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Mobile App A Backbone For Business Growth

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In this growing economy, the mobile app plays a huge role. It helps the users in all ways ranging from individual needs to business growth. This advancement in mobile application says that the smartphone apps have become a crucial marketing tool for all companies including small companies.

These apps improve engagement with customers. They expand repeated visits, offers a wide range of online transactions with the grouping of loyalty cards, push promotions, and e-commerce transactions.

It also delivers coupon and sends announcement that provides sales with the customer. Apps also quicken contact with your company and boost connection with customers in a world where you get the speedy response from the buyers.

Smartphone icons help to build brands by giving the visual design that purchaser identifies. However, few companies are shortening the process of creating and testing mobile phone apps, making the tools easy in small business owner’s price range.

Need For Mobile App

The mobile app has become a centerpiece in business development like Hotels and Restaurant, Ticket Sites, Travel and Holiday aggregators, Bank and Financial Institutions and all. It is found that mobile app is a great tool to increase the sales and perceptibility of a business.

From small business to large organizations, mobile app gives an extraordinary growth in business with an extended customer service. Hence, mobile applications are becoming an imperious form of digital interaction and customers in today’s world. They use smartphones and gather information they need and hence, mobile apps are important in today’s environment.

Customer Obligation

Mobile application helps the customer to know everything they need. Disregarding of the business, a mobile app helps you cling to customers anytime and anywhere. It can also provide assistance to your business through mapping or use GPS tracking which helps customers to view local reviews regarding your business.

Encouraging New Products and Services

The mobile application can link you to a new system that allows the purchaser to buy products online. With this mobile app, you can give the user interesting information about the new products and services, discount offer, etc to improve your sales.

Expanding Sales and Generating Needs

Business sales or leads can be increased by combining mobile shopping cart. It makes the customer easy by selling the products and services online which makes them comfortable in buying the quality goods through online shopping.

The mobile app is an excellent platform to promote online business with the help of tools like Messaging, Photo Sharing, Push notifications and Loyalty Programs.

Customer Experience

In our day to day life, the mobile app has enlarged the customers experience for business and it has been a great substitute to conventional business models.

Moreover, it has improved accuracy as well as improving the browsing speed of business websites which engage the consumers to stick on to the business to make it a profitable one.

To make this your business site and the mobile app should respond well and user-friendly. So experienced mobile app developer needs to be appointed for developing the mobile app.

Mobile Apps for Small Business Travel

With the help of few employees and small geographical coverage, small business owners and their employees can achieve their target in huge level. Here is some app that helps small business travelers to make huge revenue in their business.


This is an app that assists the passengers in booking flight tickets and the ability to find last minute hotel. Though many small business owners are up to date with Hipmunk’s online search engine for inexpensive flights and hotels, the mobile version is one step ahead of it and it’s easy to use.

This app helps you to synchronize with your calendar book flights that fit your schedule, helps to find accommodations, hotels, restaurants, shopping and nightlife near your meeting place.


This is an app that lets the travelers store their entire travel path in one place. It helps the travelers in providing all the information that is needed for the trip right from flight schedules, hotel booking, meeting schedules, etc.

Adding to it, this app forwards all the confirmation mails to Triplt account and it does all the necessary activities needed so that the passengers can take care of more in important meetings.

Around Me

Around Me helps the travelers to handle a strange city when you have no idea about how to find things that you need. It helps to find services quickly and business in your own location that helps exactly for what you are looking from end to end.

Once you locate to the app where you need to go, the directions feature will get you there.

Wi-Fi Finder

This app helps the traveler who depends only on online connection for their work. Wi-Fi Finder app scans for Wi-Fi hotspots near your location and even search for free public Wi-Fi from anywhere around the world.

With this user can send all the important documents by using this app instead of waiting for a long time till you are back to the hotel.


Peek helps the user to search, discover, provides personalized options and book interesting experience based on your interests and locations. Initially, the app helps the users through personality quiz to conclude the activities based on their tastes, makes suggestions suited to an individual preference that is filtered based on price and point of interest. It uses geographic location to serve up nearby activities and helps in offering same day booking, giving email confirmation, maps, and directions.

Mobile App for business development

Mobile app helps the business to engage with the following tasks like to collect the payment anywhere and time. It also lets them make a blueprint of business ideas and other activities.

Mobile apps with the internet manage files and project on one platform. Owing to this it provides personal assistance to lower your workload.

Here is some mobile app that helps with business growth

Square Register

Business owners who are involved in active participation of online payment collections can make use of this app. This is a highly beneficial app that anyone with a smartphone or tablet can use it to collect credit card payments.

With this app, you can turn your mobile phone into credit card reader, which removes the need to use a credit card processor.  Accepting a gift card or offering discount can be made easy through this app.

Dashboard app displays inventory reports, valuable analytics, sales reports, and other project tracking details. The user can even receive feedback from the vendors and buyers.

Google Drive

Google drive is a tool that lets you create, access, and share files and folders from anywhere in the world. It has its own suite integrated with Word, Excel, and other tools that have plugin interaction with document signing and other editing tasks.

Assigning multiple tasks to the user at a different location is made easy with this app. This app lets the user communicate and collaborate which is an essential need for business.


This app acts like a virtual assistant, which helps in managing your schedule daily. With this app, user can send emails to coworkers and clients similarly. You can type your text and Robin app helps you send across your device.

You can just dictate whole you are on the move. It also helps you in difficult situations like giving traffic updates and parking guidance. Instead of this app, Siri can be used for iOS and Allo from Google which has the same functionalities.

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