Windows 10 Users May Pursue Class-Action Against Microsoft

Windows 10 Users May Pursue Class-Action Against Microsoft

Microsoft Windows 10 is liked by some, but many hate the new OS. Despite the mixed reviews, it’s no secret that there are several problems with the new version of Windows. Therefore, many PC users that upgraded to this version, either willingly or unwillingly, are now exploring the possibility of a class-action lawsuit against the tech firm, says a report from Softpedia.

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Class-action against Microsoft won’t be easy

The idea of a class-action was first noted on August 14th on Microsoft’s Community forums. Since then, the idea has been backed by nearly 200 users, who also criticize the tech firm for the performance of Windows 10.

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However, users considering pursuing a class-action against Microsoft must keep in mind that they agreed to the EULA while installing the new OS. This renders some of the problems ineligible for redress, says the report.

Separately, on issues related to unauthorized access by Microsoft, the company has already clarified that it only collects information on error and app crash data. Also, this information is included in the privacy policy, likely making any complaint irrelevant in court.

Whether or not Windows 10 users will initiate a class-action against Microsoft or not remains to be seen. But this does suggest that all is not going well (as was expected) with the Microsoft Windows 10 OS.

Windows 10 vs Windows 7

The original message that demanded a class-action lawsuit also noted the problems that upgraders are facing. The message also calls for an attorney or a firm interested in taking on the class-action lawsuit against Microsoft.

The message says that after upgrading to Windows 10 via ‘automatic updates’ thousands of the PCs have “been rendered useless,” and left with 1. no sound, 2. no operating screen time 3. no access (password issues) 3. memory issues 4. lost files 5. unauthorized access by Microsoft.”

Meanwhile, the lead enjoyed by the Windows 10 over the adoption rate of Windows 7 at the same post-launch point in its lifecycle evaporated. Windows 10 has lost its lead despite it being offered for free, claims data from a Web analytics firm.

This suggests that the impact of Windows 10 free upgrade offer’s has not been a big deal when compared to the organic growth enjoyed by the Windows 7 in its first 123 days (from late 2009 to early 2010). However, there is a good chance that Windows 10 will regain its lead given the expected holiday PC sales in the weeks ahead.

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  1. I am so pissed at windows! They forcefully install the latest windows 10 update to my computer that slows my computer to a crawl and virually unusable. Even after I turned updates OFF the update downloads several times every day and when one of the updates sneaks by overnight it installs onto my computer without my permission and takes hours to uninstall. And even then 2, 3, 4 times a day windows again automaticall downloads this update! I want to sue windows over this it’s gotten so frustrating. How can this be stopped? And how can windows legally do this? Forcefully download and install an update that completely changes how windows works? This is way too intrusive and must STOP!

  2. Wrecked my Toshiba as well. I never even asked for the upgrade, I kept blocking it. It installed itself as soon as I booted up! We pay for the bloody laptops and computers and Gates acts as if he owns them!

  3. Sign me up for the lawsuit! When I pay for a laptop I expect to own it not be controlled by some rich pillock who thinks he can do what the hell he likes to it and doesn’t give a stuff about how much money he loses me or costs me. When I pay for downloads, games, movies and programmes I expect to be able to keep them. I do not expect to have them wiped by some bloody upgrades I never asked for. They installed themself! I had to buy a new bloody printer and my other one was hardly used. Now I find that my email is closed down as they say I have violated their bloody terms. Bloody cheek since they messed there are always reports of some bugger trying to log into it or I get messages telling me I’m spamming. I even found out from Experian that my email and password was being offered for sale! Never had that before! Who the hell do they think they are, they are nobody, they aren’t cops or judges, just a damn greedy arrogant, pretentious corporation! I want to sue them!!

  4. The Bloody Pirate Bill Gates, plundered information from people with Windows 10 . Getting Window 10 amount to selling your soul to the devil. I had tried to reload backup to my Toshiba to Win 8, The damn Window 10 re-over wrote windows 8 and dumped Cortina the computer whore into the computer weather I wanted to or not. I am stuck paying for updates to Toshiba programs. S.O.B. ! Bloody Pirate Bill Gates.

  5. I don’t think this will wash. Microsoft has highly paid lawyers (paid for by you with overpriced products), but they cannot skirt other laws regardless of what they put in their contract…namely theft of personal property (intellectual property stored on your local device), violations of privacy, HIPAA violations, and other protected information, which M$ apparently is in frank violation of the law by sending this information about your machine to Redmond via encrypted data transfers. There is also an issue of coercion when they are a monopoly…which has criminal consequences. Microsoft is a monopoly…which unfortunately has not yet been forcibly broken up by our governement. If a monopoly ran a privatized racket on road construction, and you are forced in unreasonable terms without a competitive option alternative, this is also coercion and illegal as well…particularly if it is antitrust. Imagine there was only one cable installation company and they required you to sign some form that they could have access to photograph and copy and documents inside your house “to improve their service.” Well, some people might be willing to oblige, but others who have no alternative…it would be coercion…and illegal.

  6. I’m going to shut it down as soon as election is over. See how that works out. Or at least find a cheaper server to get wi fi for husbands phone, I don’t have one. I feel I’ve lost enough life sitting here trying to find truth and justice. Can’t seem to find the justice.

  7. Well, a judge did order MIcrosoft to be broken up many years ago…but it got rescinded. This is what happens with any overbloated monopoloy…they waste all their money and the best and brightest talent the public American schools produce for them and squander it on protectionism. Its a great theft from our society on a very large scale.

  8. If there is a class action lawsuit, hospitals, businesses, government offices, and in some cases in the personal sphere, particularly involving children’s PCs, should demand that the encrypted data transfers being sent to Redmond on Win10 do not contain legally protected information or violate privacy laws or our 4th Ammendment as well.

  9. It bricked my new laptop , took me a week to get 8.1 back on there and lost the factory recovery partition because of windows 10 .

    the EULA isn’t legally worth the text file it is saved in .it is not a binding legal contract just worthless gibberish they hope will scare people into not suing.

  10. I also DENIED the “Upgrade”, yet it still installed itself and now my BRAND NEW CPU is nearly unuseable. I’m looking to see if there are any class action suits out there I can become a party to. Windows 10 SUCKS!

  11. The main issue is not that windows10 is crap. The issue is that Microsoft ILLEGALLY auto upgraded people’s computers to WIN10 w/o their permission, and without giving them the option to opt out.

  12. I am suggesting people to contact Morgan & Morgan my laptop is a brick as a result and I cannot restore WIN7 I feel that they are willing to make the case.

  13. Not all of us agreed. I had denied the WIN10 update from day 1, and came home to my laptop, which was in standby mode at the time and closed, force updating to WIN10. Mind you, I manually do all of my updates and create system restore points when I do. However the force update eliminated my restore points, imaging, and the ability to revert to the previous OS (WIN7). My laptop became stuck in the auto recovery loop…. currently my laptop is a brick and I never agreed to installing WIN10.


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  15. Programs such as Paint and Word went into hiding or disappeared. Audio and film programs which I had bought are gone. THERE MUST BE A SUIT LAUNCHED. IT WILL BE THE ONLY WAY TO GET MICROSOFT TO START PAYING ATTENTION.

  16. i cannot shut down my pc without accepting installed upgrades
    the options do not include the ability not to upgrade

    does microsoft own my pc or do i anymore ?

  17. call a lawyer
    there is definitely a huge class action lawsuit potential against microsoft.
    they act like they own your pc
    you can even choose whether to upgrade your own pc or not anymore
    its forced on you
    microsoft disables software on my pc that was pirated
    what right do they have to search my pc ???

    no an EULA agreement wont save microsoft

    somebody call a lawyer

  18. there is definitely a huge class action lawsuit potential against microsoft.
    they act like they own your pc
    you can even choose whether to upgrade your own pc or not anymore
    its forced on you
    microsoft disables software on my pc that was pirated
    what right do they have to search my pc ???

    no an EULA agreement wont save microsoft

    somebody call a lawyer

  19. My Steam games crash and burn in Ubuntu and Mint. Win 7 and Vista can’t run them at all because of DirectX cap and crappy driver model. Win 8 runs my games slow because Microsoft didn’t optomize it. I can run all my games on high settings in win 10. It’s rock solid. I can’t see how anyone would use anything else for gaming.

    Thanks to my tablet, I don’t use my PC for anything else and I don’t really care what it looks like.

    What is your preferred OS for running steam?

  20. It reminds me of the simplified computer screens from Idiocracy and it’s entire interface is centered around useless feminine pap.

    AutoCAD, Altium Designer, SolidWorks, QuickBooks and even Steam games don’t run worth a crap on it. It wastes 4GB of RAM just propping itself up for basic built in functions and ctrl+alt+delete doesn’t actually allow you to regain full control of active processes if this crap OS doesn’t wish it. You never actually own it, it’s basically snoopware with a giant backdoor that could be exploited by anyone and has no business on a grownup’s computer..

    I literally despise this dumbed down, boxed in, retardate piece of crap masquerading as an OS more than MAC or even Vista.

  21. I actually like windows 10. I think it is the best version up till now. (Especially now that Nvidia is making drivers up to the new spec)

  22. Wow. I just received two computers with 10 on them, but haven’t tried them yet. Wonder what kind of treat I am in for…..

    Meanwhile, still working off of Vista, 7 and any of many flavors of Linux.

  23. Oh, yeah. I have two copies of 7, both legitimately owned. Finally got tired of being pestered to load 10, gave in and it finally works… sometimes. Good thing it’s “the best Windows ever”.

  24. I loaned a beautiful i7+SSD laptop to my uncle and he “upgraded” it to windows 10 and the “Windows.old” file is nowhere to be found!

    This is a $2000 laptop rendered useless by this “upgrade” initiated by a technologically unsophisticated elderly person and supposedly without the “Windows.old” file I can’t even revert or reuse the OEM Windows 7 license it came with from the factory! It took forever to find a new laptop that was still sold with Windows 7, they only offer them for corporate and government accounts now.

    My android phone would make a more functional PC than this Windows 10 infested $2000 turd!

  25. NO, you did not have a change to check anything about updates.
    Our computer stopped working and it was windows 10 or nothing. I would HAVE NEVER picked this crapola of Windows 10.

    Not only did they hack our computer to add a system WE DID NOT WANT, but it’s horrible. It’s hard to find anything that only took a click, two at the most.
    Just bought new speakers because we thought the others were damaged. Turns out that with this malicious Windows 10 you just can’t plug them in you have to download them. I have tried every which way to add the speakers to no avail.
    I want to get back my “FREE” unwanted Microsoft Windows 10 update to the tune of $343.66.
    Microsoft not only hacked personal computers but gave their customer a sub standard product at best.
    I was trying a chat or telephone call from Microsoft and they just take you around in circles until you have to give up.

  27. All this is all well and good, but let’s not forget, it was by their own annoying GWX that states that “your system is compatible” when clearly, it is not….there lies grounds for the action in itself surely? False advertisement perhaps?

  28. We don’t need children posing as experts telling people who have been using computers longer than you’ve been alive what to do.

  29. Microsoft is criminal in it’s invasion of privacy and hacking into computers to install the win 10 malware. Not only will they not take no for an answer they have a backdoor installed in 10 that allows them and the Dept of Justice to completely control your computer. They can add files without your knowledge or consent as well as remove programs and more importantly add incriminating files if they wish. They snuck 10 onto my laptop without my knowledge or consent and when I uninstalled it and put Win 7 ultimate back on they claim my copy is pirated with an intrusive message and keep turning my background black. This basically makes my laptop unusable since I use it for business and I can’t very well use it to show my work to clients with the message popping up every few minutes saying my software is pirated. This has cost me jobs and financial loss. I want their crap completely out and I want my copy of win 7, which I bought at BestBuy, verified as authentic. I will sue if I have to.

  30. I want to sue Microsoft because Microsoft has forcibly upgraded my computer to Windows 10,and now i can`t delette the win 10!, i lost all my documents all my files!!! and is verry hard to understand win10

  31. This is why I pirate… I have not bought a copy of Windows ever… since Windows 3.1 – Want a free copy of Windows 7, Use to just go to Frys and take a picture of the COA on a PC and use a OEM disk to load it, the COA is never used by the OEM so nothing is triggered to tell anyone that its loaded on more than 1 PC. Besides you can re-confirm on the phone 3 times with no flags. For those who do not want Windows 10 Google GWX Stopper it basically removes KB 3035583, KB 2952664, and KB 2976978 so you do not get them updates that forces you to update.

  32. Nope, look around you will see Microsoft changed something that tricks users to installing. Microsoft changed the meaning of the red “X” in the upper right corner of the upgrade pop-up window. Instead of canceling the program as the “X” button has done for years, it actually acts as a kind of confirmation acknowledging the update.

    For example, some update pop-ups show a date when a customer can schedule their computer to upgrade to Windows 10. Normally, if you would click the “X” you’d be canceling the update offer. But instead, Microsoft set it so that clicking the “X” actually confirmed the date shown in the pop-up window. That could be seen as a sneaky move to be sure.

    In fact, when I wrote a piece explaining why you should upgrade to Windows 10 before July 29th, I received a deluge of emails from readers complaining that their computers updated to Windows 10 when the owners didn’t want them to. I smell Class Action Lawsuit as I know of a dozen PCs including my Father, Step Father, Wife and Friends ALL Pressed the Red X and All got the Update.

  33. bottom line: win10 does not work well on machines designed for win7 and below. and if you uninstall win10 you will discovered that it aggregated all passwords from everywhere, ie emails accounts, browsers, etc, and also does the same for email contacts, cookies and bookmarks. so when you try to resume life as normal with your trusty o.s. and system, you will find win10 screwed EVERYTHING UP ON THE MACHINE!!!

  34. BINGO! i incurred the same damn thing on my machine. in fact, i had “disable” windows update service and when i saw the win10 icon on my taskbar, i realized that M$ had more control over our computers than they will admit to! and the pop up i was getting was to install win10 now or later. but there was no option to say “No”, “Never” and “STOP HARRASSING ME”. I was furious and filed a complaint with the FTC. But they did nothing other than give me 1st grader computer tips! unbelievable!! btw: Win10 is nothing more than a glorified phone app.

  35. Get him Never 10; easy to use, blocks the nag, prevents install.
    I just paid $120 for one of our employees to take his Lenovo laptop in to have an involuntary 10 update removed, as it hosed his system. The fact that he had McAffee(!) on, too, didn’t help matters.

  36. These MS shills are so desperate, sadly many folks actually believe this crap;.My system has no problems and auto update has been turned off for years.

    50% + of MS Operating System services are complete crap. Meaning they serve little to no useful function, aside from providing a window in through hackers can enter. Pun intended.

  37. I clicked the x to opt out and it started to download. So x’ing out now means download. I got it, I am close to opting out of all control of internet, real life is getting more exciting now.

  38. this is normal issue with New operating system, Even linux is not compatible with every computer out there…… since 10 I have not had one single driver issue memory allocation dump blue screens,in fact the system is running ALOT faster than it was than when on 7, and massively better than win8, want a terrible OS put vista on your computer, then try to find drivers for it.

  39. it was installed with your consent…you ignored the dialogue box and chose to ignore the update time and gave up your ability to decline.

  40. WOW & WOW, Oh it was FORCED upon MY computer, um no it wasn’t, and YOU were to stupid to check the update time, you have the chance to decline the update, you just to DUMB to pay attention. i’ll just close the dialogue box and completely IGNORE what it’s saying.
    ignorance is your own fault quit trying to blame Microsoft.

  41. I love Linux Mint. I switched when Windows 10 update took away the use of my computer. It is intuitive to use for anyone familiar with WIndows 7, it is FREE in every sense of the word. My only small annoyance was that I had to look up an unfamiliar command to turn on the backlight on my keyboard so I can use my computer in the dark. That took less than 3 minutes. I’m retired and on a fixed income. I could not afford to pay for the tech support contract Microsoft demanded me to pay to make my computer work after five(?) complete reinstallations of Windows 10 after the initial unwanted and unapproved update from Windows 7 that killed my computer.

  42. I think anyone who has lost data (representing hours of work, and consequently hundreds of dollars of value lost) due to an unwanted and unapproved “upgrade” to Windows 10 has a greater basis for a lawsuit, because the dollars lost are so much greater, and could have been avoided had the unwanted OS upgrade not happened. This Windows 10 upgrade has cost US businesses and individuals billions of dollars, not only in lost data, but in lost function due to incompatibilities with various hardware that were not a problem with Windows 7.

