Military Coup In Turkey: Martial Law Declared [PHOTOS]

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NATO is saying coup a real threat to completely overthrow Gov. US State Dept., and Erdogan contradicting. Also Turkish intelligence agency saying coup “near end”. Erdogan en route to Istanbul via air (reported by him). He is updating via Twitter and FaceTime. He calls on Turkish citizens to gather in squares, airport, and fight back. Claims he will join them in the fight personally, upon arrival in Istanbul which since writing that sentence as happened


Bomb thrown at Parliament members (outside). Every Turkish political party has publicly decried coup. Military holding firm. Helicopters and low flying planes have been reported to open fire on citizens in Ankara. Erdogan now using Twitter to update citizens. Stands firm that military has not taken country.


Police are clashing with military. Civilians are rioting but being pushed back by Army with force. Erdogan is communicating with Turkish supporters via alternate media lines. Twitter is still active, but getting censored fast. Political parties are unifying against this.


Hurriyet Daily News prior to having its “cord cut” reported that a group calling itself the “Peace in the Country Council” has claimed control of the country in a move unseen by most. Earlier reports from Turkish news agencies that suggested Russian troops entering the NATO country have proved to be nothing more than five drunks losing their way and have been detained by Turkish border guards.


Gunfire was heard and jets were seen flying in the Turkish capital of Ankara on Friday as Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said a group within Turkey’s military had attempted to overthrow the government.

Yildirim, presently in Mongolia, spoke to the situation that has, by some reports, become a hostage situation with the Army chief reportedly being held at an airbase according to unconfirmed reports. Security forces had been called in to “do what is necessary,” Yildirim said from Mongolia.

“Some people illegally undertook an illegal action outside of the chain of command,” Yildirim said in comments broadcast by private channel NTV and reported by Reuters.

“The government elected by the people remains in charge. This government will only go when the people say so.”

The Turkish military has claimed in a statement that it’s seized power to preserve human rights and democratic order.

While the PM claims that nothing has changed Istanbul’s Bosphorus Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge were both closed by military forces on Friday a mere 330 miles from the capital of Ankara.


UPDATE 4:36PM EDT Binali Yildirim is telling the media outlets he controls that, not Turkish state media TRT which is presently dark, he and the government are facing an unauthorized military action and not a coup.

Mr Yildirim told NTV television by telephone: “We are working on the possibility of an attempt. We will not allow this attempt.” He did not elaborate.

“Those who are in this illegal act will pay the highest price,” he added, saying it would not be correct to describe the move as a “coup”.

Multiple news sources are reporting that Turkey is in the midst of a military coup. Erdogan, from sources is confirming that a coup is underways.

The skies above the capital of Ankara are presently occupied with military helicopters while fighter jets are reported to be flying above them at speed.

Reuters, is also reporting that both Twitter and Facebook have been shut down while gunfire has erupted in the streets of Ankara.

Ahmet Yayla of the International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism posted an image on Twitter of military vehicles on the streets of Ankara prior to social media being shut down.

The gravity of a NATO nation, looking for EU inclusion, facing a military take over is nothing short of grave and nothing I can put my hear around while trying to bring news. Clearly the gravity of this demands updates and we will be with you all evening.


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