Microsoft SIM Coming To Your Phone/Tablet Soon

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While Microsoft has not made an announcement, it appears that the company is working on a SIM card that will allow users of certain Windows 10 devices to purchase data services from multiple carriers.

Microsoft SIM card accidentally comes to light

According to the Verge, which was the first to break the story, Microsoft will soon be allowing users of Windows 10 devices to connect to various networks without a contract as well as offering multiple networks in other countries for those traveling or overseas for business.

Again, Microsoft has made no formal announcement but rather The Verge found reference to this Microsoft SIM card in the Microsoft Store. The app is titled “Cellular Data” and reads:

Are you looking for a reliable, convenient way to stay connected everywhere you go, even when WiFi isn’t available? The Cellular data app allows you to connect to a trusted nationwide mobile data network using only your Microsoft account. Connect with – and pay for – a mobile data plan on your Windows 10 device using only your Microsoft account information. That means no fixed contract and no long term commitments to a mobile network operator. Now you can buy and use mobile data at your own convenience. This is the easiest way to get online using a trusted nationwide network. Purchase a plan via Windows Store anywhere network coverage is available. The Cellular data app can get you connected at any time with a secure, high-speed mobile connection. This app is designed to work solely with specific Windows 10 devices and requires a Microsoft SIM card.

Microsoft SIM and Cellular Data

It appears that Microsoft and the use of the “Cellular Data” app will allow users to shop for a plan and purchase it directly in the Microsoft Store.

The listing says that it is offering domestic plans only but the company will begin offering international data roaming “soon.”

This was somewhat confirmed by statement on Monday by French wireless provider Transatel.

“Laptops and tablets equipped with Windows 10, a cellular broadband modem, and a Microsoft SIM Card utilizing Transatel’s 901 technology, will allow consumers to easily and conveniently purchase pre-paid 3G/4G-LTE data services,” the statement said.

Transatel presently offers 3G/4G-LTE in just short of 40 countries worldwide but is looking to expand this to 50 countries in the first quarter of 2016.

Apple already offers similar plans through its own SIM card on iOS devices.

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