  43. MSFT actually loaded their code that provides time wasting reminders to update to Windows 10, despite the fact that I had had disabled automatic updates. MSFT enabled automatic updates within my machine to do so. Since it is not safe to close the Windows 10 update window by clicking on what is conventionally the Close button (X) a malware trick, I must launch task manager to quit. The update reminder covers my work, and I must close it to perform my work. I have been keeping track of the number of times that the windows 10 update reminder appears and the time that it requires me to safely close the window so that I can continue with my work. I am waiting for an enterprising attorney to multiply the amount of time wasted by the number of licensees of windows 7 and 8 to arrive at a the cost of damage. I have read MSFT’s licensing agreement for Windows 7. MSFT’s actions are not permitted within the agreement. Further, no agreement may permit acts which knowingly cause economic harm to users of a product. I will happily dedicate as much time as necessary to assist in pursuing a class action matter against MSFT for what I believe to be unconscionable, tortious acts.

  44. The way I see it, if I’m an author working on a book, or a musician working on a score, that’s my work on the screen — I created it so it belongs to me. And in comes Microplop taking it away and destroying it without even a warning? Yeah I think that’s theft. Or properly, vandalism. I don’t see what Microslush is doing here as anything different from a virus. At all.

  45. I just got “Upgraded” (choke) to 10 without my knowledge or consent, which to me IS the issue. Whatever spyware, extra unneeded operations, etc Windblows 10 contains is warning enough, but the simple idea of commandeering my computer and reconfiguring it to something I do not want, and have specifically declined when offered, is the issue.

    Not content with simply that, in shutting down my system without asking at all while I had deep work open, they wiped out everything I did today which will require me to, when I get the system back, start all over and reconstruct that work. Work that was already done and now does not exist.

    In the event the first thing that comes up is a TOS agreement, which I immediately DECLINED. This supposedly will revert me back to where I was before my system was ILLEGALLY HIJACKED and send me back to Win 8 — of course, this is Microsoft saying that, so the source cannot be trusted, but even if that happens I’m STILL going to have to reconstruct all that work I did, that they interrupted.

    In other words they wiped out my work, made me wait to load something I don’t want or need, then made me wait for them to clean up their own mess I never invited them to make, and I still lose the work I had open.

    For nothing.

    And for all I know they’ll just do it again. They MUST be stopped.

  46. So nobody has brought up theft. I purchased the right to use windows 7 on my computer now I no longer have that right to access and use the property that I purchased.

  47. the EULA applies to any OS pre 10, and not a new Kernel, the eula has no application to windows 10, as its driver base is also different, it is NOT the agreement people signed on for, and that contract loophole holds no water

  48. Unfortunately not an option for PC gamers like myself… proprietary drivers and codecs and backdoor deals with Microsoft ruined that for us.

  49. My name is Michael Hobby, and I’m 47 years old I have been experiencing the same problem as everybody else and I’m not alone obviously.

    I am so freaking angry what Microsoft done to my computer, and I would love to take Microsoft to court and Sue them for cyber-sabotage and damages.

    Here is the proof of the bad Microsoft Updates.

    You don’t want to install Windows 10 or “telemetry” (AKA Microsoft spying software) on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 you may wish to avoid installing the following updates:
    KB2545698 – IE9

    KB2670838 – Windows 7 Only (breaks AERO functionality & gives you blurry fonts on some websites)
    KB2876229 – Skype for Microsoft Update

    KB2902907 – Microsoft Security Essentials; Compatibility update for upgrading
    KB2919355 – This update cannot be removed
    KB2952664 – Compatibility update for upgrading Windows 7
    KB2970228 – Update to support the new currency symbol for the Russian ruble in Windows
    KB2975719 – August 2014 update rollup for Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8.1, and Win Server 2012 R2
    KB2975331 – August 2014 update rollup for Windows RT, Windows 8, and Win Server 2012
    KB2976978 – Compatibility update for [Windows 8 and 8.1] this update cannot be removed
    KB2977759 – Windows 10 Diagnostics Compatibility Telemetry
    KB2982791 – MS14-045: Description of the security update for kernel-mode drivers: August 12, 2014
    KB2990214 – Enables upgrade from Windows 7 to a later version of Windows
    KB2993651 – MS14-045: Description of the security update for kernel-mode drivers: August 27, 2014
    KB3012973 – Upgrade to Windows 10
    KB3021917 – Update to Windows 7 SP1 for performance improvements
    KB3022345 – Telemetry [Replaced by KB3068708] Caused false sfc result
    KB3035527¬ – Causing Nvidia Display Driver issues – Black screens and Blue screens of death when trying to load Windows 8.1
    KB3035583 – Installs the Get Windows 10 (GWX) app
    KB3044374 – Enables you to upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10
    KB3050265 – Windows Update services update to upgrade to Windows 10
    KB3065987 – Update to Windows Update Client
    KB3068707 – Update for customer experience and diagnostic telemetry
    KB3068708 – Update for customer experience and diagnostic telemetry
    KB3072318 – Update for Windows 8.1 OOBE to upgrade to Windows 10 and installs this PUP.Optional.MindSpark, Malware
    KB3075249 – Adds telemetry to consent.exe in Windows 8.1 and Windows 7
    KB3075853 – Update that enables you to upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10
    KB3075851 – Update to Windows Update Client
    KB3080149 – Update for customer experience and diagnostic telemetry
    KB3081452 – Ensures smooth experience for updating OS to future versions
    KB3083710 – Update to Windows Update Client for Windows 7 *
    KB3083711 – Update to Windows Update Client for Windows 8.1 *
    KB3090045 – Windows Update for reserved devices in Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 SP1

    KB3140743 – Windows 7 Anti-Piracy Update
    KB3112343 – Support for additional upgrade scenarios from Windows 7 to Windows 10
    KB3102429 – Explain MS adware/PUA/PUS/PUP for Windows 10 upgrade.
    KB971033 – for Windows Activation Technologies

    Security Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows 10
    And 7 Antworten auf Windows 10 (V 1511): Update KB3103688, KB3105211 und KB3105213
    Upgrade to Window 10 Pro, version 1511, 10586

    Updates marked * currently have limited information about their purpose available online, so may be updated or removed from this list when more details are available.
    This list is based on information from these posts and forum threads:
    How to remove Windows 10 upgrade updates in Windows 7 and 8 (
    List of Windows 7 telemetry updates to avoid (Wilders Security)
    Remove Telemetry and Windows 10 Related Updates from Windows 7 (My Digital Life)
    Stop Windows Telemetry/Tracking/Upgrading to Win10 (
    It was compiled and sorted into numerical order on 3rd October 2015, last updated on 8th December 2015, and will be updated periodically. If you are aware of any others to add to the list (Windows 10 and telemetry only) please message me.

    Note: that choosing not to install any Windows Updates is done solely at your own risk, and you should research each update and the risks of not installing it for yourself.

  50. Windows 10 was installed without my consent. It kept telling me to download. I did and it attacked my computer, some blue screen scanning and wouldn’t stop, I took it off and when the box came back I x’d out and it started downloading. May Gates die in misery for what he’s done and those that allowed it can live in misery too. So be it, it is so.

  51. A lot of people keeping mentioning Microsofts EULA.

    So I just wanna let everyone know about this Bill:

    Arbitration Fairness Act of 2011 – Declares that no predispute arbitration agreement shall be valid or enforceable if it requires arbitration of an employment, consumer, or civil rights dispute.

    Declares, further, that the validity and enforceability of an agreement to arbitrate shall be determined by a court, under federal law, rather than an arbitrator, irrespective of whether the party resisting arbitration challenges the arbitration agreement specifically or in conjunction with other terms of the contract containing such agreement.

    Exempts from this Act arbitration provisions in a contract between an employer and a labor organization or between labor organizations. Denies to any such arbitration provision, however, the effect of waiving the right of an employee to seek judicial enforcement of a right arising under the U.S. Constitution, a state constitution, a federal or state statute, or related public policy.

    An Example to help understand:
    “”Thus, no longer could AT &T in its cellular telephone service contracts require a consumer to agree to arbitration should a dispute arise, long before the dispute even arises.””

    The quote can be found here:

    Where you can read more about the bill and the case that was used against AT&T

    And for the bill you can find it at

  52. Microsoft tried to foist Windows 10 on me and I was able to stop it — they claimed they had already installed it: “Welcome to Windows 10!!! “, they enthused. Anyway they have used the fact that I paid money for Windows 8 to bombard me with their juvenile marketing scheme and it struck me (I am a retired Canadian lawyer) that their possession of my contact information may well carry with it a fiduciary obligation similar to an onerous trust obligation which they have breached and may be responsible in extensive damages.

  53. Where’s the lawsuit for users that didn’t willingly install windows 10, it force installed itself over night and then crashed their damn hard drive?? I’ll sign up for that in a heartbeat.

  54. Where’s the lawsuit for users that didn’t willingly install windows 10, it force installed itself over night and then crashed their damn hard drive?? I’ll sign up for that in a heartbeat.

  55. I am with you guys. I repeatedly said no to the annoying pop up. Right when I had critical work to do, windows shutdown without asking again- and installed windows 10 -which promptly had to be removed. Microsoft is taking away freedom of choice by their monopoly and their power. Outside companies should be able to maintain and offer updates to win 7- instead of users being forced over so Microsoft can claim more market share.

  56. I’ll add my voice to the chorus calling for a law suite. I haven’t found any to join, but if anybody knows of one, I’m in. Please contact me I got a forced update after repeatedly denying it. After the update I declined the EULA. The system did revert to windows 7 after I declined but none of my business critical applications worked. Microsoft tech support spent 2 days trying, and failing, to get things working again. I think I’ll have it back up and running today. Between lost productivity, wear and tear on my hardware, and recovery media, this “free” upgrade will have cost me about $400.

  57. I am going through the same thing. Funny how when someone holds your computer hostage and makes you pay ransom to get your files back, the feds are for you….but now that it is Microsoft they do nothing and don’t see the correlation!

  58. Raped by Windows 10 Install 051816

    When the invasive Windows 10 popup came up, I clicked to close the box, there is no option to remove it from my system. Today I was typing an email and the message and window were lost when a command box opened followed by download of Windows 10 with no way to terminate. I shut down my computer after the install and attempted to restart, my computer would not start. I finally called a Microsoft partner that does support and removed the laptop battery to get the computer to the point where they could diagnose the problem remotely. They ran diagnostics and removed all the downloaded Windows 10 install that had locked the computer.

    To perform the operations, provide diagnostics and support I was charged $ 340. They did a workmanship like service to me and both computers are now working well. I feel that I have been Raped by Microsoft installing software without my permission then having it lock up my computer, resulting in costs that I did not require before the Rape happened. Looking at online feedback, I am not the only Microsoft customer that was abused like this.

  59. so windows 10 was forced on my other computer but im not accepting the terms of use because of the fact i do not want it i did not accept anything about windows 10any lawyers intristed pls email me at i disconected my desktop so its not up grading any time soon

  60. Yes, ours is a HP laptop…. is now rendered totally useless. Trouble is… seems you have to have high tech knowledge to manage your own computer these days, I have trouble using my iPhone, what chance do I have of fixing it!!

  61. Windows 10 kept asking to update my laptop – and I kept refusing as I had heard of there being big problems with it. Until one day it just ‘updated’ without our consent. Yep, now the laptop is cactus, unusable. My brother-in-law is an IT Manager with a lot of experience and he says my laptop has had some kind of catastrophic failure due to windows 10. Windows 10 also managed to sneak it’s way onto our main PC… a newer computer, and yes it keeps on shutting down without warning, internet problems, keyboard problems – you name it, it has it. I would like to send a warm thankyou to Microsoft for the lost files, the tantrums, tears, hair pulling and hours we have now experienced since receiving our free gift of windows 10. Maybe I should take down the hours we spend trying to fix it and send them a thankyou bill.

  62. As with others, my ‘upgrade’ was Not of My choosing…I had downloaded it, but postponed it, only to come upstairs to find it installing without my permission!! And now…EVERYTHING is GONE! I spent several hours finding and restoring all my files, only to have the computer suddenly reboot and Erase Everything I had done…will All my pictures, videos, music, etc now JUST GONE!!
    So….a lawsuit isn’t all that I want! Revenge and Torture would be too good for Bill Gates!

  63. Several times a day my computer would popup with an offer for windows 10. I finally gave in and hired the Geek squad to install the upgrade. The upgrade distroyed my computer. It needed to be rebuilt starting with the operating system. It has been disaster. I lost several functions like fingerprint scan, magnification, the mouse scroll wheel. Today and yesterday I tried to retrieve my outlook contact list. No luck. Hours wasted. Also tried to install a new router, my older router wasn’t powerful enough. The new router would not work. Again hours with the Geek Sqad. The router was not compatible with windpws 10. I put the old router back in.

  64. “However, users considering pursuing a class-action against Microsoft must keep in mind that they agreed to the EULA while installing the new OS. This renders some of the problems ineligible for redress, says the report.”
    I didn’t agree to any EULA because the 10 update was forced onto my computer. I repeatedly rejected updating, yet two days ago, my computer suddenly forced an update. I think the EULA is a moot point when I didn’t even authorize the update to begin with.

  65. Windows update just shut down my computer again. I had spent about 15 minutes (a little over a half hour ago) scanning a stack of papers, while I watched a live show on The OCR job had been running about 10 minutes, and was almost done, but had not yet saved the job, when suddenly, and without warning, Windows update shut off my computer. Now I have to do this work over again, and I’ll have to watch the show over to get the parts I missed while Windows update did another futile all-or-nothing update, and then backed out the update because a driver error prevented it from finishing. This has been happening to me about twice a week since last November, however, it also happened to me yesterday, except that yesterday I lost a couple of hours of work. I want to know how to sue Microsoft.

  66. Please tell me how to sue Microsoft. SInce November, their broken yet forced automatic updates have caused me to loose hours of work over and over again. Every time, Windows shuts off my computer, it cycles through restarts that can take five to 20 minutes per set, telling me not to turn off my computer, then saying it’s installing updates, then saying the update failed, then telling me it’s undoing the update, then I boots a couple of more times telling me it is undoing the update, and finally I get use of my computer back, with whatever I happened to be working on having vanished. WIndows makes no attempt to warn me, then obviously don’t check to see whether the keyboard and mouse are active, or whether any file activity is going on, they just turn off my computer, over and over again, never accomplishing anything other than to anger me over and over. I WANT JUSTICE!!!!

    Just now I lost two hours of very tedious photo editing work because MS update turned off my computer without warning at a time that I did not schedule (my scheduled time is 3:30 am, but my computer shuts off any time it pleases, and USUALLY during business hours. It has been doing this to me several times a week since last November. I have called Windows 10 tech support over and over, and they have reinstalled Windows 10 at least four times. Now Microsoft Tech support tells me I have put purchase a support contract for them to work on my computer. The cost is only $150, but I’m on a fixed income. Microsoft should owe me $1,500.00 just in compensation for the files they have destroyed, and double that much for the repeated aggravation of having forced updates that have NEVER worked in ANY version of Windows without stepping through the process manually every six months or so, as I used to do with Windows 7. My time is valuable to me. This ongoing theft of precious time and effort that I can never replace has got to stop!

  67. He didn’t say “don’t update,” he said turn off auto-updates, because they have never worked consistently. I never allowed auto-updates, but I checked for updates manually once a week with prior versions of Windows, and when they failed (about 10% of the time), I would then step through them manually to find out what was failing. Usually it was a driver problem, and usually I could download the correct replacement driver (which Windows invariably fails to do well) and then the update would work. I always kept my machine updated, but now, forced updates mean my machine never gets updated. Now I DO have to be concerned about malware, BECAUSE of FORCED AUTO-UPDATES that stopped working last November!

