Microsoft Surface Prices Reportedly Leaked

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Microsoft Surface Prices Reportedly Leaked

Microsoft recently launched its first ever tablet ‘Surface’ in two flavors of Windows; RT and 8 Pro, which is set to hit the market in the next few months. However, the most popular question has been related to pricing of the pair given that the company is entering a market already dominated by Apple, Samsung, and the Blackberry maker Research in Motion.

According to The Next Web, who claim to have pricing of the two models from a reliable source, Microsoft Surface with Windows RT  is set to trade at $599 in retail stores, whereas the Windows 8 Pro model, target price is believed to be $999. The Windows 8 Pro model of Surface tablet is expected to roll out in the market a little later after the RT model.

The rumored prices would seem to match up roughly with the statements made by Microsoft Surface general manager Panos Panay at the introduction event earlier this week, the publication says. Last week Mr. Panay was referenced saying that the Windows RT model pricing will be very comparable to the other ARM tablets, with a storage capacity of 32GB and 64GB, a presumption that the $599 applies to the 32GB model.

However, these prices seem to be prohibitive and are, therefore, not seen as competitive in the market. The specs and features of the two tablets may be impressive, but still lag behind Apple’s latest inventions. For instance, the specifications of the Surface, especially the 1366×768 screen, wouldn’t make it as attractive an option at that price when compared to a the ‘Retina-display-packing’ iPad. The price is also well above Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and other comparable ARM tablets, which run in the $399 range, the report notes.

In one of our publications, we cited a recent survey conducted  to determine the level of acceptance for the new Microsoft tablets. More than 50% had indicated they would not acquire the devices in place of what they currently have.

Nonetheless, the price could be more realistic if it is inclusive of the new age keyboard set to be part of the new Microsoft tablets. The software giant’s about page for Microsoft Windows Surface  supports this assumption by stating, “Surface comes with an integrated Kickstand and a revolutionary, 3mm thin, pressure sensitive cover that doubles as a fully functioning keyboard and trackpad.”

The Windows 8 Pro model pricing of  $999 puts the Surface Pro in the same level with Apple’s MacBook Air and slightly above the range of the majority of other Ultrabooks.

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