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Michael Burry Resource Page Added To ValueWalk

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For the time being I will be posting a lot more static content and posts, while maintaining the same quality.  I am not going to post everything on Twitter, Facebook etc. The best way to follow me without missing any posts, is through Feedburner/email.

2. I will be adding some new calculators to the site this week or the next one. I just added a mobile site. More announcements to follow.

3. I promised in the post 2/3 investor resource pages a week.  Due to my schedule I realisticly expect this to be more in the 1-2 pages a week range.

The page has been completely revamped, and includes articles going back as far as 1951.

Below is a partial excerpt followed by link to full page, which can also be found under Value investors-> The new value investors(Michael Burry Page/). I am going to restructure the whole investor resource page menu as I add more investors.

Below is a brief excerpt:

Michael Burry Resource Page Added To ValueWalkMichael Burry


The Guru behind Scion Capital


Michael Burry created LLC, i.e. Scion Capital hedge fund and successfully handled for eight years. Then, in 2008, Michael eliminated this fund so that he could start his private investments. He was the only investor who took a daring step of investment in the field of mortgage during the expected crisis period.

Michael Burry, born in 1971, is a medical doctor having graduated from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. He did his residency in Stanford Hospital. It was during his night duty at this hospital where he used to work on his hobby of financial investments, which later became his full-time profession. He created his own blog during this time, posting his stock-market trends and opinion for making trades. This is when he started being noticed by other big-profiled fund managers in the market and investment banks such as Morgan Stanley. He quit his medical career in 2000 and started his own investment company called Scion Capital. Although unaware of it initially, he had Asperger syndrome. This characterized his inability to interact socially and his preference for solitude. During the time that Burry was managing investments for people, he was uncomfortable talking to them. He communicated with his investors through letters to inform them on their investment progress.


Scion Capital Investment Returns

Year Gross Return Net Return S&P 500
2000 8.20% 6.61% -7.45%
2001 55.44% 44.67% -11.88%
2002 16.08% 13.10% -22.10%
2003 50.71% 40.81% 28.69%
2004 10.77% 8.86% 10.88%
2005 7.81% 6.49% 4.91%
2006 -18.16% -18.16% 15.79%
2007 166.91% 138.27% 5.49%
2008 Q1 3.83% 3.09% -9.45%
Since inception 696.94% 472.40% 5.20%

Full page here-Michael Burry Page/

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