  68. Only if it works. I’m not 83, but I am disabled with a brain injury. I depend on things NOT to change, so that I can rely on what I knew and understood before that car ran me down while I was out getting exercise. I too refused the update prompts until one morning it updated without my permission (or actually started rebooting over and over until I called MS tech support, and they installed the update remotely to “fix” the problem). It worked OK for about six weeks, and then started uninstalling the applications I use with each update, causing me to have reinstall them over and over. (This was all in September 2015). Then in November, it started failing to install updates. I tried to go back to Windows 7, which worked wonderfully (and is the only version of Windows I really liked), but apparently waiting until there was a problem took away my option to go back. Windows tech support has reinstalled Windows 10 for me about four times, never fixing the update problem, which gradually got worse until by the end of November, it would just turn off my computer without warning at any random time, usually twice a week, but occasionally three times in one day. I have lost hours of work that I cannot get back, because without warning, and ignoring my approved time for updates at 3:30 am, it just shuts off my machine, usually between 8:00 am and 11:30 pm. However today (yesterday now that it 1:00 am), as I was finishing a photo edit that had taken me about two hours, it shut of my computer again at 11:45 pm. If it had just waited another two minutes, I would have saved my work and gone to bed. The last time I called Windows Tech support they told me I will have to pay them $150 for a support contract. I’m on a fixed income. I can’t afford a support contract, and frankly, I think Microsoft owes me a LOT more than that for destroying hours of my work on a regular basis. As much as possible, I boot my computer to Linux Mint, but I can only do that because everything works the same as Windows 7. I don’t have the same software for photo editing under Linux, so I still occasionally boot to Windows 10 for that stuff. I am frustrated, and I feel Microsoft betrayed its user base with forced updates. I think I could deal with Windows 10 if updates worked they way they did under Windows 7. Updates didn’t work with 7 either, but I could step through the process every six months or so, find the driver problem, update the driver, and then the update would work. Now I can’t do that, because the new BROKEN update program doesn’t allow stepping through updates manually. I have never had a version of Windows in which updates “just worked,” and now with FORCED BROKEN UPDATES, the problem has become unresolveable.

  69. Please tell me how to sue Microsoft. SInce November, their broken yet forced automatic updates have caused me to loose hours of work over and over again. Every time, Windows shuts off my computer, it cycles through restarts five through 20 minutes, telling me not to turn off my computer, then saying it’s installing updates, then saying the update failed, then telling me it’s undoing the update, then I boots a couple of more times telling me it is undoing the update, and finally I get use of my computer back, with whatever I happened to be working on having vanished. WIndows makes no attempt to warn me, then obviously don’t check to see whether the keyboard and mouse are active, or whether any file activity is going on, they just turn off my computer, over and over again, never accomplishing anything other than to anger me over and over. I WANT JUSTICE!!!!

    Just now I lost two hours of very tedious photo editing work because MS update turned off my computer without warning at a time that I did not schedule (my scheduled time is 3:30 am, but my computer shuts off any time it pleases, and USUALLY during business hours. It has been doing this to me several times a week since last November. I have called Windows 10 tech support over and over, and they have reinstalled Windows 10 at least four times. Now Microsoft Tech support tells me I have put purchase a support contract for them to work on my computer. The cost is only $150, but I’m on a fixed income. Microsoft should owe me $1,500.00 just in compensation for the files they have destroyed, and double that much for the repeated aggravation of having forced updates that have NEVER worked in ANY version of Windows without stepping through the process manually every six months or so, as I used to do with Windows 7. My time is valuable to me. This ongoing theft of precious time and effort that I can never replace has got to stop!

  70. I’m On board for a class action suit re: unauthorized download of Windows 10……I tried, in earnest to stop it, no luck! Now my computer doesn’t work……I’ve lost a week of business & will have to pay up to $200 to have 10 removed…….sue me, I’m not a tech whiz…..I can’t do it myself! This hints of “invasion of privacy”! Microsoft gave me no option……cyber theft! Outrageous!

  71. This mainly, “You can trust this OS. Quite secure” Unless your idea of trust and secure includes Orwellian ideals, then no you can’t trust this OS at all and it is certainly not secure at all.

  72. THE DAMN THING IS not fit for purpose.If I wanted to be a computer geek then I would be one.Im NEVER using Microsoft products ever again and that goes for those that read this as well. Arrogant bleeps. The default settings are there to MAKE you frustrated enough to just accept them well guess what I didn’t. Windows 10 is a system no one wants and yet it is FORCED ON US with no recourse because we didn’t pay for it. The whole world is screaming NO and yet Microsoft and their devs just say quit moaning because theres very little option NOT to use it. I don’t trust a word they say and sick and bleeping tired of having to change default settings to on to use them or going into the bios to bleeping well tick boxes that should be ticked. NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE . If win10 was a car and it didn’t have any engine or wheels when you went to collect it…….. Would you still want it …….. NO SIMPLES isn’t it. Remove it or give us the choice to return to win 7 or 8 free of ANY charge.

  73. a lawsuit needs to go forward! this software is trash, complete rubbish and they knew it! i have a dead monitor rendering my pc useless! they are messing with peoples livelihoods i work from home! this is not okay! they need to feel the pain and suffering i and others are feeling! im okay with all MS software engineers and Bill Gates getting a public flogging even! i cant even restore to windows 7 i have no CDs! they were lost in a fire!!!! they need to be called on the carpet and not push their crap software on people! be fore this push to my pc without my consent, win 7 worked just fine….no problems at all!!!

  74. I have signed NO EULA to upgrade to Windows 10. I have resisted buying any new laptops since Windows 8 came out because it’s a pile of crap. I don’t need a bigger pile of crap. I HAVE a cell phone, I don’t need another one. My grandson’s All in One that we use for his home school lessons runs Windows 8 and we both hate it. His school has advised ALL parents to NOT upgrade to Win10, twice I have manually uninstalled the update and 3 times had to force a shut down (not recommended) to keep the upgrade from continuing on it’s own. Class Action or not, I WILL sue Microsoft for forcing me to accept software that I did NOT buy, do NOT want, and have NOT ever and will never agree to being on MY computer. PLEASE CHROME…..hurry and make your own versions of flash and java, or co-ordinate with schools to develop a workable “Meeting” software. I can use the cloud print software and google docs easily enough so not having access to MS Office is not a big issue.

    I have been a computer user since 1984 when we got our first Commodore 64. I considered it nothing more than an expensive “Toy” UNITIL we got a copy of Windows 3.0. Well, to be honest, I considered it all a waste of time until then (Windows 3.0) but hubby had been a geek for a number of years already. With WIndows 3.0 though, I figured out what the fascination was. (circa 1990) The point is…that I have always defended Microsoft VEHEMENTLY when the public was critical….BECAUSE I well remember the time when I was confounded by C:/ and was happy to see the GUI which allowed ME to join in the “fun”. Windows made it simple enough for me that I was inspired to learn DOS in order to upload my websites….as back then the had to be written in HTML and uploaded through an FTP session using DOS. But ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Microsoft. You are NOT being innovative, you are being cowardly apes mimicking cellphone and tablet protocols which you missed the boat on. Get over it! You lost one…and now you’re going to loose the PC market as well because of your arrogance and stupidity.

    For many people, a tablet is only a temporary substitute for their PC. Get your heads out of your behinds and don’t forsake US….or by the time you realize your mistake…..we WILL have forsaken YOU. I learned DOS and HTML …. ON MY OWN, I can learn something else as well, but I will NOT be coerced into accepting what you’re trying to force upon me WITHOUT my permission. If need be….I will buy a MAC before I will accept Windows 10, in spite of the fact that the MAC won’t run 1/2 of what I’m used to dealing with. To me, convenience ranks #2 behind #1…TRUST…..and you no longer have mine Microsoft.

  75. I would be first in line to initiate a class action law suit against Microsoft for Bogarting Win10 on users that don’t want it. God it makes me angry.

  76. Anyone know how to sign up for the class action suit? A week ago we woke up to a PC running Windows 10, even though we repeatedly said don’t do it. I was perfectly happy with 7, and my PC had no problems at all. So I followed Microsoft’s instructions to roll it back, and now I have no operating system at all. Tech support made a suggestion, which I tried, and which didn’t help. Since I told them that, they have stopped answering my messages. I didn’t want 10 because it seemed too invasive, so I didn’t trust it. Guess I was right!

  77. i wanna sue them because they had in writing they would support 7 till 2020, and windows 8 allot further and they are not, and now they keep trying to install windows 10 via the updates using strong arm tactics. this is total BS.

  78. HP laptop, I was forced to update from 7, it just updated itself a few nights ago without my consent. Now I have no WiFi, spent 3 hrs with MS tech support with no solution. Now I’m trying to go back to 7, but it also won’t recognize my external drive so I can’t backup.
    Just because we click “yes” to the agreement doesn’t give MS carte blanche to trash my computer (and business) whenever they want. There are limits to what we have to endure.

  79. HP laptop, I was forced to update from 7, it just updated itself a few nights ago without my consent. Now I have no WiFi, spent 3 hrs with MS tech support with no solution. Now I’m trying to go back to 7, but it also won’t recognize my external drive so I can’t backup.
    Just because we click “yes” to the agreement doesn’t give MS carte blanche to trash my computer (and business) whenever they want. There are limits to what we have to endure.

  80. Bill I’m on fan of CrapApple, Google or Mafia$oft, Apple is no better than Mafia$oft. The only thing both are good at is extracting the last dimes out of their users pockets, If you only had two half live braincells between your ears then there maybe some hope for you. You need to learn that Apple, Google and Mafia$oft are Not the only computer/mobile operating systems in the world There are others that are Free Faster, Stable, Superior and far more advanced, They are up to date, March 2016. Below is some of them that will install on the Mac. They put Mac OS/x to shame.

    Five Free Open Source Operating and Open Source Software Systems that will install on a Mac.
    Now you have Learned Something New to You. Check them out for yourself then when CrapApple makes your Mac Obsolete at 3yrs old then you can keep it going for the next ten years, and keep it up to date with the latest Free Linux Open Source operating systems and software,,,

  81. F**k MS. I had literally no problems with my HP Stream 13 till I upgraded to Windows 10. Microsoft told me to, HP told me to, I was overly caught up in the Windows 10 hype. Why Windows 10 anyway? It’s barely qualified to be Windows 8.2. Now my PC’s bricked. I’m ready for that CA.

  82. I switched my Acer laptop from Win7 to Win10 only to have “driver IRQL not less or equal” error pop up every time I put it on. So I pressed “go back to Win7” button in restore tab. It went back alright and stopped working AT ALL. Now every time I start the laptop, it flashes blue screen for a sec and dies. I am going to fight for this laptop because it worked good and lasted 6 hours on a single charge. I think Microsoft is my problem.

  83. I was thinking I might like Windows 10, until it destroyed my new hard drive a week after I upgraded. On my replacement hard drive I’ll install windows 7 or Linux. Windows still wants to upgrade my other computer, but no way!

  84. The Problem Is it SHOULD be Illegal for Microsoft or any company to have the ability to offer an agreement that allows the spying of it’s users by accepting the agreement. If anything is expressly illegal even for the NSA ( a judge ruled the NSA spying was illegal) then it should be illegal for private companies to circumvent the law also. The fact that Microsoft is not getting hauled into court for this (despite their no class action clause) tells us that Government doesn’t care because they are in bed with Microsoft.Time to take them both down, Microsoft and the corrupt US government.

  85. thanks for dropping by , first this should be noted that you’re a holdout on 1 of the old versions or just trolling
    yeah it’s always recommended to turn off auto updates not, you must enjoy being left open?

  86. Bwahaahahahahhaaaaa!!!!

    I was wondering when they would pepper in a black guy or two. Those shills at Microsoft are so racist sometimes.

    Thanks Dr. Damian Chambers! I agree what OS doesn’t have problems.


  87. “quit complaining you complainers”

    “I’m old man, I don’t like change or fiddling with sprockets, but I tried this newfangled windows 10 and I’ve haven’t add any problem you describe…”

    “educated consumers agree, they LOVE the new WINDOWS 10 by Microsoft, the company that invented computers.”

    “I’m young and in charge! Popular people in the in-crowd are saying good things about this new way of doing things called Window 10, but there is always outcasts who hating change and want to keep the old ways of doing things.”

    etc etc etc etc….

  88. snappier? cleaner? again another fake microsoft account using fake microsoft corporate terminology.

    “quit complaining you complainers”

    “I’m old man, I don’t like change or fiddling with sprockets, but I tried this newfangled windows 10 and I’ve haven’t add any problem you describe…”

    etc etc etc etc….

  89. That’s the most pathetic thing about this entire situation. Linux has helped repair inoperable windows systems for years.

    For years I see the same BS tech support articles about how their hard drive is going bad, and bla bla bla, backup everything, when really it’s just Windows being a crappy OS. 100% of all hard drives I’ve had to rescue were easily fixed in Linux in about 5-10 minutes.

    Most simply just had a corrupt partition header.

    Now why wouldn’t this be built into windows!?!?! This is exactly the kind of crap that makes me realize that Microsoft simply is not credible in regards to helping user fix actual problems.

  90. People just aren’t getting it, Microsoft uses thousands of these “fake people” to post these fake reviews. This “Ron Rose” is actually named Dinesh who posts these types of things all day long from an office in India.

  91. Ron thank you for your ignorant post. Please refrain from providing opinions to those who actually know what they are talking about.

  92. These delusion re+ards at Microsoft are so full of sh1t that they literally don’t reaize nobody give a sh1t about tiles. Nobody f wants tiles.

    People want icons the same icons Microsoft and Apple stole from xerox 3 decades ago.

  93. This is some poor street kid working from a sweatshop in India. You think he actually understands anything outside the script given to him by Birlasoft or TaTa?

    He no concept of even what he is poisting here.

  94. Windows 10 is crap. Windows 8 is crap. Windows 8.1 is crap.

    Turn off auto updates. uninstall the entire mechanism if you have to.

  95. “10 will be future proof”

    At this point, it should be noted that this is either a paid shill from Microsoft or a very good troll.

    The solution to the problem has been the same for years. Turn off auto-updates and tune out of these scam news/ tech support web site. They are all a complete fraud.

  96. I agree, everyone who shows the “computer support” thing might work for Microsoft, there couldn’t be the slightest chance that they were trying to use their knowledge to help.

    it’s, simple as click download and hit next like 3 times and hello win 7 look, no tweaks or anything just “install” and it’s all done by itself.

    My grandmother is 80 ish and she’s not computer friendly, bought a laptop 5 years ago thinking “I want to do that” she’s never used it it’s a shame, think it’s” fear ” but if she did and i gave her those little instructions, she could do that, and i’m sure your dad could if it was shown to him in the way he understands it.

  97. I think I’m mostly aware that you might work for Microsoft. You’re talking about an 85-year-old man who won’t be able to do any kind of configuration to make it look like 7. There’s nothing I can do from across the country to help him. I can’t talk him through anything over the phone – he’s hard of hearing and wouldn’t understand the instructions anyway. This is likely the end of his ability to use his computer.

  98. problem is 10 will be future proof for support and security updates which is most important, 7 won’t be
    third party control panel is only getting people addicted to a standstill and eventually fall into the past.
    5 years from now there will be no security patches for it anymore making users wide open and as he isn’t all that as you said with computers then he needs to be kept up to date for “security purposes don’t matter what he does, if he’s on the net he needs to have everything set up and up to date.
    10 checks for updates every day when on.
    I take it you know and being more aware that it is a free upgrade for him and others for a year?
    personal experince, haven’t had any problems with it since installing the free upgrade and it does work with old applications and they install and work out the box ie office 2003.
    once installed it doesn’t need antivirus all of that is built in and updates itself.

  99. My dad has Windows 7. He’s 83 years old and asking him to learn a new OS isn’t going to happen. If anything changes on his computer, he needs in-person help. He thinks the monitor is the computer and it’s attached to “the box.” He lives across the country from me and spends every.single.night creating printouts of his money market account stuff and comparing it to whatever he compares it to. This upgrade could very well take his computer away from him entirely. He just won’t know how to use it anymore. If anything goes wrong with the upgrade, he definitely won’t know what to do to fix it. If his printer stops working, he thinks he needs a new printer. He doesn’t understand “driver.”

    I found the GWX Control Panel software that’s supposed to be able to block the installation and sent him the link. I hope it works and it isn’t too late.

    Class action suit? H*ll yes! Not for the money, but to make them stop trying to do cr*p like this. Maybe the younger techy people can handle the upgrade, but they’re shutting out less technical people.

  100. Some elements of the upgrade were forced upon me even after shutting off all updates and turning all notifications on…that’s criminal! I even threw out some updates and locked down the system to no avail!

  101. The heavy handed changing of update settings is borderline unauthorized access. Hell I have had hidden updates, updates that I have intentionally removed and hidden, reinstalled without my permission. That right there is criminal, and yes I do mean criminal, as in no different then someone installing a trojan on your computer.

  102. This is exactly my argument.. If the CMO (Chris C__..forgothisname) really feels that it’s Microsoft’s responsibility to keep it’s users secure then that’s fine.. I don’t think anyone would mind having Security updates installed automatically.. It’s the driver updates that cause most of the problems.

    My experience as an insider led me to choose against running Windows 10-on my own systems but only after watching Windows Update install the same broken touchpad driver over and over again that would instantly crash the computer if you just touched it..

    I’m not taking that risk on the system I depend on for so much of what I do and especially with their forum-only tech support (IF you can even refer to it as “support”).

