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How Emerging Brands Care against Established Leaders in Google Search

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A look at how  challenges can compete against large brand names with a focus on stats from Google Search using Industry leader with monthly search volume vs smaller competitors

When it comes to new brands, how you’re being searched in Google matters.  If you don’t have online visibility, it might as well be like your business doesn’t even exist. Innovation and disruption is constantly happening and leads to some brands succeeding where others fail.

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To try and provide some insight into why this happens, Slant Marketing partnered with Digital Third Coast to analyze search trend data for the hottest emerging brands in America. They analyzed emerging brands over twenty different product and service categories, to see how these emerging brands stack up with some of the more established brands they are competing against. The search volume data that they used represents the average monthly searches for each brand in Google search.

Many people who are immersed in media tend to have a very skewed view of brands that are new and old and popular and unpopular.  Most people known have known about the Lyfts and the Venmos and the Bumbles of the world for quite some time.  However, when you compare them to their category leaders (Uber, Paypal and Tinder), the ground those brands have to make up is incredible. Listed below is the different categories they analyzed as well as the established category leaders and the emerging brands they are chasing them.

Payment Apps

Paypal (Industry leader with monthly search volume of 30,400,000)

Venmo (823,000)

Google Wallet (550,000)

Online Dating Apps

Tinder (Industry leader with monthly search volume of 11,100,000)

Okcupid (4,090,000)

Bumble (450,000)

Ride Sharing

Uber (Industry leader with monthly search volume of 16,600,000)

Lyft (83,000)

Car Sharing

Zipcar (Industry leader with monthly search volume of 368,000)

Car2Go (201,100)

GPS Apps

Google Maps (Industry leader with monthly search volume of 151,000,000)

Waze (4,090,000)

Inrix (12,100)

Fast Casual Burgers

McDonalds (Industry leader with monthly search volume of 11,100,000)

Five Guys (823,000)

Shake Shack (550,000)

Meal Delivery Services

Blue Apron (Industry leader with monthly search volume of 1,220,000)

Plated (246,000)


iPhone (Industry leader with monthly search volume of 6,120,000)

Samsung Galaxy (1,500,000)

Nextbit (135,000)


Patagonia (Industry leader with monthly search volume of 1,830,000)

ArcTeryx (368,000)

Mountain Hard Wear (90,500)

As you can see there is a big difference in many of these categories even for some brands that seem quite established.  To see the full analysis on emerging brands and their Google search volume, check out the infographic below from Slant Marketing.

Industry leader With Monthly Search Volume

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