hitch. Say no more! MAPS.ME is a modern compass that will guide you through a new town as if you were a local. Just download a map of the desired place. Afterwards, you don’t need the Internet connection to get directions and arrive from point A to point B. With these offline maps, you can navigate easily whether by car, bicycle, or foot. Likewise, it’s possible to discover points-of-interest, such as tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels, public transport and more. With MAPS.ME you won’t get lost or be late for a meeting anymore.

Available on iOS and Android

Must-Have Apps

Must-Have Apps – Translate App

Last but not the least, a final app to round up your smooth travel experience. In case you don’t speak the local language, Translate app will make your communication and correspondence effective and flawless. Instantly translate speech, text, and photos, with results consolidated into a handy Translation Feed. In other words, translate your conversations in real time or use your phone’s camera to translate signs, menus and more. There are over 94 language pairs available. Therefore, next time you go on a business trip, language barriers will be a thing of the past.

Available on iOS

And that would be all! Now it’s time to download these apps that will make your trips easier and have fun while traveling.

Article by Linda Simmons

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