    All they need to do is back off the automatic driver updates and much of this argument and the negative press about it will evaporate. This shows that their marketing dept doesn’t get it.

    I’m now disabling GWX on every system I encounter (not before explaining to the customer what’s about to happen to them and giving them a choice).. There are a few who want it and I have upgraded a few systems with no problems). However, this automatic update issue has cost them FAR more than they’re aware of. I’d be running Windows 10 on everything now were it not for the risk of faulty driver updates.

  103. It will if a lawsuit is filed as the stock price will decline with merely the news of a class-action suit against them. It’ll decline again if the suit is successful… Being such a large shareholder he will lose money. It may be a temporary loss though..

  104. Stop hatin on Bill Gates you can’t compare to him intellectually, financially,
    and what he built. So please stop the nonsense, Merry Christmas!!!

  105. Forcing 7 & 8 users is problematic. The version used impacts software on the computer, potentially rendering it useless in addition to causing damage to devices when the user rejected the update [but MS did it anyway].

  106. I doubt many people care about $ (except lawyers.) It’s a matter of getting an injunction against future attempts to strong-arm new versions of Windows

  107. If a class action lawsuit is initiated, it should include the many users that have had issues with wifi access following the upgrade. It turns out Windows 10 has a knack for wiping out wifi cards. After paying $115 to get this “fixed,” my tech guy could only fix it by giving me an external wifi card and assuring me Microsoft would probably release updates fixing this bug. After this, I was able to get online for two days, during which my laptop furiously installed automatic updates it hadn’t been able to for over a month. I hoped one of those updates would fix the issue, but instead after that two days, I was once again no longer able to get online, which leads me to assume the updates managed to wipe out my external wifi card as well.

  108. Don’t you’ll loose the bet, you must think only you used punch cards and 5.25 inch floppy 360kb disks that later moved up to 512kb then to the 3′ disks 1.4 meg disks on to the iomega 250 meg zip disk, By the way I still have the old floppy 5.25′ IBM DOS and 3″ MS DOS Disks. and windows 1 on 12, 3′ floppy disks, It’s pity I didn’t hang on the the punch cards too. The first desktop computer I bought was a IBM-PC XT that had two 5.25 floppy disk drives 6′ wide and a foot long. with a dot metrics printer that needed a table of it’s own to sit on, that used continuous green lined paper. Those were the days. when one needed a empty room to house all the computer equipment

  109. I call your bet and raise it, I was working with computers when all we had were 3270 emulation cards and they were used to enter data into an IBM Mainframe. The first desktop computer I worked with was an IBM-PC XT with two 5.25 inch floppy drives and no hard drive. You could either boot PC-DOS or CP/M-86 depending on what boot disk you stuck into it.
    Before that I was programming automated testing equipment using Pascal.
    Before that I worked for Control Data Corp. (CDC) doing maintenance and repairs on their mainframes. (I’ll bet that CDC was before your time.)

    Yes, I know there are many companies in the Linux Foundation, my employer was, and still is, a member. They had some Linux servers, but, out in the production area, all the workstations were Windows, and they still are.

  110. Quote :- I know quite a bit about the business world, until I retired, I was a systems administrator for a Fortune 500 company
    Rerply :- Being a Mickysoft’s BDI, you wouldn’t know what’s going on period, Visit the Linux Foundation website and learn who are the developers of the Linux operating systems. Learn that today there are over 500 Hardware/Software manufactures and developers that are Members of the Linux Foundation

    Don’t just mouth off that you was a systems administrator. I too was a systems administrator setting up networks running DOS NNfWG ( Novell Networks for Work Groups) most probably before your time….

  111. Yep after Mickysoft bought IBM-DOS then doctored it for use with Mickysoft first release of windows and demanded annual payments off companies that used it, that’s when FreeDOS took off in the 80’s

  112. When Microsoft pushed Windows 10 down “accidentally” to the new computers recently they may have hurt themselves. If a user believes they have no choice but to upgrade or lose their data and machine they will agree to the EULA. If that can be proved, they could indeed be sued. I would like to see that just to stop the craziness. It’s not about getting rich, it’s about stopping companies from forcing tech users to upgrade. It would be like Dodge telling me they no longer support my 10 year old car, and that I had to upgrade to a new model in the next 12 months or be stuck without a supported vehicle. Make a good product and people will but it. Make a crappy product and people won’t. It’s real simple.

  113. Desktops are computers you fucktard. What world do you live in? Sorry facts don’t line up with your stupid narrative, get a grip.

  114. I do not want WIN to control what is on my start menu at all. I want to be able to put clean simple text links on my start menu like I have always been able to do and I want to be able to add and delete any links I want to be there or not. I do not want Bill Gates telling me what I am supposed to have on my start menu. Just because I use any app any number of times does not mean I want it on my start menu. You still are not telling me how to add a plain simple clean text link to the start menu and get rid of all the crap that I do not want here LIKE I STILL CAN IN WIN 7. Windows 10 is fine and dandy in that it works, but no better than WIN 7, yet it takes away A LOT of the look/feel/setup/customization that WIN 7 has. IOW WIN 10 is ‘use this the way we want you to or screw you’.

    (BTW The big letter clutter up the all apps section. The only reason that anyone would use time is because MS has forced you to have the apps listed the way they want them listed. WIN10 is basically an OS for people who are afraid of computers and too scared to set up the OS the way they want it to look and feel. Pretty much the old time AOL users who actually though that AOL WAS an ISP.)

  115. Totally agree so I’ll keep my copy of Windows 8.1 to the end of the extended support (or even beyond) just to run away into imaginary world just like you :)

    Maybe till then we will get more AAA games on SteamOS as it’s grows rapidly and in another 5 years I think it would be one of the main gaming platforms.

    So there is no rush to give up our freedoms totally just to get some “flashy” stuff from Microsoft, a company that is unfriendly towards their business partners (patent wars and extortion) but also towards users as well (why should I be a lab mouse to test their features before Enterprise version will gets them? And still only enterprise can disable all the tracking and updates.).

  116. It’s not that easy for the average user. I’m not crying, I managed to completely block anything Windows 10 from all my systems, but why should I have to when I never wanted it in the first place? Why is MS constantly pushing it on me then lying about it? Why are they so desperate that they change the name of updates to trick people into installing Windows 10. Why are you defending the indefensible actions of what amounts to a scam? Why?

  117. I work in IT, I hold Comptia certifications and currently studying for Microsoft certifications. There are plenty of articles out there that can keep you about 2 steps ahead. If Windows 10 was recently installed, you can switch back within a month. I know how to block the Win 10 upgrade. You hide it in Windows Update. Google it. Or even simpler, go to Linux. Just research it and quit crying. It’s not that hard to do. Better yet, take the free upgrade and revert back after it is complete with one button click. It won’t come back unless you choose to install it.

  118. Good lord. I was hoping you might be able to come up with something somewhat coherent as an argument but, nope.

    Nobody said anything about free. We were talking about how Windows 10 downloads without your consent Or knowledge. It also happens to be the worst operating system I’ve ever used and I remember ME AND Vista so if you are on a metered internet connection you end up paying overage fees for a piece of garbage you didn’t even want.

  119. 1) You can’t read either, I never suggest you said to sue them, so please point out where I said you specifically should sue them.

    2) Don’t name call, I was simply in a nice and constructive manner pointing out that some of your grievances are in fact nothing more than you whining about something

    3) Cars vs computers. I own the car, therefore it is mine to do with what I want, when I want. You computer is next to worthless without an operating system, so you have to agree to a EULA, try actually reading one some time. It’s clearly stated that have the right to change the software, add/remove, and annoy the crap out of you. Again your failure to understand that is not my issue.

    4) I am not a MS shill (see name calling), I was actually trying to have a conversation with you, giving you some advice and pointers, not actually knowing if you had tried the above methods or not. Please if they really are doing all the crap to you, then call their support and tell them to f-off or whatever you want to do. But don’t come at people actually trying to have a conversation with you and be an asshole about it k?

  120. Idiots have problems and lawyers are greedy low life sharks. The last class-action against AT&T I received a check for $1.

  121. Usually the procedure would be kept for something legally wrong, and nearly everything is waived by people agreeing to the license when they install the software. But at the same time, something seems a bit…wrong with a company that sustains much of the software and systems people use on a daily basis to flex its muscles and decide what data and programs are allowed and not allowed to be on ones computer. The features go beyond being helpful into being obnoxious and its often not as simple as “just switch to x”

  122. Park Place can you tell me what this simple shell script controls?. just asking.



    ps auxw | grep apache2 | grep -v grep > /dev/null

    if [ $? != 0 ]

    /etc/init.d/apache2 start > /dev/null


  123. Bill…UNTIL Apples’ prices for laptops become “reasonable”, then MORE people might buy one. Those prices are absolutely outrageous…and YES, I can’t afford an Apple anything before you ask…that’s why most people deal with Microsoft.

  124. Sign the Petition, that’s Justice!

    Change DOT org /p/bill-gates-satya-nadella-bad-microsoft-stop-pushing-windows-10-on-consumers-uninvited

    Tell Microsoft that YOU will decide WHEN and IF you want to upgrade.

  125. BTW, Feel Free to Sign the Petition:

    Change DOT org /p/bill-gates-satya-nadella-bad-microsoft-stop-pushing-windows-10-on-consumers-uninvited

    Tell Microsoft that YOU will decide WHEN and IF you want to upgrade.

  126. Interesting how all the Microsoft shills are pushing Apple products.

    I guess that’s the answer then. F**k Microsoft. F**k Windows.


  127. Very true, i thought winxp was pretty good…i had that dual booted with slackware. and i still have a copy of i load into virtualbox when wine won’t run a program i need.

  128. Personally I love Linux but since most end users are running Windows and I like to make a pretty good living, I run Windows (and Ubuntu and OSX).

  129. If you are correct Bill then Apple users will have a target on their backs. I have been seeing more and more Apple users with viruses in the last two years than I have seen in the previous 10. But that still does not negate the need to learn the basics as I have stated earlier.

  130. The more you use windows ten, the more you are going to want to switch to an alternative. Windows ten is one of the best things that ever happened to Apple and this is just the beginning!

  131. No Bill it didn’t occur to me that people that have these devices in their homes and an integral part of their lives don’t have time to troubleshoot them. BTW Kreskin, I’m a 57 year old US Marine Corps Vet that does “play” with my computer all day so I can help people like you who say they don’t have the time to troubleshoot their devices. I never said anyone needs to troubleshoot their computer but at least learn the basics of using one. Maybe then your experience using a computer and the Internet will be a lot better and when you do need to call for help you can explain your issue in an intelligent, knowledgeable manner.

  132. What you say is true. It is also true that Microsoft has a well deserved reputation for selling flawed software which at the very least is not customer friendly, so why do people like you keep buying it? Do yourself a favor. Go buy an Apple computer and start enjoying life.

  133. Did it ever occur to you that people have more important things to do than trouble shoot their computer? And that they shouldn’t have to trouble shoot and fix their microKrap before they can use it?

    You sound like a high school drop out that lives at home, eats mommy and daddys food, and has nothing to do but play with your computer all day.

  134. Why in the world do people choose to deal with microsoft? Do yourself a favor, buy an Apple computer, throw that microKrap in the trash container and start enjoying life! I did and I have bever regretted it. You could also give your microKrap to your worse enemy and let him or her deal with it. Thats justice, right?

  135. Yes, most people don’t have a clue how widely or how deeply Linux is deployed. Don’t forget Android smartphones and Tablets, or “Smart” TV’s, Projectors, DVR’s, Cable STB’s and other audio-video gear, or all of the scientific equipment embedded applications.

  136. Windows 10 is fine. The issue that Microsoft needs to remedy is the automatic updates pushing driver updates. MS keeps pushing graphic, sound, and network driver updates killing said devices. Other than that Windows 10 runs fine for me on all my machines, tablets, and devices.

  137. By the way do you now which countries that have band Microsoft windows operating system from being used in government and education departments, If you don’t I’ll tell you, Russia, China UK Pakistan India,

  138. That’s right you did but ON the back of Linux You depend on Linux for everything here are some things that you use everyday that run on Linux>>> washing machine, fridge, microwave heating, lighting, your wheels, the Internet. traffic control, every website you go on including Yahoo run on Linux The Mickysoft CANCER that sucking the life out Mickysoft every minute of every day…..

  139. Quote :- Windows have been dominated for at least 30 yrs.
    Reply :- That’s what Mickysoft paid media journalist brainwash you with daily.
    Quote :- including enterprise market.

    Reply :- Mickysoft lost the enterprise market in the 90’s

    Answer :- here I’ll give you some research to catch up on. How ALL Mickysoft top 210 hardware/software partners booted Mickysoft in the gutter in 2002 and started the Free Open Source Linux Foundation, That was the year that Steve Ballmer was screaming that Free Open Source Linux was a Cancer because it was killing Mickysoft’s locked proprietary operating system and software. Here is the Linux Foundations web site go visit it where you will now see that there are over 500 hardware/software manufactures are members It will open your day dreaming sleepy eyes,

  140. that 1% are also idiots, linux users commenting on a windows post trying to proves that their os is superior because they are so butt hurt that their amazing os is still at 1% market share, dont worry youre not alone, the other 10 linux users, ok 11 with christine, are doing the same thing.

  141. Gene, thanks for clarifying the issue. I am glade you brought that issue up. I am assuming that the function in MS Updater is no longer there as it was in WIN 7. I have not graded yet as I said in my previous post. Going to wait till sometime after first of the year probably.

  142. Fine, give me a refund then for the F***king computer and ALL of the software I’ve invested in for the PC, now that– according to you– I should just toss it all and get an APPLE. I did NOT agree to any of this crap at the time I made my investment in Microsoft. Your advice is just plain idiotic.

  143. If you don’t like the tiles, just right-click and unpin. After they’re all gone and you just have empty space left, drag the right edge over to the left to remove it. You’re left with a list of your most used apps at the top, just like Win 7. At the bottom is File Explorer, Settings, Power, and All apps, where Win 7 has All Programs. Missing is all the stuff on the right side of the Win 7 menu; your name, Documents, Pictures, etc., so the menu is actually smaller.
    The big letters that you find unnecessary actually aren’t that big and make organization clearer and jumping to any letter easier.

  144. Class action means some law firm get millions in fees to pursue a lawsuit, and the “class” gets ten pages of fine print in the mail to read through in the hopes of getting 50 cents.

  145. You cannot. The only short cuts you can put on the start menu are tiles. If you claim that you can put clean simple MUCH BETTER straight text links on the start menu and arrange them they way the use wants, please tell me how. The start menu is the horrid bulky useless tiles or nothing.

  146. Um, yeah, you can get rid of the tiles. I have Win 10 and Win 7 machines sitting side by side here and the Win 10 menu is actually a little smaller with the tiles off.

  147. @Aye Aye When you posted it , it came to US using a LINUX Web Server. that’s what Mr. Sanchez just told you. Windows 10 in combination with (internet explorer, which is only a search engine on the internet). After it leaves your computer, LINUX gets it to everybody else on the WEB!!

  148. I do mean those huge clunky tiles on the right side. They are horrid. You cannot get rod of them and use simple clean text links. The Alpha icons in the all apps list are huge and unnecessary. It looks like the UI was designed for a kid learning his alphabet. They add NO value what so ever and only clutter up the UI. MS once again tried to force a table touch OS onto desktop computers.

  149. OhI thought you meant the tiles on the right of the start menu. You can get rid of those. You think the letters in the alpha list are “huge icons”. Strange.
    And,BTW, clicking on ANY letter brings up the alphabet. Only the initial letters of installed apps (programs) are available. You can skip to any letter from there.
    Maybe you would be more comfortable in DOS.

  150. Really, do u have any evidence of Apple donation ?
    Now Apple are the richest and do they donate one tenth of Bill Gates ?
    Whatever he is, he is the biggest donor in USA sir.
    Jobs did not care any at all about this ?
    All are facts sir.

  151. Force u? Ridiculously. You can downdrade to previous version. By the way, latest built, it is stable and the best Windows OS yet for now. It will only better too

  152. You can’t get rid of the huge clunky tiles and have a clean simple list. I do not want every single one of my apps listed at the top level of all apps. I like to arrange things the way I want them some being in folders like the older MUCH better and cleaner simple all apps. I don’t need those additional clunky huge tiles for each letter of the alphabet. BTW if I am able to click on a letter I am already at that letter! The new start menu is horrible and much more cluttered and useless.

  153. Thank you for your reply, Ralph. But I was referring to updates by MS after Win 10 install. It shows the name of the update but no file size, even if you Google it, I have not been able to find how big.

