Mohamed Morsi Supporters Discuss Sit-ins with Egyptian Officials

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Egypt’s High Administrative Court adjourned on Thursday ruling in appeals to dissolve the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party and the Salafi (ultraconservative) Nour Party to October 19. (Also see Mohamed Morsi Coup: A Timeline of Events in Egypt)

Mohamed Morsi Supporters Discuss Sit-ins with Egyptian Officials

The delay came in an effort to allow more time for the board of commissioners to issue their recommendations on the case.

The plaintiff who filed the lawsuit had asked that the two parties be dissolved for having been founded on religious bases and thus unconstitutional grounds.

Egypt officials meet to discuss dispersing Mohamed Morsi supporters sit-ins

Egypt’s interior minister met with top security officials on Thursday to discuss measures the authorities could take to disperse two sit-ins held by supporters of toppled President Mohamed Morsi.

The Egyptian government decided on Wednesday to put an end to Rabaa al-Adawiya and Nahda protests, saying they threatened national security.

Mohamed Morsi supporters have rallied in the two squares since the Islamist president was ousted by the army at the beginning of this month in response to mass demonstrations across the country.

Egypt’s Tamarod leader tells Germany Hitler was elected too

General coordinator of the Tamarod (Rebel) campaign Mahmoud Badr has said that he asked German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle in a meeting late on Wednesday to respect the Egyptian people’s will in removing President Mohamed Morsi.

“I told him that we have come to tell him a story of a dictator called Hitler who came with popular vote too, but then turned against democracy – why did you reject Hitler in Germany and want him to return to rule Egypt?” Badr said in a post on his Twitter account.

Badr added that he asked Westerwelle to clearly acknowledge the people’s will in order to maintain their respect, while the German minister denied allegations that he called for the reinstatement of Mohamed Morsi.

The high-ranking German official arrived to Cairo on Wednesday for a three-day visit to meet officials and politicians.

Tamarod collected millions of petitions last month and organized mass demonstrations that led to the ouster of Mohamed Morsi.

Supporters of Mohamed Morsi calls for rallying next Friday

The National Coalition for Supporting Legitimacy called on people to rally in Egypt’s squares next Friday in what it called “the million-man demonstration against the coup”.

The Egyptian cabinet’s decision to break up the sit-ins at Rabaa al-Adaweya Square and Nahda Square emphasizes the state of confusion which those who support the military coup live in, the coalition said.

The coup’s supporters are confused because of the popular rejection for their bloody coup, it added.

One month after the coup and after many massacres committed by coup supporters, Egyptians know very well who the terrorists who killed people in the middle of prayers as well as women and children are.

The coalition held those supporting the coup fully responsible for all acts of killing and violence.

It urged the army and police forces to not shoot at their Egyptian brothers.

The coalition was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist parties supporting former president Mohamed Morsi.

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