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Mohammed Morsi Supporters Protest Ahead of Massive Rally Friday

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Twenty-five people were injured in confrontations between supporters of deposed President Mohammed Morsi and residents in Damietta on Wednesday.

Mohammed Morsi Supporters Protest Ahead of Massive Rally Friday

An eyewitness told Aswat Masriya that violent confrontations erupted at Damietta’s Nile Corniche after Mohammed Morsi supporters marched while chanting anti-army slogans and insulting the head of the army Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

In response, residents formed barricades and blocked the march from passing through.

The eyewitness added that the Mohammed Morsi protesters then fired birdshots and live rounds leading to many injuries.

More residents gathered and some responded by hurling stones and birdshots at the Brotherhood supporters.

Some vehicles at the corniche were destroyed during the attack, which left many wounded from both sides, before the residents managed to disperse the demonstrations.

Ambulances arrived at the scene and transferred the wounded to a local hospital to receive medical attention.

Military court sentences eight supporters Mohammed Morsi to two years for attacking forces

A military court in Suez sentenced eight supporters of deposed President Mohammed Morsi to two years in prison with labor on Wednesday on charges of attacking army forces during confrontations on July 5.

The prosecutor has accused the Mohammed Morsi supporters of using force and violence against army personnel on their duty.

Confrontations by Suez’s government office erupted on July 5 after a pro-Mursi march arrived to the army checkpoint that was guarding the office and hurled stones and teargas at the forces, injuring more than 50.

Mohammed Morsi Deposed Terrorists attack: One conscript killed, another injured in Sinai attack

A conscript was killed and another was injured in two live ammunition attacks by unknown gunmen on checkpoints in Arish on Wednesday.

Security sources from the army said that the armed assailants targeted a checkpoint in Arish’s Abu Sokar neighborhood killing conscript Mohamed Khamees Abdel Naby after he recieved a bullet to the chest.

Another checkpoint in the Zohour neighborhood also in Sinai’s Arish was attacked with fire, injuring conscript Tamer Maher, 22, in his right arm. He was transferred to a hospital to receive medical attention.

At least 20 have been killed in attacks in the Sinai Peninsula since the ouster of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi on July 3.

Sisi calls on Egyptians to protest Friday, mandate the army to confront violence against Mohammed Morsi supporters

Egypt’s Army Chief and Defence Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi called on Egyptians to protest on Friday to mandate the army to confront violence and terrorism, in a televised speech on Wednesday.

He stressed that the army will do what it deems as necessary for such a confrontation, adding, “That does not mean that I am advocating for violence.”

Sisi added that there will be no retreat on the roadmap, which was put forth by the army following its ouster of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi on July 3, for political transition.

One dead, 28 injured in Mansoura police station explosion

One person was killed and 28 were injured following a bomb explosion outside Mansoura’s police station in the governorate of Dakhalia early on Wednesday, announced a health official.

Unknown assailants threw the bomb from a passing car outside the police station, said security sources.

It was not specified whether the dead person was a civilian or a police officer.

The Ministry of Interior announced that 12 police men were injured as a result of the incident, which it described as a “terrorist act”.

The injuries varied between cuts, bruises and broken bones, according to a statement by the health ministry.

Post Mohammed Morsi: Sinai attack leaves police sergeant and army recruit injured

A police sergeant and an army conscript were injured in North Sinai’s Arish in the early hours of Wednesday when unknown gunmen attacked the city’s police station and radio building.

The assailants randomly opened fire at the police station as well as fired a rocket-propelled grenade at it, injuring Sergeant Ibrahim al-Shazli.

Eyewitnesses reported that the attack came from a four-wheel drive vehicle before it drove off. An army aircraft flew over the region to pursue the perpetrators.

The army conscript was shot during scuffles between the army and armed militants near North Sinai’s Radio building.

No other injuries were reported.

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