  154. Patryk, bite your tongue! I’m 40, and I will never truly give up gaming. I have a ton of other stuff on my plate, but I can always escape to another world in my minimal down time, via gaming.

  155. “Windows have been dominated for at least 30 yrs. including enterprise market.”

    Servers, Supercomputers, Mobile Devices?

    Just stop please… lol

  156. As long as SteamOS can’t get all the games I love to play there will always be a dual-booting for me. But I must admit the Windows 8.1 is the last one on my computers. If nothing will change… oh well I’ll go for console full time or I’ll drop gaming. It’s about time I am 37 already :)

  157. You can rearrange those “huge icons” all you want, or get rid of them altogether.
    As far as the apps being “sorted the way MS wants them,” is alphabetical order too complicated for you? You know, you can click on a letter and go right to it.

  158. Bottom line you paid for something and should be able to use it just like it is, Microsoft has no right to force someone to use something that does not work or that crashes or they should pay for damages to your computer.

  159. I’ve upgraded 3 of my computers so far. They all went flawlessly, at about 20 minutes each. No problems at all, so far.

  160. I don’t know what type of computers people use but I am a Windows Insider and I have been running 10 since the beginning and I have not had any issues with it except for the usual development bugs. And you say people want what they paid for but Windows 10 was free so maybe you got what you paid for. See my comment about computers not being TVs. And please tell me what product that is produced today does not have the possibility of breaking down?

  161. It’s simple really. I want ME to choose when I install a new Operating System on my computer, NOT Microsoft. All that other stuff you said is simply fluff and misdirection, and you know it.

  162. I too “fix” peoples computers for money also. They say they would rather pay me to do it than screw it up themselves. So I go over their house for example, open an injet printer box up, set the printer on their desk, load paper and ink and install software and drivers, print a test page, then charge them for travel cost and fees for services rendered. Pretty easy money and the customers can’t thank me enough.

  163. I am running Windows 10 and I like it after patching it up to my personal taste. I downloaded Start10 by Stardock to give me a Windows 7 Style Start Menu back. After upgrading some test pc’s that were eligable for the Windows 10 upgrade I had some issues as state above, such as No Supported Sound Drivers, No Supported Video Drivers, or the Screen would remain black indefinetely after the update and first time restart which renders that tower useless unless you have the original OEM discs to reload the OEM OS. (You can’t troubleshoot a constant black screen – Safe Mode F-Key didn’t work either)
    After saying all this, my main tower is running fine, which is an i7 4790K on an Asus Hero VII Motherboard running Windows 10 Pro x64bit.

  164. No Michael people want what they PAID for, ie… a computer that connects to the internet without issues. Microsoft created the issue by launching a product that “breaks down.” If you purchase a tv or car and they stop working or have issues you have legal options. Unfortunately, the “free Windows 10” renders some computers useless or limited use, so yeah we have a right to be pissed!

  165. The problem for me with Windows 10 is it’s very confusing. The start menu is just terrible, on Windows 7 it’s easy to find all your files, apps, stuff, etc. On Windows 10 you have to put work into finding things, they could have designed a better start menu. Windows 10 is basically a watered down version of Windows 8, with a start menu. Not impressed.

  166. That is why I have learned so much, I didn’t want to pay someone to “fix” my computer when I can do it myself for free and learn something in the process.

  167. It is sad, but if you are one of the people making money offering that kind of support, it’s great. People actually pay me lots of money to go to their house to “fix” their computer, and I don’t even have to use a screwdriver, it’s about 10 minutes (if that) sitting at the keyboard doing things they could have done themselves had they taken the time to find out how.

    And it’s not like I’m trying to fleece them, they would rather pay me to do it than to do it themselves.

  168. You are right they wouldn’t. Windows PC do work right out of the box but then people get on the internet and something goes wrong and 99% of the time it is user error because as I said before people don’t want to learn anything. People pay good money for 3rd party tech support to do stuff like reset their AOL, Yahoo etc passwords, learn how to copy and paste or even how to shut the computer down. It is really kind of sad.

  169. You are right, computers are not TVs, the problem is that most consumers don’t know that. They plug it in, and expect it to work, and with Windows preinstalled, it does, for the most part. Back in the early IBM-PC days, you bought the computer, then you bought the OS separately, you had your choice, either PC-DOS (MS-DOS with an IBM logo) or CP/M-86. and you loaded it onto the hard drive, if you had the money to buy that separately also.

    I doubt anyone would buy a computer if they had to do that today.

  170. Apple does donate to some charities, they just don’t make as big a deal over it like Bill Gates and Microsoft does.

    Bill Gates isn’t the person you think he is. One of my friends worked for him in the early days of Microsoft.

  171. I know what he is talking about. I am an end user tech and have been since dial up. I was a tech for Compuserve in the beginning. Then I excused people for not knowing much about computers, it was new. But now in 2015, it is worse. People don’t try to learn about anything. Computers are not TVs where it works right out of the box and all you really have to do change the volume and change the channel. I have customers that don’t even know how to change their browser home page but have been using a computer for 5+ years!

  172. You can take solace in the knowledge that you aren’t the only one, the upgrade process isn’t as painless as Microsoft would have you believe. Many people have been lucky when the upgrade completes successfully, but if you are one of the unlucky ones, there is usually a lot of pain and suffering involved.

  173. I don’t know Mr. Davis, so I can’t say for sure, but I’m willing to bet that he (and most other computer users) has no idea what you are talking about.

  174. The problem is that, with the exception of Apple, all new computers come with some version of Windows preinstalled, so like it or not, that’s what people use. Unless you build your own computer, you get Windows. Even if you buy a new computer and put a different OS on it, some of that purchase price went to Microsoft for the Windows license.

  175. Don’t be hesitant about installing the beta Mint 17.3, I’ve been using it with no problems, and I’m sure that when the developers move it out of beta, they will release an upgrade through Update Manager for the beta users.

  176. Sorry, but I have to disagree, Microsoft has not been killed off by Linux in the business world, Linux is giving Microsoft a run for it’s money in the server end, in fact, Microsoft has come out with it’s own Linux distro, but when it comes to workstations, it’s still Microsoft.
    (and I know quite a bit about the business world, until I retired, I was a systems administrator for a Fortune 500 company and still do some consulting work for them.)

  177. i’m sure they won’t. i’ve have been wondering about the Beta release. Can’t wait to upgrade. its such a great OS. and good for beginners who might migrate from windows. before i went to a graphical version of Linux..i was using pure Unix with Penguin command line interface. but now i have the best of both worlds..Cli with Gui. it’s a pleasure reading your posts.

  178. Yes, and I hope that the developers of Linux Mint haven’t taken any offense at my last statement, I happen to like Mint’s UI better than Ubuntu’s.

    I am using the latest Beta version of Mint 17.3 (Rosa) on one of my computers. and I haven’t run into any problems with it.

  179. I am so tired of whining, crying people about Windows. I personally run Windows 10, Ubuntu and OSX so I have the best of all worlds. If you don’t like an OS (just like a TV show) stop using it. If most people would actually take the time to learn something about computers and computing they would have more options besides just Windows but nooooo you want everything handed to you, no knowledge required.

  180. That’s right. they share the same kernel.The good thing is if your a good programmer you can develop and compile your own OS around it. i modified my mint distro to incorporate Kali tools which has its own repositories. and i just run them along side ubuntus which mint uses.

  181. parkplace06

    Do a web search for the singing dancing screaming crying Steve Ballmer doing his fit throwing tantrum on stage. Screaming that Free Open Source Linux Operating System was a CANCER to Microsoft’s proprietary operating system and software. back in 2002 when every hardware manufactures formed the Free Open Source Linux Foundation. Today there are over 500 hardware/software manufactures/developers that are members of the Linux foundation You can check that out here

    Mac is NOT a threat to Mickysoft never has been never will be, Linux is, it’s has already killed Mickysoft off in the business world (The world you don’t know about) It’s killed Mickysoft off in the consumers world outside of America. WTF do you think Mickysoft gave the cash cow office software away to Apple and Android users, WTF do you think Mickysoft forced downloaded W10 onto windows users computers, WTF do you think this consumers class law suit is going on now, DO you think people love and want to be dictated to and controlled by Mickysoft. people have are waking up to what M$ are doing, You need to wake up too…..

  182. Quote”Therefore, many PC users that upgraded to this version, either willingly or unwillingly” it was forced and shoved down there throat. Many users didn’t even have an option to stop the install or even know how to avoid it. Then u let Microsoft lie about “Oh we didn’t know that there was a setting that made windows 10 install all by its self it was a mistake” The option was there and made default. Then “Oh we didn’t know that the November update would set all setting that users changed back to default” it was part of the install and set by Microsoft.. Then when every one started bitching about it they take it the update back off so they can seem innocent about there actions. they did that so all those people who made the changes prior to adding all the information after the fact can get their new info since the setting been changed to default.

  183. sign in using a local lan password instead, (leave the password blank)…drawback would be that your comp will be open to every1.

  184. Wow, I think I have you beat by a year or two, my first computer was an IBM XT with two 5.25 inch floppy drives and a monochrome (green) monitor running PC-DOS 1.1

    That being said, I thought we were talking about Linux Mint, and not Microsoft products.

    My point was that you can’t tell someone to stay away from Ubuntu, and then recommend Linux Mint that has Ubuntu at it’s core. As much as I like Linux Mint, it’s basically Ubuntu with a fancy wrapper.

  185. yep, same here,, my first computer was a apple II and i remember dialing into those old BBS boards and tying up the phone lines in the house. Those were the days..LOL.

  186. Nonuna Persona Grow up.. W10 was based on W8, W8 was based on W7, W7 was based Xp, Xp was based on Vista, Vista was based on WME WME was based on 98, 98 was based on 95, 95 was based on WFWG (Windows for Work Groups) right back to windows 1 W1 was Based on IBM DOS which was the start of windows base Where did Bill gates get the idea of windows from? GEM the First Free open source DOS GUI system…. I’ve been using computers since 1978 so I’m not a new kid on the block

    Based doesn’t mean is anyway

  187. You can’t really say that the WIN10 upgrade was responsible for the better frame rates and resolution. The improvement may have come because when WIN10 was installed it also installed a newer video driver. Had the gamer installed the latest and greatest video driver for WIN7, he may have gotten those improvements anyway.

  188. And that’s the point, it’s the people who believed Microsoft when they said that the upgrade would be painless and they could do it themselves that are having problems.

  189. I’m glad you have had that great an experience with the upgrade, I haven’t, although I’m working with people who decided to try doing the upgrade themselves, and have run into more problems than I can list here.

  190. Good point. What people should do is dual boot their system with a Linux distro and then decide. most people are afraid of Linux since they are stereotyped in thinking it’s all command line, but if they spent just one day in shell they would realize the pure beauty behind the power of a Unix based OS.

  191. I’m glad you like WIN10 and have no problems with it. However, that isn’t the case for everyone, and it isn’t because “they have no idea how to use a computer”. I’ve been working with people who have been using computers since the DOS days, and they are having issues with WIN10, and that goes for myself as well, the computer I’m using now came with WIN8 and was upgraded. Let’s just say WIN10 runs less than perfectly.

  192. Yes I can understand that Mint works like W7 so they would think it’s windows, I to restore old Xp computers/laptops and donate them to underprivileged kids I install Linuxmint Mate on them then install all the Linux Education software on them. I have got 4 ready for surprise Christmas presents. Now you know where M$ got W7 desktop from and Mac got the OS/x desktop from (Compis Task Bar) Check out the just released Emmabuntus 3 that will blow kids minds way. and Elive at distrowatch com

  193. The Apple Fan Boys are not “circling the wagons”. Although expensive, Apple makes a good product, and they will always have a good user base. You will find very few Apple users jumping off the bandwagon.

  194. twice I tried to use win10 and twice it broke my laptop….1st time I tried it,lost THOUSANDS OF FILES!!! and needed to pay $170 to get my stuff back and put it back to win7 2nd (after backing th entire laptop to an external hard drive) time it got jammed up on a forced up date and wouldnt load had to wipe it all back to factory settings….

    Then microsoft tried to force it down my throat by trying to install its self! glad I have my laptop settings set to permission to make any changes or it would have!

    Dont get me started on how bad it sucks on my xbox one….

    Tech companies ideas and ambition aren’t compatible with whats possible both microsoft and apple have been constantly rolling out new OS that just don’t work….iOS 8/9 have been horrible! win10 is a bad joke…..

  195. Yeppers, i run Linux Mint “Rafaela” with Xfce desktop wit Kali tools. spend most of the time in Shell, now thats power.

  196. Ohhhhh Never heard of it. If you write this , and said Never heard of Windows. Not acceptable. However, Bill Gates becomes a biggest donors in USA from selling Windows in this World. By the way, tell Apple investors to donate more. It would be good. Hahaha

  197. I have news for you, All of the Linux Mint 17 versions are based on Ubuntu Trusty. Linux Mint 2 (Betsy) is based on Debian Jessie.

  198. WRONG, you would not even have been able to post your reply with your windows based laptop/desktop without Linux powering the Web server this website is hosted on.

  199. Also, Linux runs nicely on old XP computers, there are many people out there that either can’t afford, or don’t want to, buy a new computer. I’ve been replacing XP with Linux Mint for them and a number of them have called me up and said “I love this new version of Windows!”

  200. Kidding what? In this world, Windows have been dominated for at least 30 yrs. including enterprise market. And see what I reply to Krark Kent, too

  201. As much as I hate defending Microsoft, the reason the UI is designed for people who are afraid of computers is because most of the people who will be using WIN10 are afraid of computers.

    They want the computer (WIN10) to do everything for them, and for the most part, it does, but like with everything else, the more something does for you, the less you can do with it.

  202. Windows?, never heard of it, i’ve been using a real operating system the last twenty years(Unix/Linux). i think it’s about time the sheep have smartened up.

  203. There must be something wrong with your system. Bluescreens are EXTREMELY rare for me. Besides one known buggy USB serial driver, I don’t think I have any other blue screen in the last 3 months. It is free because Windows 8 flopped and Microsoft is trying to force everyone off of it.

    Windows 7 only has more total complaints because it had FAR more adoptions than Vista had. If Vista was deployed as widely as 7, it would have as many or more complaints.

  204. Devan Before you even contemplate moving to Apple do your research, Apple make their over priced over rated widgets obsolete when they get to three years old Apple OS/x is developed from the Free BSD operating system, Apple Mac are no different from any other desktop/laptop, They use the same Intel i3, i5, i7 processors and hardware components that every other computer manufactures use. when will people begin to understand that,

    Move to Linux now don’t wait, Linux is no different than W7 to use but it’s far more stable. secure, superior and puts the users in full 100% control of their devices, I have been using Linux for the passed 12yrs, There is noway I would go back to windows, or use Apple or install any of Google products, Google are taking over from Microsoft and started dictating to manufacture who are using Android OS. and Google are farming all their users private and personal data. and passing it on to their advertisers, Stand up and be counted avoid the big 3 corporates like the you would with a plague Your choice of freedom and privacy comes first. not their operating systems

  205. hhhh I used windows for 20yrs. both personal and in office and I have no problem with them. By the way, Bill Gates, Microsoft co founder, is the biggest donor for the world in USA. He is and has been.

  206. Ohhhh I used windows for 20yrs. both personal and in office and I have no problem with them. By the way, Bill Gates, Microsoft co founder, is the biggest donor for the world in USA. He is and has been.

  207. Soon to be unsupported? Extended support ends in 2020. That’s not soon. What is soon is the end of extended support for Vista.

  208. It’s not that easy and you know it. No matter what you do MS tries to sneak it back onto your computer, then lies and says it doesn’t. You cannot defend the indefensible

  209. windows 7…….lol, if you like bsod after bsod,memory allocation. miswrites,memory faults galore period….yeah praise that windows 7…… 10 is being given away for free for one reason and one reason only….since xp windows has sucked major double decker donky dick.7, 8,8.1 all suck. there are far more complaints about windows 7 than there was for vista.

  210. I’ve owned one iPod Touch (3G) and three iPhones (4, 4S, 6) in my life. Surface Pro? Ehh, no thanks. In terms of laptops, I’m doing just fine using an HP Compaq nw9440 with Windows 2000 Professional on it.

  211. how many macs, iPhones, and iPads do you own…and realize that 1 surface pro and a 80.00 640 will do the same and more…

  212. windows 10 beats all previous windows versions and all mac OS X versions…I am a current user of mac OS X el capitan and fully believe windows 10 to be better…I’m a tech and use both regularly now…

  213. cmon….you were bitching about windows 8…and windows 7…and everything else…you’re a hater but will never admit it…you hate…that’s it…realize it…

  214. You might as well be saying Windows ME was better than Windows 98 SE, and that Windows Vista was better than Windows XP.

