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Suppose we give everyone in the Netherlands a basic income, without conditions. Is the basic income (money for free) too good to be true? VPRO Backlight explores the possibilities of the basic income, also called universal basic income. Suppose we give everyone in the Netherlands a basic income, without conditions. Free money sounds too good to be true? Now we know that some of the existing jobs will disappear due to robotisation and algorithms, and that the current system of benefits and surcharges is too complex and accusatory and fraud sensitive, isn’t the basic income at least worth investigating?

Money For Free – The Basic Income – 2014 VPRO Documentary


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Would not it be nice if we all got a basic income without any conditions.

Free money.

Because the world is changing rapidly and our jobs are increasingly being taken over by robots and smart software. How are we going to make our money then. How are we going to buy things. Do not collapse our economic system. High time to think about a whole new social model, a basic income (money for free) for everyone can provide the solution for a new economic system. This is what awaits you.

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