Microsoft Surface Book 2 Tease Was Just A False Alarm

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Microsoft’s much-awaited Surface Book 2 has already created a lot of anxiety among fans. Recently there was a leaked image that Windows Central claimed to be a teaser from the company of the Surface Book 2. But a Twitter user claims it to be not true.

What caused the confusion?

Rudy Huyn claims that the image that was thought to be of the Surface Book 2 is not from an internal “sizzler.” Instead, he said it is an image cropped from an old Surface Book promo.

“Hey @verge and @windowscentral, sorry but it’s a promo image of the original Surface book… ;),” Huyn tweeted.

On Sunday, Microsoft shared a new hinge design with the title “your key to success” on its official Surface Instagram account. Following this, Windows Central reported that the image was from an internal Microsoft “sizzler” video and was meant to demonstrate concept designs for the Surface Book 2. It appeared from the image that the company slightly reworked on the hinge, as the number of ridges it had was fewer than the hinge on the original Surface Book.

It is expected that Microsoft’s new Surface Book 2 hinge will allow the laptop screen to sit flush with the keyboard just like regular notebooks, notes The Verge. Microsoft used a fulcrum hinge, giving existing Surface Books a gap. The hinge makes it possible to detach the display from the keyboard base.

When is the Surface Book 2 coming?

Microsoft could unveil the Surface Book 2 by early next year, but the image made people believe that the company would unveil it a little sooner. Microsoft is still to officially announce the Surface Book 2, but it wouldn’t be wrong to speculate that the company is working on it.

Microsoft hinted that new Surface device could arrive before the year ends, but the reports suggest that the company has been prototyping three new Surface all-in-one PCs. All are expected to debut around the same time as Microsoft’s second Redstone update (RS2), which is the code-named successor to this summer’s Anniversary Update. Also it would make more sense with the release frame that Microsoft’s new model comes with Intel’s next-generation Kaby Lake processors, notes Tech Radar.

At the end of 2016, the 14-nanometer microprocessor architecture from Intel will likely go into volume production, and it will offer native USB 3.1 Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 support in addition to featuring up to four cores as the default configuration and better CPU/GPU performance. If Microsoft has any plans of unveiling anything related to the Surface, then most likely it will hold a media event in October, believes The Verge.

Whether or not Microsoft plans to capitalize on its recently revealed Play Anywhere program with any of its upcoming Surface Book hardware is not clear as of now. However, if the company brings out an additional gaming-focused configuration complete with GeForce 980M in 2017, it would be the perfect time for that, says Tech Radar. According to rumors, a higher-definition screen is slated for the Surface Book 2. The new model might offer 4K resolution of 3840x 2160.

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