  215. Your Right, sooner or later there going force people upgrade to it… Just like in Windows 8 you cant use any Office but Office 2010 or Newer.. I had Office 2007 wont let me Install it on Win 8.. Forcing u to buy a newer Office bull shit… Win 7 be obsolete soon.. Going force u too get Win 10 unless go to Apple, Ubuntu or Linux

  216. That’s where it’s going to head too.. Win 10 was just used to Spy on people.. They use Win 10 for there own server. they use it to help download there updates or something.. They never gave a OS away for free before why not.. Bc they want to spy on people with it.. Time to sue the Giant I’m for a Lawsuit.. Going to force people to upgrade to it sooner or later..

  217. I have it on computer I use once a Month with every OS on it down to XP lol.. have XP, Vista, Win 7 & 8.1 Now 10…

  218. I see that coming next.. Then it will be time to go to Linux or apple if apple don’t do it next.. With Syri & the New Windows thing.. I see it like I-Robot the Movie I think it is where they have that Big Central Computer where talks to u they try to destroy knows your every move..

  219. I personally hope they get Sued for this.. They think since they are like number one Operating System Giant they can get away with spying on people bull shit.. They are forcing people to upgrade bc Soon there OS will be out dated cant get updates no longer no one wants there PC Hacked or worse.. So Microsoft Forces users to upgrade sooner or later.. Always a catch or something in it for Microsoft if they Give the OS Away.. Spying on there users is it… Spying on people without there consent is against The Law, Period… Someone needs sue Microsoft for this.. 95% of people don’t even read the Agreement.. Always forced to agree to it.. have to upgrade sooner or later.. Windows 10 is like downloading Malware in ur PC… Also if there are Error or other Issue’s we give consent to send them the error. They don’t just ok will have it sent automatically.. People get away with shit way to much Our President, Our Government so on.. Someone need’s put a Stop to this.. I’m for a Lawsuit so I hope someone does it..

  220. Take Windows 10 off yourself. If you quit whining and research about 5 minutes, you can uncheck and hide the windows 10 upgrade. Then you can keep your soon to be unsupported OS, or to save issues, go to Linux.

  221. You including Android I assume? Did you know MS makes a ton of cash off of Android. And I mean just about every dollar for every phone sold. Either way, I doubt MS cares as long as they make money. So you think that by suing MS, Linux will get stronger? I fail to see your logic at all since you seem to have a hate for MS in general.

  222. I agree with you there but for one thing Ubuntu Stay clear of it. they like Mickysoft and Google want to control their users, being corporates they have to make profits for their share holders, Stick with the Linux community distributions They are far better, you will find their latest November release distributions here distrowatch com check it out for yourself…. By the way your machine will never be obsolete I am running the latest November Linux Mint on a 15yr old computer with 1 gig of ram in it. and it will be supported till 2019 by then it will be going on for 20yrs old so there you have it

  223. I see. So now we’ve gotten to the part where you’re comparing me to mythical woodland creatures. You’re quickly running out of comebacks.

  224. that just proves your troll worthiness..troll…no skills…just bulll shit…trolling because without it you’d be even more pathetic…

  225. I’m planning on using win7 (which I bought) on this laptop. I don’t plan to upgrade to 10 on this machine. I do plan on purchasing another laptop for independent use and for display use outside of my home. I will download my purchased win7 and not worry about the internet hook up on it. This way I will not need updates except for what I gain on the home laptop which I can then later transfer to the new one. I’ve downloaded it a couple times…I won’t do it again…free or not.
    Even if I have to get a ‘crack’ version of win7 for the other laptop/pad…I’ll do it!

  226. You are in complete and utter denial but I sure hope it doesn’t keep you up at night! Seriously, look at the stats! I’m sure you have and you’ll twist and turn them to make it look so good for you. The product I work on has millions and millions of users and most of them are college kids. You know what percentage Linux is used? 1%, not even 1% but I’ll round up for good measure.

  227. So you Googled it them. Good for you. It’s good to learn new things. Expand your vocabulary. We’ll have you walking and talking before you know it.

  228. you’re tapping out…you have no skills or merits…just a moron trying to argue…you have no merits at all…you program…so you’re a script kiddy…

  229. There is only one way to treat M$ with the same contempt that they treat the consumers with, that is to dump windows altogether and move to Free Open Source Operating Systems and Software, I moved to using Free Open Source Operating Systems and Software back in 2002 when Vista had exactly the same problems W10 has got now, Nothing has changed. Nothing will ever change. Have you never wondered why you can’t buy a computer without windows being installed on them,

    Well the truth of the matter is that Microsoft are blackmailing computer manufactures to install windows on them. if they don’t the Microsoft will sue them for patent infringements. Microsoft actually tried to blackmail the UK government when they announced that they where going to use Free Open Source software. That didn’t workout the way Microsoft European management thought it would. It backfired in their faces,

    If you actually knew the real truth that Microsoft has less than 20% of the world wide market, Why the hell do you think MS forced downloaded W10 onto windows users computers, It’s for one reason and one reason only. to force consumers on to W10. then from next September they will start forcing users into paying annual subscription fees, to use their new WaaS (Widows as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud system

    It’s time for you to wake up. and learn there are a 100 other Free Open Source Operating System available that are faster, secure, stable, superior and far more advanced, All of them kept upto date November 2015. With over 73,400 Free open source professional application software packages, Linux OS will run on 15yr old computers with a Gigabyte of ram installed in them. remember Xp old specification

    Do you know who develops the Free Open Source Linux Operating System? If you don’t then it’s time for you to learn who is behind it. visit their website and see who the worlds top 210 hardware/software manufacturers that develop the Free Open Source Operating System It will open your eyes so check it out here (linuxfoundation org/ If you want to know where to download the latest November 2015 Free Linux operating systems distribution from then visit this web link ( distrowatch com ) Now you all know the rest is up to YOU!

  230. So then the reason that you can’t rub two words together is congenital??

    BTW, don’t get a woody there buddy, we’re talking about your mother’s genitals…

  231. funny…I was valedictorian…ran an air force network program…fixed over 2000 computers easlily…are you coherent to facts fool…

  232. Sign the Petition:

    Change DOT org /p/bill-gates-satya-nadella-bad-microsoft-stop-pushing-windows-10-on-consumers-uninvited

    Tell Microsoft that YOU will decide WHEN and IF you want to upgrade.

  233. Bingo! Exactly right. Nothing wrong with Windows 7. It works fine. I like it, I want it. I don’t want to switch. Microsoft can take their damned pushy updates and stuff it where the sun doesn’t shine. They can take their sycophantic shills and stuff them in the same place too.

    Sign the Petition:

    Change DOT org /p/bill-gates-satya-nadella-bad-microsoft-stop-pushing-windows-10-on-consumers-uninvited

    Tell Microsoft that YOU will decide WHEN and IF you want to upgrade.

  234. Harry A
    No software is sold or given away “fit for a particular purpose”. Meaning you cannot sue the developer if the software does not meet your expectations. If you think about the complexity of software and the number of hardware products out there, you will come to the conclusion that not all software and hardware are going to always work together. Even multi-billion dollar companies cannot get software vendors to agree to build software that is “fit for a particular purpose”. Just too many variables.

  235. So Sign the Petition:

    Change DOT org /p/bill-gates-satya-nadella-bad-microsoft-stop-pushing-windows-10-on-consumers-uninvited

    Tell Microsoft that YOU will decide WHEN and IF you want to upgrade.

  236. Installed W10 on a test bed machine. Wow what a HORRID UI! It runs fine, but so does W7. However the general look and feel is a MAJOR step backwards. The start menu is terrible. There is no way to have a plain, simple, clean list of shortcuts, apps m whatever you want to call them. The only thing you can do is have the bulky ungodly arrangement of huge icons. I want the clean and simple list Iike the W7 start menu. Then when you go to All program that is even worse. Everything is forced into groups and sorted the way MS wants them to be. Each groups has a useless clunky tile at the header. Get rid of all that creap and give me back the plain simple easy to read list!

    Now they have also eliminated about 90% of the capability for the end user to customize the look of the desktop. All in all W10 is a VERY dumbed down AOL type UI that is designed for people who are afraid f computers.

  237. I agree. Windows 7 is very nice. I would like to keep it. I am also extremely skeptical of their “phoning home” nonesense.

    BTW, Feel Free to Sign the Petition:

    Change DOT org /p/bill-gates-satya-nadella-bad-microsoft-stop-pushing-windows-10-on-consumers-uninvited

    Tell Microsoft that YOU will decide WHEN and IF you want to upgrade.

  238. Really, so what if a gamer is happy with his video refresh rate. The point of the article is that M$ is constantly mutating everyone’s machine into what it thinks WE want. The point is, some people are very happy with Win7, as am I. I do not play games, but program. I am glad in a way that the upgrade failed on my old Dell, 17 times between Aug and Sept. But using sneaky, after hours attacks on my machine when I did not ask or want the upgrade is right up there with hacking. Which is what M$ did to me. Even if I did a reinstall, the upgrade will continue and Library files will be replaced. AND I HAVE NO SAY IN THE MATTER OVER MY MACHINE.

  239. between its they are optional as they only perform productivity enhancements…but’d be stupid not too genius…get it…just like windows 7 to windows 8 to windows 10…okay fucktard…

  240. Again, you stated yourself you can’t fix your own mac problems. I have no problems on my mac. What I do have is GWX.exe and a number of new .dlls on my Windows 7 machine. M$ won’t voluntarily stop sending me the Windows 10 updates and continual stream of ‘fix’ files that are suppose to fix the fix. And you are complaining to me that you cant get outlook to work on your mac? That’s all? M$ own VS won’t work right on my Windows 7 machine. If I do another clean install of Win7 on my old Dell, M$ will try to update it again. Get the picture? I uses the WUSA /quiet commands to quell the numerous, numerous failures of Windows 10 upgrade on my machine. I agree my aging Dell wont support Windows 10. but it sucks worse than ME, which will still install. Hows that for a hot one. So a gamer got a better frame rate? Try compiling a program and watch M$ famous trouble shooter come up and say it cant trouble shoot the problem. So what if some people got lucky. Calling people names is the last resort of the incompetent.

  241. Stop shilling for Microsoft. Security Updates for Windows 7 don’t end until 2020. Updates for Windows 8 goes until 2032.

    Got anything else STUPID you want to add?

  242. I’ve been on ALL versions of Windows, and with each version there was controversy and outcry. There are only two complaints i MIGHT have with 10.
    One, I’m not sure I trust the way it was rolled out… I dig FREE, but I don’t trust it… everything has a price. With that said, I took it anyway, and it “schmoozed’ right in at install over Windows 7. It was after that I began to hear about how some may be forced to take it and what those conditions were.
    Second, I had some difficulty taking the last, very major update’ So, nursed it a bit, watched it hiccup a couple of times… got a little worried at the extent of it… and it certainly didn’t ,”schmooze” in. I did that today, and have been checking settings,.. testing apps, and playing the waiting game.

    Too all of those crying and complaining… get a an Apple, all sealed and packaged for ya, For he rest of us, let’s get back to work.

  243. Amen. Sign the petition:

    Change DOT ORG /p/bill-gates-satya-nadella-bad-microsoft-stop-pushing-windows-10-on-consumers-uninvited

    Tell Microsoft that YOU choose what goes on YOUR computer and WHEN.

  244. as soon as support is done get your viruses and cry then…you’ll cry no matter what…and real techs will see and laugh at you…or take your money for support continuously..go to mac or linux then…we’ll still take your money for support…

  245. I had to buy a Mac for work so I could help the idio….I mean Mac users use the machines they rave about when they couldn’t get them to work. Mac really sucks, I mean I think I lost 30 IQ points the second I hit the purchase button. And I’m starting to have liberal thoughts too. Man I’m losing it now since I’m now an official Mac owner. As far as W10, if you’re having problems then you may be a retard.

  246. Yes, genius. Linux updates ARE free. And they are also at your OWN discretion. *YOU* choose when you want to upgrade, or even *IF* you want to upgrade.

    Next stupid question???

  247. Why should I have to? Why can’t I just press “No F**king Thanks” and tell Microsoft to go STUFF their Windows 10 “Upgrade” ???

  248. mate, you live under a stone, go and customise the damn thing before you come here and bitch about the stock grey you have (Y).

    Its cleaner, prettier, snappier and works better than any version of windows.

    If you designed a fkn GUI I swear cunts would die from seizures because you clearly have no sense about UI design.

    FK off to mac, you fgt

  249. Where did I say anybody should sue Microsoft? I can’t seem to find it. Can you point that out for me?

    1. I do not wish to upgrade. It is pushy, and I resent it. If it was your car that kept constantly pestering you to “upgrade” it (or trade it on a newer model would be more like it), you wouldn’t put up with it either. Why you think it’s acceptable when it’s your computer is beyond me.

    Second, if I accidently slip and press the “upgrade” button instead of the “not now” button, I will be immediately upgraded without a chance to stop it. It’s sort of like having a gun at your head. Sure you don’t HAVE to press the trigger, you can always just push it away, but if you MISS and hit the trigger by accident…. You seem to be suggesting that the one who is *pointing* it at you is somehow not complicit.

    2. I have actually “turned the damn thing off”, two times in fact. And it keeps coming back. But I would like to know why I can’t just simply click on “NO THANKS” and that be the end of it. Furthermore, I would like to know why they DOWNLOADED IT TO MY COMPUTER AT ALL– using MY bandwidth, using MY disk space– not once, not twice, but THREE SEPARATE TIMES, after I went through all the BS to “remove it” from my system. It came in the first time unannounced, unbidden. It came in the second time after I removed it the first time. It came in the THIRD time after I removed it for the SECOND time.

    3. Yes, I am within my rights to start a petition. We don’t need to go over my grievances, they are well stated in my petition and all of the sources for my grievances are included at the bottom of the petition. I assume you can read. I didn’t make it up.

    As far as them (Microsoft) having the right to “badger me into upgrading” and me having agreed to it– SHOW ME.

    Ironically, while I haven’t always had a favorable view of Microsoft in the past, recently– as of Windows 7– they had done a pretty good job of winning me over. I don’t care a whit whether or not they have a new OS. Only when they try to shove it down my throat do I get upset.

    Again, show me where I said “sue us”. I can’t find it anywhere. You sound like another Microsoft shill trying to cast dispersions on a completely legitimate form of redressing a grievance– namely forming a Petition and passing it around for people to sign. Which, by the way, you can sign it or don’t– your choice. *I* am not forcing you to sign it. Unlike Microsoft who is daily forcing me to *reject* their fricken’ Operating System.

    The Petition:

    Change DOT org /p/bill-gates-satya-nadella-bad-microsoft-stop-pushing-windows-10-on-consumers-uninvited

    Tell Microsoft that YOU will decide WHEN and IF you want to upgrade.

  250. Gene R, I see that none of the people replying to your post have answered the question of the WIN 10 update file size, is between 2.7Gb and 2.8 Gb. At least that is what the Windows Updater says on my son’s laptop running WIN 8.1. I have all the prep patches for the WIN 7 SP1 version on our home machine hidden in the updater list, so, they never attempted to add the WIN 10 download to Windows Updater process.

  251. I think mavericks was better than 7 but I think windows 10 combines a lot of features with mobile that make it amazing for business owners on the go…apple can’t touch it at all right now…ios and mac OS X are disjointed while windows 10 is the same across all experiences…

  252. I guess all my clients got lucky too right…or what about the gamer who now has better frame rates and resolution etc on WOW than his pc on Window 7…

  253. haha am only a tech who’s used a macbook pro and iMac for 5+ years straight…was valedictorian, have fixed over 2000 computers etc…yep…I bet your a douche who can’t figure out their own problems…

  254. I haven’t seen them…after updating to el capitan my outlook wouldn’t work at all…and I still constantly have the spinning wheel of death while on the internet or in photoshop etc…I’m running a 2013 macbook pro retina with 8GB ram…

  255. Well, I installed 10 as dual boot. I boot it maybe once a week. It pretty much sucks. So “Plain Jane” I can’t stand the graphics. I can barely tell the difference in the menu and title bar as they are almost the same color, GREY! Where’s the color that XP, 7 and 8 had? Apps are they same, colorless except for icons.
    So 95% of the time I run XP Pro x64 SP2, which I am running now with Firefox 42.0, and have not had any major problems with it. What I like is being able to make major changes to the hardware and XP doesn’t care. 7 and 8 and probably 10 moan and complain and want to reactivate Windows, Screw that!
    We have graphics cards that can run the most intensive games there are at 1920X1080p and 60 frames without a burp, and Microsoft gives us black and white graphics in the OS?

