Mohamed Morsi Live Speech To Egyptians Ahead Of Planned Protests [LIVE]

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President Mohamed Morsi will address the nation later on Wednesday to speak of his administration’s achievements over the past year since he was sworn into office.

Mohamed Morsi Live Speech To Egyptians Ahead Of Planned Protests [LIVE]

The speech comes in light of mass demonstrations planned for the end of the month by the Islamist president’s opponents.

An anti-regime campaign known as “Tamarod” (Rebel) has been collecting petitions to push for a no-confidence vote against Mursi and call for early presidential elections.

The campaign has set June 30 to hold mass demonstrations across the country to mark the first anniversary of Mohamed Morsi’s presidency.

The president’s office said late on Tuesday that Mohamed Morsi will not call for a referendum on early elections in today’s speech.

Mohamed Morsi Opponents

“Rebel” Campaign founders announced the formation of the “June 30 Front” which presents a political vision for the post-June 30 period.

Several parties and powers have called for nation-wide demonstrations on June 30 to demand ousting Islamist President Mohamed Morsi.

The newly-founded front called on Mohamed Morsi to hand power over to a prime minister who is a prominent national figure representing the revolution on condition that this figure refrains from contesting the first upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections, a front statement said on Wednesday.

The Supreme Constitutional Court’s head will temporarily perform the president’s tasks after all executive powers are transferred to the prime minister, the statement added.

The front called on the next government’s head to put an urgent economic salvation plan that guarantees the economy’s recovery.

“The transitional phase ends within a period that does not exceed six months by holding presidential elections under full judicial supervision and international monitoring. Parliamentary elections will follow,” the statement added.

Mohammed Morsi human rights

A human rights center report said that 217 people were killed and 359 were tortured in police stations, prisons, security camps and at the presidential palace in Cairo since Mohamed Mursi became president of Egypt in June 30, 2012 and until May 31, 2013.

The causes of death varied between gunshots in clashes or at police check points and cases where there was suspected torture and mistreatment at several police stations, El Nadeem Center report said.

El Nadeem Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence is an independent Egyptian non-governmental organization that provides psychological management and rehabilitation to victims of torture.

“Systematic torture is continuing and Morsi’s regime governs with the same policies as SCAF and as Mubarak’s regime before him,” the report said.

The report, entitled “Torture in Egypt during a Year of Muslim Brotherhood Rule”, is based on material published in the press, social networking sites, and accounts from El Nadeem Center, by victims of the elected president’s regime.

The center said this brief report deals only with the torture, murder and suspected murder and deaths behind bars during the first year of Morsi’s rule.

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We will be posting live coverage of Mohamed Morsi’s speech

4:30PM EST: Mohamed Morsi:I have the highest of respect to the judiciary, but one Judge Ahmed El Nmer handling Shafiq’s case has forged elections before me

4:36: Morsi The energy crisis is related to corruption in the distribution system itself. (i.e.even this is a result of old regime’s corruption)

4:38: Morsi Speech: a citizen called me, as I have a phone where people can contact me, he said he saw people smuggling petrol”

4:39: Egypt’s president apologizes to his people for fuel shortages, says he is saddened by lines

4:43: Morsi: tourism is our bleeding wound… How will tourists come to a country with blocked roads and Molotov cocktails.”Morsi: despite all that, we have an increase of 1 million tourists.”  One person with fireworks shot it at the apartment building with cameras, lasers pointed at cameras too.

4:46: Morsi blames media for spreading bad and false news to incite people”

4:50: Kamal El-Shazly used to tell me “politics is dirty, you guys are good leave us the dirt to deal with””, those who claim we’re selling the Suez Canal, Maspero and the Pyramids, how can we do that??!”

4:51: Mohamed Morsi: I may keep going on until the morning. Crowd applauds.”

4:53: the presidency will cut the hands of anyone who will give up Egypt’s lands or water”

4:56: can we cooperate together? if you have 2 ACs turn one off not to let Egypt turn to others and ask for debts”

4:57: Mohamed Morsi: members of the former regime give people at electricity stations money to turn off power”

4:59: 24 calls for million-man marches per year affects the whole economy”, If we have stability, we won’t need IMF loan.” we are making huge effort to solve electricity crisis. We are buying from abroad, at world prices.”

5:00: Mohamed Morsi Politically, we managed to write a great constitution which we are proud of, the constitution is the work of humans that can be amended, some fought it and now it’s protecting everyone.”

5:01: I issued laws to ensure freedom of press and dismissed cases of personal insult to me”

5:02: Mohamed Morsi  pledges to introduce “radical and quick” reforms in state institutions

5:03: Some reactions



5:05: Mohamed Morsi: there is not one political prisoner in Egypt, absolutely not.

5:08: Mohamed Morsi: we took all measures to secure compensation to martyrs’ families”

5:10: Mohamed Morsi: we witnesses interference in Egyptian affairs for the sake of internal figures to achieve their interests

5:14: Mohamed Morsi: “I have reached out to the BRICS countries, who have a novel [economic] vision”

5:16: Morsi: the spread of violence and blocking roads, metros and trains, are challenging to the regime
5:20: Morsi warns political divisions threatening Egypt’s democracy, says retribution for blood of revolution’s martyrs remains my responsibility.



5:22: Former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq has squandered more than 700 million Egyptian pounds in a deal to buy aircrafts during his tenure as minister of civil aviation, President Mohamed Morsi said on Wednesday.

Shafiq must return to be tried in a corruption case involving land plots, Morsi said in a speech aired live on national television.

Shafiq is “wanted for justice”, Morsi added.


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5:24: Morsi: we’ll hold elections in the most dignified time, in complete transparency

5:28: Morsi forms Supreme Committee for National Reconciliation.

5:29: Reactions




Speech over we will hopefully have some post coverage up later.

6:20: Some post coverage of the Morsi speech:

President Mohamed Morsi called on various political parties to take part in forming a new committee to amend the constitution and another for national reconciliation.

The committees will include representatives of all spectra of people, the president said.

“All parties and political powers … are invited to meet with me,” Morsi stated.

He ordered ministers and governors to appoint young advisors and sack those responsible for crises that have affected the lives of people recently.

Commenting on the ongoing fuel crisis, Morsi decided to withdraw licenses of gas stations that refrained from supplying cars with fuel.

President Mohamed Morsi invited all leaders of political parties in Egypt to meet with him and discuss constitutional amendments.

In a speech aired live on Wednesday evening, Morsi said he will be in charge of presenting the amendments to be agreed upon to the parliament for approval.

President Mohamed Morsi said it is possible to change some articles in the constitution.

In a speech aired live on Wednesday evening, the president said that constitutions are not holy books but are man-made jurisprudences that can be amended.

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