Most Googled Car In Every U.S. State

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The most googled car or truck in every U.S. state shows some interesting trends across the diverse states.

Different geographical areas of the world are more often than not stereotyped for the different types of cars they appear to love and drive.  If you’ve ever been to Colorado, you would assume that nearly everyone there drives a Subaru. But is that really the case, or are these stereotypes actually provide insight into the types of cars people are driving and buying across the country?

To try and find the answer, Gold Eagle, experts in car maintenance and upkeep, did some research into the most googled car or truck in every state in the United States.  They looked at Google search volume data for each state and then compared that to the national search volume to see which states were searching for all cars and trucks more than any other state. They turned their research into an interesting infographic that can be seen below.

The search data shows some interesting information in regards to the types of cars Americans are searching for. Only two states in the United States, California and Washington State have an electric car or hybrid as their top searched car or truck.  That is likely to see a steep increase over the next few years as electric car usage becomes more widespread across the country.

Is a somewhat weird coincidence, larger states tend to search for bigger cars.  There is a pretty even distribution in search volume split up between small and midsize cars, trucks, SUV’s and hatchbacks and crossovers. The one car that most states seem to be searching for more than others it the Buick Enclave which was the most popular in eight different states. The top car brands searched were also pretty evenly distributed across the country.  Subaru is searched heavily in the northeast and in the western part of the country.  Toyota also has strong search volume in the south west.  General Motors performs well in the Midwest. One thing is for sure is that the south loves their trucks. The easy coast saw a surprisingly large amount of search volume in the hatchback and crossover category.

This type of search volume analysis provides an interesting look into consumer behavior and which brands perform well across different regions in the United States.  In the last year there has been nearly a ten percent growth in search volume for cars and motor vehicles and they expect this to continue to grow.  To see the full analysis, check out the full infographic from Gold Eagle.

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