  256. They should sue Microsoft for downloading Window 10. I can’t even get my updates unless I install Windows 10 MICROSOFT I DON”T WANT WINDOWS 10PERIOD. Take it off my computer!!

  257. I assume it was the hard drive. It wouldn’t even boot up. Just a series of 2 short and one long beeps. I couldn’t find that exact sequence in the HP code chart. Although my PC still ran like new, it was over 6 years old. So, I figured I would just ditch it.

  258. are linux updates free….what are you saying…or are you not really thinking…because from here as a tech it sounds like stupidity or nonsense…

  259. windows 10 is superior to windows 8 and windows 7…I was valedictorian in computer networking, have fixed several thousand pc’s and run a pc repair business and more…make sure to run all updates via the settings button…it’s phenomanal for reals..

  260. i tried there is a part of 10 if you clean your disc will prevent you from getting most of 8.1 programming back i found that out to late it’s built into the first down loads of windows 10.

  261. Don’t need anti-virus? Secure by design? Wanna guess which OS is running on the servers where the biggest breaches have occurred? It’s not Windows. If there was any chance of a successful class action, it would be lodged against variants of Linux. Not because it is inherently bad, but because it let’s you do stupid things, much like not knowing enough to control updates to an OS you don’t want. Much like sticking with older versions of Windows and browsers that are past support. Would you sign up for this class action if the rule was you could be made to pay court costs if you lost?

  262. As any good Lawyer can tell anyone, depending on the situation & circumstances sometimes it does not matter if someone agrees to an agreement (such as an EULA) in writing or otherwise, and as Microsoft found out many years ago when they lost a lawsuit, things won’t always go their way, in fact sometimes the EULA it’s self can be illegal ( depending on what is ( or is not ) written in it and HOW it is written.

  263. its because they have no idea how to use a computer and they go whining on microsoft forum.

    same here, win10 is working perfectly, much better than 7.

  264. why not just run all updates at work if thats a concern? don’t blame them for your limits and you not thinking…cmon now…would mac or linux be free to update at home?

  265. I just sold a custom gaming pc that i upgraded to windows 10 and its running wow on ultimate settings getting 95-99 fps…and in an intense battle was well above 60 the entire time…I ran swtor and never had a glitch…windows 10 actually made everything run better so not sure about your system…

  266. windows 10 really does a lot of things more logically…as a tech I just click around and find everything and it’s more accessible, faster, and much better than before…windows 7 just expanded on xp while windows 10 has merged it with the linux style gui…

  267. i have a macbook pro as well and it has its own issues constantly locking up etc…windows 10 is better on many levels…ive been running several apps on windows 10 and gaming and its performing perfectly…funny that you mention linux mint since windows 10 is the perfect combo of windows and linux…

  268. windows 10 is so much better…these are apple fanboys who don’t get that every time an app crashes on my macbook pro, it asks me to send data to apple as well…

    windows 10 is a threat and apple fan boys are circling the wagons haha

  269. wait til that first program you need is reinstalled on Win10. I had Windows since 3.1. I have had some problems with ME and Vista. But never to this degree. I think a lot of people are saavy, and calling them dumb is well, dumb. Look in the Mirror two years from now. I bet the thing crashes and dies, and the guys at M$ try to rush out Windows 11. If your puters run, you are one of the lucky few, but I dont think for long.

  270. I have an old dell, when reports first came out, that M$ was uploading win10 on machines, and I found those files on my machine, I was mad. And I ranted about the Washington State Idiots. Fortunately, looking at the Windows Update screen, Win10 failed from 8/25 to 9/28 and finally gave up. And the reaction I got to my posts, was “OOOH Windows 10 is so fast and lovely, you are an idiot to give up something thats FREE!” Then floods of articles about Win10 errors, failures, etc got people thinking. Now, the M$ henchmen had been at it with Office and Visual Studio, where functions or products do not work right.
    Unfortunately, I am looking for a Job in a climate where machines either work or dont work. And if I do get hired, it will be an indefensible position to say, after 30 years, I have seen nothing like it. And say, I dont know why its broken in the first place. My heart goes out to those that lost work or pictures that meant something to them. But guess what. I have a MacBook, When M$ pulls the plug on Win7. I will head to Linux Mint. Both OS’s work, and both give you the option to update or not.

  271. It’s not Linux users who are suing Microsoft, it’s the poor saps who got switched to Windows 10 without being given the option not to switch. Whether or not you think an operating system is “good” will depend on your hardware to some degree. Older systems have trouble with newer operating systems. I’ve worked with Windows 10 on new machines and it doesn’t seem bad, but if it loaded up on my laptop from 2010 that shipped with Windows 7, I might run into issues. I don’t need Windows 10 on that machine. Everything that I can do with Windows 10, I can do with Windows 7.

  272. Exactly. If you are on a metered connection and have multiple PCs in your house then Microsoft just incurred a cost for you. It’s those people that might have cause for a class action lawsuit.

  273. I bought a computer with Win 10 cleanly installed and although it is not the worst OS I’ve used I certainly wouldn’t call it great either. Win 10 tends to make my computer crash once in awhile despite it being a gaming laptop and I’ve found that the only browser that works well with it is “Edge” whereas all the others tend to freeze a lot.

  274. Well here is the thing.

    1) You don’t have too upgrade. It’s not forced. Pushy, yes, forced no.

    2) You can turn the damn thing off. Do a little research and you can turn the pushy notification off. It’s not hard and since your parents are not capable of doing this, do it for them, since you seem to be computer literate.

    3) Yes you are within your rights to start a petition and send it to Microsoft. But lets go over your grievances:

    “not kosher for them to suddenly start badgering me into upgrading to a new Operating System”

    Again you can turn off the badgering, and a little googling will tell you how to do it. It’s their software and they can do whatever they want within it. They have the “right” to do it as the “owners” of said software, which you agreed to said agreement when you installed said software.

    “I object to the sh*tty way that Microsoft is treating me as a customer. I am busy letting them know it.”

    I won’t tell you that MS is the best company in the world, their not. I have my issues with them, but this “lets sue MS because I don’t like the OS they gave me” is complete BS. You are not forced and honestly it was one thread with what 200 backers to it? Meh, out of 174 million who already have windows 10, that’s not even a blip on the radar. I don’t support the petition or the “lets sue” crowd. I think the upgrade was perfectly fine and considering the hundreds of tech sites that reviewed the upgrade, most of them came away with a positive experience and MS only made it even easier to do a clean install with the upgrade feature. Really, I think you are being a bit childish, but that’s my opinion.

  275. thank god there are people out there trying to make things back to normal with microsoft. Microsoft just became the villain since windows 8 was released. Too many complaints about microsoft, privacy doesn’t exist anymore. people already have to deal with facebook and instagram sharing information to the world, but windows is like taking a shower with people staring at you. agreements are simply tricks to avoid a lawsuit but computers are demanding for instance: one of the most important uses of windows is applying for a job, thus it is our obligation to work with this civilization and get a computer and apply for a job. This obligations are above any agreements from any company, this is what microsoft doesn’t understand because their brains is only going through one direction which is “how do we get more money from our customers” period.

  276. Microsoft upgraded me in the middle of the night from 8.1pro to windows 10 pro good thing the computer only came with a 250 gig bite hard drive had to replace it because i could not reload 8.1 pro back on it. it was a forced down load sense then I put in a 1 t bite hard drive and bought another windows 8.1 pro program i lost a lot of saved material and pictures. i like the performance of 8.1 over windows 10. I am going to contact Microsoft because it probably caused the loss of one computer after it was force loaded and couldn’t get it working after trying to re-install windows 8.1.

  277. I just wish they posted the file size of these updates. A few MB is not a problem, but huge downloads just eat up my data and I have just so many GBs of monthly data at home. If I know the size before it downloaded, I could bring my laptop to work where we have unlimited Wi-Fi.

  278. The people who are forced to upgrade to windows 10 might have a case because they are not being given a chose to agree to the EULA

  279. I get sick of sanctimonious jerks like yourself who just have to spew all over everything. I think the idea of a petition is a good one and petitions often gain clout if enough people sign them. If it’s not for you, move along. You sound like a Microsoft shill.

  280. When you start the computer for the first time, you agree to the ULA or the OS doesn’t start. That’s the deal. If that’s a problem, then you buy a comp w/ a blank HD and load it yourself. If you get a store bought comp, you will agree to the ULA or you won’t use your computer.

  281. Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 . My HP 2000 Laptop Windows 64 bit Home edition . Now develop a BSOD since 8.1 So ran recovery, re-installs,Hard drive ,New ram , got new HP recovery disks, used Windows ISO OS disks and scan it ever way possible still ends BSOD errors after 8.1. My copy does authorize with UEFI So went deep into AMD supported and unsupported lists seems OS OEM and Chip makers list are all off ? AMD has ended driver support 5 days ago for 5000 to 8000 video drivers ? Even removed AMD video driver for GPU now AMD Vision Chip heat up with BSOD errors with Kernel Security Issues. Ran and installed Mint Linux 64 bit works good but don’t like the UEFI issues end up being very slow for system with 10 GB of Ram.

  282. Really? The real reason to sue them is because they change your system partitions without asking and allow you to choose what you want. Been using Windows since it existed and this is the first version that messes up my system, I want to do it MY WAY not have MS force changes on my system.

  283. I am just a common PC user so my question is this — what is LTSB and CB? How are we supposed to know which version of the Win 10 will work without a lot of glitches and/or spying?

  284. Why do you intentionally try to get around the URL filter? They have it here for a reason; It’s used to cut down on spam. Not to mention that is almost useless in itself because companies can easily ignore them.

  285. I’m sick of the whiny little wimps whining about the “whiny little wimps” AKA disgruntled end users… Don’t like it, don’t read the story about it! ; )

  286. I’d sign up for the suit. I’d like to get my money back for both Windows 10 AND 8 – and go back to using Windows 7. Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 are a complete fiasco and offer nothing other than hours of frustration and headache – bordering on harassment. It is such a nightmare I completely gave up trying to ‘Upgrade’ my Samsung laptop after an entire week of downloading the 5 Gigs just to have it go belly up at the very end ‘looking for updates.’ It is a POS OS and we all deserve our money back and big ass kissing apology from the idiots at Microsoft for forcing everyone to install their virus…I mean upgrade.

  287. Sledg – How do you see Linux as a failure? I run the Ubuntu distro on two of my personal machines and love it. All Microsoft does with new releases is make changes for the sake of changes. The user doesn’t gain anything except a learning curve and troubles with drivers.

  288. Free assumes no cost. in Win 8 I paid for media center which win 10 took away. Many installed apps stopped working – none of which were mentioned by the upgrade check your PC. Many commercial products that stopped working with no warning are not free to upgrade. So it will be back to win 7 if that works. And the hours it has taken to get to this state are not free either..

  289. I think it was the hard drive. Wouldn’t boot up, just beeps from the tower. I couldn’t find the exact code match – 2 short, followed by one long. Even tho I had never had a problem with it before, it was 6 years old, so I decided to scrap it. Good luck to you.

  290. I’ve worked at Microsoft. Testing CE 5-6 and Embedded 7-8 as well as 2 years on the windows phone project and six months at 343. I hate Windows 10. It’s slow, clunky and isn’t as user friendly as 7. I couldn’t get it to even see my win8 phone for a week. Not impressed.

  291. what the hell are they doing with their computers?? i upgraded all my desktops and laptops to windows 10 and all of them are running perfectly and my oldest desktop its from 2006, they should learn how to properly use a computer.

  292. I get sick of whiny little wimps complaining about everything. Don’t like it then don’t use it and shut up. Go get a mac I am sure they are perfect.

  293. not quite the end A – bite :) here’s a little test I will share, go ahead if you want to try it’s easy once you know how. Install Pro then hook up a hardware firewall and watch the traffic. You might be a little surprised when you whois the servers and find that 2 to 5 are new friends in Redmond. One even has a special name that was attached to it last time I looked. Are you easily shocked? When we first discovered this we were a little surprised, but it is real. I can’t help you with the concept of a ‘hardware’ firewall…aw, darn, back to Wikipedia for you eh? hehehe

  294. That’s your opinion and, you are entitled to it.
    MANY of us do not agree and believe Windows 10 should be rolled into a tight little tube and shoved up Satya Nadella’s balloon knot.

  295. I am not trolling and you can turn it off. I have done so. Sorry bozo but you are WRONG. If you don’t know how then you shouldn’t use it. If you don’t like it then use other software. The end.

  296. For something that is such a “complete failure”, it is deployed on far more computers than Windows will ever be– and it is gaining ground in the enterprise server market, taking share away from Windows.

    Go tell us another one.

  297. Wow, these comments are some of the most idiotic comments I’ve ever read. Windows 10 is way better than Windows 7 but that’s my opinion. Linux is a complete failure so stop trying to compare the two. Seems like a lot of Linux and Mac users in here crying because MS did something right. I sure hope you all can sleep at night! But yeah, lets sue MS so lawyers can get more money for nothing.

  298. That’s enough of your trolling. You are being both inaccurate and misleading. There are huge differences involved. The biggest is you cannot completely turn off the intrusitve telemetry in Pro, and as a result Lawyers and Doctors that might need to abide by HIPAA regs are at risk of law suits if they install Pro. Even between LTSB and CB you need to burn another MAK to make it legal – there isn’t a ‘free’ path, yet, between LTSB and CB. It just isn’t possible. Pro features are entirely different from LTSB and CB features. In fact, you can’t even ‘upgrade’ yet to things like Edge, Cortana and the ‘Store’ on LTSB, the code isn’t considered stable enough for Long Term. Now, that’s all for now. Why don’t you start your own accurate thread instead of crapping all over somebody else’s with nonsense and argumentative half-truths? I’m out. Go read your WIKI and post again when you have at least one thing factual to add.

  299. I don’t have any problem using Linux. Other people– especially my Parents, are not as capable. However, while I don’t disagree that I don’t *own* the software, on the other hand it is not kosher for them to suddenly start badgering me into upgrading to a new Operating System. And I am *completely within my rights* to tell them how I feel about it. I am also completely within my rights to put together a petition to collect a list of other people who feel similarly. And I am well within my rights to communicate the existence of that petition to whomever I please, and finally, I am well within my rights to publicize that petition and send it to Microsoft when I have collected the signatures.

    I object to the sh*tty way that Microsoft is treating me as a customer. I am busy letting them know it.

    Do you have a problem with that?

    The Petition:

    Change DOT org /p/bill-gates-satya-nadella-bad-microsoft-stop-pushing-windows-10-on-consumers-uninvited

    Tell Microsoft that YOU will decide WHEN and IF you want to upgrade.

  300. EULA are not the end all of what legal rights you have. Often, many things listed in EULA are illegal to enforce but most people do not bother checking with the laws in their states to challenge the EULA unless some grievance arises. There are many court cases over EULAs where the courts have deemed a particular paragraph in the EULA to be invalid. Part of the case, if one is opened, is to invalidate that particular passage of the EULA that prevents legal action.

  301. Then don’t use it. Delete it and load Linux or go buy a mac. Since you don’t own the software and only rent it then you don’t have much choice.

  302. Please go Sign the Petition:

    Bad Microsoft! Stop Pushing Windows 10 On Consumers Uninvited!

    Goto: Change DOT org /p/bill-gates-satya-nadella-bad-microsoft-stop-pushing-windows-10-on-consumers-uninvited

    Tell Microsoft it is YOUR choice what goes on your computer and why.

  303. Linux has the ability to be a very secure OS, but only if you know what you are doing and are smart enough about the OS to properly lock it down and secure it. However, this is true of almost any OS and even Windows can be a secure OS if you know what you are doing. But to make the claim that hackers can’t get in at all is misleading and can foster a false sense of security and that is very dangerous. And if were really that secure, it would not need so many vulnerability updates.

  304. They have used my bandwidth to push a multi-gigabyte software package that is NOT an upgrade, it’s an entirely new operating system, AND they are using multiple gigabytes of my hard drive space to store it AND they are pushing me over and over to install it– every time I sit down it is hammering at me to install it– and THEN if I *DO* install, all the other stuff I pointed out happens.

    They are NOT giving me the option of telling them “No thanks, I don’t want it, please stop, please go away”. They keep pestering me and pestering me and pestering me.

    They have also tricked my Parents along with several friends of mine, who are less computer savvy, into “Upgrading” and then having to go through the “Broken Computer” (won’t boot) ordeal, and having to deal with the roll back nonsense.

