Mohamed Morsi Supporters Attacking Opponents: NSF

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The National Salvation Front has asked the authorities to protect peaceful protesters, but take the necessary legal action against armed attacks and criminal acts by supporters of deposed President, Mohamed Morsi.

Mohamed Morsi Supporters Attacking Opponents: NSF

The NSF condemned what it described as the Muslim Brotherhood’s continuous attacks on peaceful protesters in Cairo and other governorates for the past three weeks and urged the authorities to prosecute the perpetrators, who are supporters of Mohamed Morsi.

It added that the reaction of supporters of President Mohamed Morsi to his ouster has been well outside of the law and described their actions as “criminal”, urging that they be brought to justice.

It reaffirmed however its keenness on the right of Mohamed Morsi supporters to protest and assemble peacefully.

The front, which was formed under the administration of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi, groups forces that were opposed to his government.

EU calls for release of Egypt’s Mohamed Morsi, speedy elections

The European Union fully recognizes the serious social and economic challenges that Egypt is facing, EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton said on Monday at a press conference in Brussels.

The EU called on all parties to refrain from violence and reiterated condolences to the families of all those who lost their lives in recent incidents.

“Anyone who commits an act of violence or any other act punishable by law must be referred to a civil court for trial regardless of his position,” Ashton told the Middle East News Agency.

Ashton referred to her visit to Egypt last week, saying she wanted to meet deposed President Mohamed Morsi and stressed the importance of putting an end to politically motivated arrests and releasing of all political detainees, including Mohamed Morsi.

She added that the situation in Egypt is “difficult”.

Egypt has to move rapidly to an inclusive democratic transformation process by the holding of democratic elections in the shortest possible time, the EU high representative said.

She stressed that the struggle for democracy should remain central and called on all political forces to engage in a process of reconciliation for the country’s democratic future.

Regarding Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood’s participation in politics, the EU top diplomatic figure said, “All political parties, including the Freedom and Justice Party, must be allowed to work freely and enjoy full freedom of expression.”

Battles Rage after Mohamed Morsi Deposed: Police sergeant killed in attack in Egypt’s Sinai

A police sergeant was killed in Arish in the early hours of Tuesday when unknown gunmen opened fire on him near his residence.

Security sources said that unknown assailants opened fire on Sergeant Mohamed Mohamed Qotb Gad, 40, in front of his place of residence on Tuesday, leaving him with bullet wounds in his stomach and head.

He was transferred to a local hospital to receive medical attention, but he died upon his arrival. Eyewitnesses confirmed the news, adding that the attackers managed to escape after the shooting.

Security forces have stepped up their efforts to capture the perpetrators and confiscate the arms and vehicle they used.

Post- Mohamed Morsi: School year may be delayed in Egypt – education minister

Egypt’s Education Minister Mahmoud Abu al-Nasr said on Tuesday that the ministry is currently studying the possibility of delaying the school year which was initially set to begin on September 7.

Abu al-Nasr told Al-Ahram newspaper that the delay may occur due to the need for further preparations, such as guaranteeing text books for all students.

He pointed out that he has discussed with his administration the importance of the maintenance of education facilities.

ElBaradei urges investigation into Republican Guard and Mansoura violence

Egypt’s vice-president Mohamed ElBaradei said on Tuesday that the justice minister’s first priority must be to form a judicial committee to investigate the Republican Guard events.

Violent confrontations between supporters of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi and security forces by the Republican Guard’s Club about two weeks ago left at least 50 people killed.

He added in a Twitter post that he also expects the prosecutor-general to refer the perpetrators in the Mansoura events, which left three dead over the weekend, to justice.

“Transitional justice and national reconciliation based on inclusiveness are [the] only option. The sooner we realize this the more lives are saved,” the Nobel Laureate and former director of the International Atomic Energy Agency said.

He added that “violence does not heal wounds, but opens new ones.”

ElBaradei is the vice-president of interim President Adli Mansour who was sworn into office after Egypt’s army ousted Mohamed Morsi in response to mass demonstrations.

Two injured in Sinai shooting, 13 locations targeted

Two people were transferred to a hospital after they were injured in a shooting at the North Sinai Broadcast building in Arish on Tuesday.

Security sources said that the wounded citizens were hit as they passed by the building while unknown assailants were shooting at it.

Gunmen attacked 13 other targets, including an army location in Arish.

Security forces, who have cordoned key locations, chased the assailants but were unable to capture all of them.

Scuffles at supporters of Mohamed Morsi protest leave 22 injured – field hospital

Twenty-two people were injured in confrontations that erupted near Cairo’s Nasr City police station during the early hours of Tuesday, said the field hospital of the Rabaa al-Adaweya protest.

Supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi who was ousted by the army following mass demonstrations two weeks ago, have gathered by the Rabaa al-Adaweya Mosque in Nasr City for the past month.

The field hospital added in a statement on Tuesday that it received two cases wounded with live ammunition, one in the head and another in the lower back, reported the Middle East News Agency.

The wounded were returning from a march organized by Mohamed Morsi supporters at the Cairo International Airport, the statement added.

Other injuries included birdshot wounds and fractures.

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