Mitt Romney and the Media’s Nonsense Obsessions

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Mitt Romney and the Media's Nonsense Obsessions

Well its election year in the United States which means the media will be out in force with absolute worthless stories about candidates rather than focusing on real news.  You can find no better example than an article that I found in Yahoo News but the original article was from the Washington Post, entitled “Mitt Romney apologizes for the “dumb things” he did in prep school”.

In the article, the author talks about how Mitt Romney went on the Kilmeade and Friends talk show which is under the umbrella of Fox News.   During that interview, the Republican candidate admitted that he had done some dumb things in high school and he went on to apologize to anyone that was offended.  He goes on and on about specific details and quite frankly it doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter because everyone has done things they regret in high school and as long as you mature and learn from your experiences, then it is what it is.

The real problem I have with this is that this story was originally aired on the Fox News talk radio but then was written about by the Washington Post, Yahoo News and ABC News.  This is absolutely ridiculous and really shows the priorities of the media.

Instead of writing real news maybe about the war in Afghanistan, the economy or any other constructive topic, we have to read about how the Republican candidate regrets what he did in high school.

This should come as no surprise though to anyone who does follow the news and it’s not just the liberal side of the media, it’s the conservative side as well.  Both sides just sit around all day, complaining and attacking each other.  That is not news, that is not important.  We already know that liberals and conservatives hate each other so move past it and deliver something worthwhile to the American people.

It seems as if attacking the opposite side of your political ideology is the only important news to the media these days.  Granted, not all media outlets waste everyone’s time and there are a few that still have a sense of journalism but the majority seems to be more out to make a political statement rather than being a news source.

The bottom line is Mitt Romney’s actions during high school are apparently more important than anything else as we saw it go through four different news outlets.  We need to get back to what the news really should be:  focusing on important issues that impact us on a national, state and local level.

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