How To Pay Your Mission Lane Credit Card: Online, Phone Or Mail

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The Mission Lane credit card —or Mission Lane Visa— is designed for people with poor credit or no credit history. It is one of the best-reviewed cards in specialized websites, as it is packed with benefits including online credit score access.

Credit approval for the Mission Lane Visa credit card can be quick and the card can be at your door within a week thanks to the credit card issuer, Transportation Alliance Bank Inc. It also reports to three major credit bureaus.

The Mission Lane Visa credit card charges a 3% foreign transaction fee on purchases in foreign currencies, and charges an annual fee of $0 – $75 each year.

In this article, you will learn more about the Mission Lane Visa card, the main benefits, how credit scores work, how to make payments, and much more.

Benefits of Mission Lane Credit Card

The Mission Lane Visa credit card is packed with benefits, some of them also offer by Visa:

  • Access to your account anytime.
  • Zero liability for fraud.
  • Between 1% to 1.5% back on all purchases.
  • Higher credit line over time.
  • Free, credit score access for cardholders.
  • No security deposit required.
  • Instant decision of applicants’ credit approval.
  • No interest on purchases when you pay in full and on time each month.

Online Account Access

To get the best out of your Mission Lane Visa credit card, you should have online account access. For this, you will have to register online with your personal information.

Mission Lane Credit Card Login

To create an account and manage your Lane Visa credit card, just click here to go to the credit card login.

Register Online

To register online, click on “New Member? Set up your account” to start the process. The system will check first if you already have an account, for which you will have to enter your email address, phone number, and Social Security Number.

Then, just click on “Find” and proceed accordingly by entering further information when prompted.

Forgot Password

If you’ve forgot the password of your Mission Lane Visa login, just click on “Forgot your password?” and then enter your email address with which you opened the account.

Below, you can choose whether you want a code sent to your phone or receive a call to rescue your password and regain access.

Mission Lane Credit Card Services

Mission Lane Credit Card Bill Pay Phone Number

At the time of writing, there is no phone number publicly disclosed, but you can still check the back of your Mission Lane Visa credit card to reach customer assistance or make payments via telephone.

Mission Lane Credit Card Address

In case you need to make a payment via post, you can use the following address:

Mission Lane

PO Box 23075
Columbus, GA 31902-3075

How to Make Mission Lane Credit Card Payments

There are several ways you can pay your Lane Visa credit card. You just have to choose the one that is the most convenient, depending on your internet access and other aspects.


You can pay your Mission Lane Visa credit card online, via the card’s login. Just log in to your online banking account and go to the payments section.

mission lane card com activate

By Phone

To make a phone payment, check for a telephone number on the back of your card, as there is no public number available elsewhere.

By Mail

If you don’t have online access or have communication issues, you can send your check or money order to the address provided above.

Via the Mobile App

Another alternative online is to pay your credit card bill through the Mission Lane app for iOS and Android. You’ll just need to download it —in case you haven’t— and login to proceed with payment.

How to Avoid Late Fees

Mission Lane will charge you a late fee of $0 – $7 if you don’t send the total minimum deposit due on your account come the payment due date. However, the will not charge a Late Fee exceeding the Minimum Payment Due that is late.

The best way to avoid late fees is to use the auto pay feature via the login. You can also dial 1-855-570-3732 for activation.


How Long Does It Take for a Payment to Post on Mission Lane?

If you’re paying online —including via the App— by phone, or you’ve set up auto pay, payments will take between one and three business days to post. If you pay per post, it could take up to seven business days, so make sure you send you’re payment way in advance!

What Kind of Company Is Mission Lane?

Mission Lane is a fintech company that offers inclusive products to help people enter the financial world. The company just recently partnered with SpringFour to improve its customer service.

What Bank Is Mission Lane Credit Card Associated With?

The card’s issuer is Transportation Alliance Bank Inc, or TAB Bank, which is exclusively an online bank without premises or ATMs.

Can I Use My Mission Lane Credit Card at an ATM?

You can get a cash advance at any ATM supported by Visa. However, a pretty high cash advance fee may apply, so make sure to find out before carrying out this type of operation!

Final Thoughts

With no security deposit needed and several benefits, the Mission Lane credit card is a solid opportunity for those without a fair credit score. The annual fee could be pretty low under specific conditions, but make sure you maintain accurate information about any feature you wish to enjoy about a card designed to build credit.