Charlie Munger Completely Stuns Reporter By Supporting Trump

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Charlie Munger, “there will come a time when those people who hate Trump will wish that he were back.”

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Charlie Munger Completely Stuns Reporter By Supporting Trump


Last year when we talked Charlie Munger you mentioned that Donald Trump exhibited a form of sickness I think is how you characterize it. I think it came. You were characterizing his personality and his behavior. It's been another year since he's been in office. And I wonder how you would assess him. Well Malow because I consider it counterproductive to hate as much as both parties now hate and I have disappointed myself and I now regard all politicians higher than I used to. I did that as a matter of self-preservation. The other thing that make me feel better about the current scene is I re read The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. And it goes on for me hundreds of pages.

And that made me feel a lot better about the current political scene. We're way ahead of the Romans at the end.

That's a pretty low bar?

It's very helpful. I suggest you try it. You will feel better about the present world if you live with that one. And you said you elevated politicians. Yes make yourself saying it's counterproductive to hate so much. All of us on both sides are getting to hate so much too much and I've decided that I'm going to back off. How do we resolve it. We don't have to resolve it. They all pass are the old saying this too will pass. They all go away. I have a different rule about politicians. They are never so bad.

There will come a time when those people who hate Trump will wish that he were back. I don't think I'll live to see it but I confidently predict that it will happen. That's interesting. Well if you look get the whole  of human history and people who led us there are a lot of bad leaders OK.

Why don't we leave it at that. Charlie Munger vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway thanks very much for taking the time. All right.

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