    I think there is more than enough reason to get upset at Microsoft over their SHODDY and QUESTIONABLE, not to mention PUSHY and SMARMY tactics.

  305. Microsoft is going too far on this…. I bought my PC from Dell, and did not agree or click a check box for the ULA. I say sue the pants off them. They didn’t know a good thing when they had it.

  306. So what are you mad at? They aren’t forcing you to upgrade. Sure they are pushy but that isn’t a crime…and remember you only rent their software while Microsoft OWNS it. That is how software works. We don’t have to use it if we don’t want to.

  307. Not sure what you would sue for in a class action over a free operating system. Had people paid for it, you would have some room to demand less “big brother” intrusions or more privacy. But when you are getting something for free, you really do not have any room to complain. But in order to sue in this country, you have to have what is known as “standing”, meaning you were hurt, physically or financially, through another party’s negligence. I do not think anyone that would sue over this has any standing. Though, I am sure any lawyer that would take this case would find some way to make it stick. I mean after all, win or lose, they will still easily clear six figures off any class action suit.

  308. Sad thing is, she’d be right. Apple machines are overpriced for the underpowered performance you get on them. As for myself, I bought a new model pc earlier this year, thing came preloaded with Windows 8.1 and was deemed able to handle the Windows 10 upgrade. After a few months of holding off to give Microsoft time to work the bugs out, I took the plunge and really must say, it’s not a mind-blowing difference, but it sure as heck beats dealing with some of the hassles that 8.1 gave me, like the funky touch screen interface bs popping out on the right hand side of the screen every time I hovered my mouse there.

  309. Home, Business and Enterprise are the 3 available versions. There is ZERO difference between a store bought copy of home or pro and the free upgrades. The only real difference between Home and Pro is the ability to join a domain. Enterprise adds the centralized management for updates for IT professionals.

  310. That is my gripe about apple. They have programmed/fooled people into thinking that Apple doesn’t have problems. They are not any better or worse than anyone else. I just get sick of hearing “you should have gotten an apple” when I have had bad experiences with them as w2ll.

  311. There are two versions…HOME and PRO. The CB and CBB and LTSB are all enterprise licenses but the same pro software. The difference is in the license and how the software is allowed to be used and installed. They are open licenses meaning they can be installed on any computer at any time. You are correct that they can not be upgraded the same way as a retail or OEM license can be but they can be upgraded for free IF you have paid for software assurance on your enterprise/open/volume license.

  312. 1. no sound, 2. no OScreen 3. no access 3. memory issues 4. lost files 5. unauthorized access
    6. No drivers. 7. Hardware not working. 8. Crappy IF 9. Why’d they do it that way? 10. How do I change settings? etc.

  313. Same happened to an iPad that I purchased for my wife. She had an iPad 2 from work and at the time liked Apple stuff. They had just received new iMacs at work. Well, this iPad was a retina model and an OS update bricked it. Could not get it to work. And they would not replace it since out of warranty. She is still using the old iPad from work but that thing is slow and freezes a lot now.
    I was going to purchase her another but the iMacs where she works have a lot of slowdown and they get the “beach ball thing a lot” she says. Hers even takes a long time to log in now. So she is not a fan anymore. And I am sure it is the limited hardware they received. But she now thinks Apple products are overprices for what you get.
    And I am not saying Apple products are bad. Just pointing out how people have a bad experience and start thinking the grass is greener elsewhere. And they think that everyone or most people have the problem.

  314. Linux is not secure. The company I work for has hundreds of Linux servers. They very regularly have to apply vulnerability patches.

  315. Too stupid?! That is one hell of an assumption. I have been through the update process to 10 from 8.1, it was an absolute nightmare. I work in the tech industry and this update all but broke my NEW laptop. In the process of having to roll back the update I lost somewhere in the neighborhood of $1600 due to invoices being eaten by the OS and compatibility issues with software I use everyday. What really p***s me off is that the update was installed without my consent and the repeated instance of the OS wanting to be installed even after the rollback. With the icon in the task bar and no way to turn it off and the update always being in the optional update that takes an effort to not install. Free, in a way, but ultimately not, as the software I would have to replace would cost hundreds. If I do not want it stop pushing it on me. Microsoft is very akin to a drug dealer that wont take no for an answer as it would ultimately cut into their bottom dollar. So next time you want to call anyone stupid you may want to look in the mirror and ask yourself why you make assumptions about people when you do not know the circumstance for one to form the opinion they may have.

  316. A Mac can be nice.
    What was actually wrong with the PC? Did the hard drive die or was it something else? Genuinely curious as I have, oddly enough, had power supplies, hard drives, etc. die during OS changes. I had a fairly new SSD die with an change from Windows 7 to Linux Mint on one of my PCs.

  317. Sign the Petition:

    Bad Microsoft! Stop Pushing Windows 10 On Consumers Uninvited!

    Goto: Change DOT org /p/bill-gates-satya-nadella-bad-microsoft-stop-pushing-windows-10-on-consumers-uninvited

    Tell Microsoft it is YOUR choice what goes on your computer and why.

  318. we are in agreement. The bashing is pretty stupid. I am in an environment where products from several manufacturers are in use. There are multiple operating systems in play plus various flavors of server software. All that matters is that it works as it should. I have personal favorites but so what? We all have our preferences.

  319. Yes. And I know some users who are fine with iOS 9 doing these things but bash Android and Windows for the same stuff. Plus it is on notebooks and desktops.

  320. You are right, but so am I. When I said ‘free’ Windows 10 I meant the version that over 90,000,000 have downloaded for free. True, if a person has a pirated copy of a product on their computer then they are not eligible for the download. I am posting about ‘legal’ versions of windows. For example, if you bought a computer with Windows 7, and that install was ‘legal’ when you bought the machine then the upgrade to 10 Pro is free to you. You don’t have to pay for it, that is mighty free. However, there are versions of 10 that can’t be had that way. Those versions cost no matter the licensing situation on your computer. You have to buy CB and CBB and LTSB and that is the distinction I am talking about.

  321. “1. no sound, 2. no operating screen time 3. no access (password issues) 3. memory issues 4. lost files 5. unauthorized access by Microsoft.”

    I have seen these problems with other OS upgrades as well. The OS upgrade to macs at one place around here left a bunch of them with issues from the unit not booting to not being able to sign in. And lost files. Not to mention the issue I have had with upgrade a few android devices.

    Tracking, well, I am not for it at all. But seems every device I have collects data. I block what I can but some of it is really collected without the user even knowing. Oddly, people I know that complain about such things are fine with their favorite OS doing it.

  322. Windows 10 is NOT FREE. You have to purchase a license for it. Either a previous version or a new license all together.

  323. LOL. Linux is NOT secure. If you like it then you use it but for most of us it is unusable for the same reason a Windows phone is unusable…lack of programs and compatibility. It gets very tiresome trying to find work arounds and alternative programs that don’t work as well as the real deal.

  324. please examine a few problems that are now cropping up with IOS 9 and no I’m not some rude troll. :) It turns out that IOS 9, like Windows 10, has many new and intrusive features that simply can’t be turned off on some devices. So far, that is just phones and IPads. However, there is now some concern in the community that the problems extend to notebooks and desktops as well.

  325. Very sensationalized article, IMO anyway. The article starts by saying “Microsoft Windows 10 is liked by some, but many hate the new OS”. Windows 10 is hugely popular so why would they say some like it and many hate it? The author loses a lot of credibility. The truth is that there are ALWAYS class action lawsuits against all the big companies. Apple has been the target of some too. Two hundred people do NOT represent a large portion of 300,000,000 people that actually use Windows 10.

  326. If you use Linux, hackers can’t get into your system without the root password that only you know and have access to. One of the reasons Linux is so much more secure than Windows.

  327. The EULA seems to stop the suit even before it has started. Part of that agreement states that you waive the right to sue with a judge or jury, you agree to arbitration. Either way I can’t see them getting much from it.

  328. Yeah OK well then explain to us all why almost every site totally trashed Win 8? Did Microsoft simply forget to pay all of the magazines and blogs off back then? You can’t have it both ways. If it’s bad reviews you’d agree if it’s good reviews you claim conspiracy. Silly.

  329. there are several versions of Windows 10. The variation between the versions is huge – enough that you might consider the variants different operating systems. The big differences are between the free versions and the ones you buy. I have tested both (it’s something I do for a ‘living’) and I can say, honestly, that LTSB and CB are really nice and you can turn off any pesky telemetry ‘features’. But Pro, a free one, isn’t really nice. Free Windows 10 and Apple’s free IOS 9 are both intrusive, buggy things that are given away to make the respective corporations money. Lots of money. If you want to run that sort of stuff and give up your life to Microsoft or Apple servers then go ahead. That is your business. Your use indicates acceptance of terms that make your computer a client on their networks and I really don’t think a class action suit with 200 interested parties is going to help you out, much. You will get your money’s worth.

  330. ‘A software bug is an error, flaw, failure, or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways.’

    So it was unintentional and I bet if you were to pull numbers it was less than 1% of users who that happened to. And they can ‘roll back.’
    But class action lawsuit? Really? Go to Apple …

  331. You have that backwards. No CREDIBLE review site reviewed it nicely.
    The vast majority of sites are given “gifts” of software and hardware for their reviews making them biased.

  332. Nope. People paid for their hardware that has been rendered useless for some. Others, those that never wanted to download the OS at all where hit with one of two so called bugs that installed the new OS without even asking for user permission.

  333. Wrong, even MSFT admitted to having TWO different “bugs” that installed Windows 10 without user input, even those that never even wanted to download the OS.

  334. The issue isn’t that MSFT can collect data as much as it is that OPTING OUT leaves the code on your system that MSFT can turn back on without notice and that hackers can use to take what they want from your system and send it where they please.
    Both has already been proven to be true.

  335. You lost me in your first sentence. No one was ‘forced’ to upgrade. And a ‘worser operating system?’ I guess auto correct can’t fix dumb.

  336. you have to open up the Microsoft Management Console (“mmc” in the run box), then add snap-in Local Computer policy click on finish then goto Computer Config> Admin Templates>Windows Components>Windows Updates. From Windows Updates and can turn off Automatic updates you tard. Learn2Windows

  337. Why force everyone to upgrade to a worser operating system? Windows 7 is still far, far better than WIndows 10 which is the pit.

  338. I “upgraded” from Windows 7 to Windows 10. My PC constantly froze up. I reverted back to Windows 7. My PC totally died the next day. I had NEVER had a problem with it prior to all this. I’m now shopping for a Mac

  339. 6 months ago I got fed up with that bloated beast of an OS with the endless malware and adware problems and the constant threat of them, the eventual sluggishness after a year or less of using it, too many crashes, and Micro$oft’s arrogance and bullying in general, acting as if they own your computer instead of you. Windows 8 was the final straw for me. I went over to Linux and haven’t looked back. With Linux you don’t even need antivirus; Linux is secure by design. It never gets sluggish, rarely if ever crashes, is as stable as an OS can get, and some modern Linux OS’s such as Mint and Ubuntu work as well as Windows, and they’re very user-friendly, easy to learn to use. Some are made to look and operate much like Windows, such as Mint, Zorin and Makulu Linux. I could never relax using Windows. I’m totally relaxed using Linux. So, anyone who’s happy with Windows, keep using it. For those who got too aggravated with it for too long, like me, give Linux a try for real peace of mind. :)

  340. Thanks for the info, Keyon, but I don’t think users should have to replace video cards when they upgrade to Win 10. I’m sure that’s an easy task for you, but the average computer user has no clue how to swap cards. Prior to upgrading, Microsoft reports whether a computer is ready to be upgraded. Once that status has been reported, it seems almost criminal to learn that we need new hardware to actually make Win 10 work, and we only learn this after the upgrade has been performed. This is just about the ultimate Catch-22. I have yet to upgrade from Win 8, and I will continue to hold off until MS gets its collective crap together.

  341. I think that Windows 10 is wonderful. I’ve upgraded about 10 machines so far. I’ve had 3 machines that wouldn’t upgrade from 7…two of them didn’t meet the “NX requirement”(hardware) and one of them had a bad install of windows 7 (the reserved partition only had 3mb free space). All of those problems are within the realm of reason.

  342. No doubt I have installed it on 12 or so family computers and laptops as well a several hundred customer PC’s and not a single issue to date.

  343. It Should Not (and most likely won’t be) difficult to file a lawsuit if your machine was hijacked against your wishes and upgraded anyways; and how many of those buying a pc this holiday season are going to either also purchase Win 7/other Non-Win 10 OS to install on it, or will build their own system and just avoid Win 10 entirely and have no issues with that pre-approved P.O.S. NSA Monitoring and Spying Guaranteed software?

  344. If you have a “desk top” PC, change video card. Had that same problem with Radeon card… went to Nvidia card. Problem solved.

  345. I have a computer in my closet that’s now useless because a windows update crash my computer and it wipe out my os now it useless

  346. I specifically wanted the Pro edition because it left you with the option of loading updates or not. That option has disappeared. That is BS.

  347. Yes, I unfortunately did business with a sleazy company years ago that had a section in the EULA stating that no consumers of their product/service are allowed to write negative reviews of their services on the internet. Whether they could legally enforce that or not I kind of doubt – I wrote a horrible review and contacted the BBB anyway. Obviously most people will skip reading it especially for trusted brands but if it’s an unknown enterprise you are about to do business with you should really review what the EULA says.

  348. Quote “Despite the mixed reviews” – What mixed reviews? I’ve seen almost no credible review sites rate Win 10 poorly. Almost every review I’ve seen has raved about it. I think it’s much better than OSX, Win7 or 8. Although some people have written articles complaining about supposed privacy issues – that’s another matter.

  349. Ya the HumancentIpad, but it’s kind of universal hardly anyone reads those they could say anything and most people would never know.

  350. Sign the Petition:

    Bad Microsoft! Stop Pushing Windows 10 On Consumers Uninvited!

    Goto: Change DOT org /p/bill-gates-satya-nadella-bad-microsoft-stop-pushing-windows-10-on-consumers-uninvited

    Tell Microsoft it is YOUR choice what goes on your computer and why.

  351. I agree, I’ve installed it on 8 computers so far with no issues and everybody I did it for loves it. The fact there is only 200 people out of the millions that installed it looking into a class action suit says something.

  352. Is so widely known almost no one reads the EULA southpark did an episode on it. You need a legal degree and 30 years practicing law to read them most of the time, and It’s not like you get a choice, it’s click accept or use software they are stopping support on.

  353. So 200 users out of the 10 million downloads installed are up for suing Microsoft. Of five people who I know upgraded, one initially had issues that have since been resolved. I Upgraded 7 PCs from Windows 7 (two I built in 2009), I have had close to zero issues with six of them. On one I need to reset the browser settings every few days. Beyond that, the performance is great.

    I know enough people who still write M$ when they knock the company. They feel they are forced to work with a sub par OS and look for any excuse to vilify the company. I imagine a fair number of these agitated Win 10 users are still up to vilifying Bill Gates for things he did in the 90’s

  354. Windows 8.1 (with Classic Shell installed) is the best OS–much better than “Windows 98 looking” Windows 10. One example…My God, you can’t even change the color of the title bar in Windows 10 (A feature since Windows 95!). So now you get a fat title bar all in white, so it makes it very tough to see which is the active window. The entire feel of Windows 10 (including the new IE with strange skinny side-scroll bar) is dull, dark, draconian, flat, colorless, etc. This matches the look of Office 2013/2016. (Where you get blinding white, to sorta blinding grey). Never mind the forced updates and convoluted privacy fine-print, the whole thing just stinks. Can’t believe that corporations would adopt this new OS based on the above plus how Microsoft is so adamant to force upgrades on Windows 7/8 machines.

    (Oh yeah,and before any ‘expert’ says ‘yes, you can change the color of the titlebar’, please try it yourself and see if it can be done!)

  355. Not going to upgrade my Win 7 pro laptop…ever. My Win 8.1 laptop hybrid will get upgraded on the last day it’s free. If I hate it, I’ll roll it back.

  356. Hmmmm… well, this just confirms my longstanding position of remaining as far from an early adopter of ANY MS product. It takes MS an unusually long time to work the bugs out of their products and I for one prefer not to help them with that process for free and on my time while I’m trying to work or play. Win7 Pro it is for the foreseeable future.

  357. lol now this is a totally worthless piece of fluff. The overwhelming majority of people who actually use Windows 10 love it. It is a very small minority who don’t like it and they are usually the people who can truthfully be considered too stupid to own a computer.

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