Warren Buffett Page Revamped: Contains articles from the 1950s

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The page has been completely revamped, and includes articles going back as far as 1951.

Top value fund managers are ready for the small cap bear market to be done

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Warren Buffett Page Revamped: Contains articles from the 1950s


Chairperson and CEO of Berkshire Hathawayconsistently ranked as world’s richest man

A legendary investor and philanthropist

Also known as the oracle of Omaha

Warren Buffett is an authority on value investing.

In 1950 when he was only 20 years old, he saved $19,800.  In 1952, he went to GEICO insurance company in Washington, DC. There he met its Vice President Lormer Davidson and with him he discussed all about insurance business.  Buffett acquired his graduation from Colombia University. First, he wanted to work for Wall Street but later decided to work at Omaha as a stockbroker and also took Dale Carnegie’s course on public speaking.  This course enabled him to teach the |Investment Principles” at the Omaha University. Most of his students were almost twice his age.  While teaching he was able to purchase a Sinclair Texaco gas station. Unfortunately, this turn out to be an unsuccessful investment.

In 1952, he was employed in Benjamin Graham’s partnership. His initial salary at that time was $12000.  Benjamin Graham retired in 1956 with that the partnership ended. Buffett’s savings were more than $174,000. Then he started Buffett Partnership Ltd in Omaha.

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