Mig Vapor Scholarship 2019

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Mig Vapor is a famous online store of electronic cigarettes. Founded by a former smoker, it has become successful very fast and now is of great popularity. However, it’s not just a store. It also offers people to study and earn a scholarship. You can win in a scholarship essay competition.

It doesn’t even matter that you have already graduated from your school and intend to attend some college or university. Moreover, even folks who are out of an age of being a schooler can win a scholarship and continue their studying.

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Our company announces Mig Vapor Scholarship 2019. It’s offered as post-secondary education. You can try your luck and participate in our essay contest.

How to get a scholarship at Mig Vapor

As you have already understood, you can win money if you compose a good essay. There is nothing complicated about participating in our contest. Moreover, if you’re skilled enough in essay writing, it won’t be hard to win an easy scholarship. So, how to get a scholarship at Mig Vapor?

Firstly, you ought to be sure you meet the eligibility demands. These are as follows:

  • An applicant must be at least 18 years old;
  • An applicant must be either a US citizen or have the rights for residence on the territory of the USA. Refugees or Cuban - Haitian entrants are also allowed to participate;
  • All the participants must be already enrolled in any post-secondary institution of the USA;
  • Participants may be full or part-time students;
  • It’s allowed to participate once per semester.

We want to remind you that it’s an essay for a scholarship contest. Therefore, you should obligatorily write an essay or make a short video. The topic is partially free to choose. It should be related to the thematic of our website. Review various essays and blogs. Thus, you’ll understand what topic to choose.

Your paper must be signed with your full name. Add the name of your educational institution. Send your application to [email protected]. Only one person can send per one entry.

It’s required to post your writing on your blog if you have any. In case you don’t have your own blog, post it on social media. Mind that it should obligatorily have a tag, which is #MigVapor. Don’t forget to provide a link to our main webpage.

Pay attention to our deadlines. You must apply before the certain dates.


All the essays will be checked by our jury. It will choose the best 10 works.

Afterward, they will be posted on our website. Further results don’t belong to us anymore. Those essays will be voted by other people who visit our website and monitor the contest.

Compete in our contest and perhaps, the fortune will choose you. Earn a scholarship with an essay and make your academic dreams come true.


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