Download High Resolution Metro Wallpaper Pack for Windows 8

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If you’re a regular reader of ValueWalk then you must have noticed that we regularly publish tech tips and technology news everyday. Well, this time let’s have some eye-candy. If you’re like me who regularly changes wallpaper every few days then here’s a brand new Metro wallpaper pack for you. Don’t go by its name, as it can be used on just any OS, and not only on Windows 8. Of course you can always crop and resize these wallpapers to suit your needs.

Download High Resolution Metro Wallpaper Pack for Windows 8

The Metro wallpaper pack comes with:

  • 65 high quality wallpapers
  • 10 different colors
  • 6 different versions
  • 5 bonus wallpapers

These wallpapers are of 2560 x 1600 resolution and suits well a Full HD monitor but they can be used on just any monitor. If you’re on Windows 8.1 then you can also apply them as Start Screen backgrounds.

This Metro wallpaper pack is created by a DeviantArt member named snipes2.

To download this wallpaper pack, head over to DeviantArt and click on the “Download file” link from the right sidebar. It is a RAR file of 34.3 MB. So go ahead and give your desktop a new look with these wallpapers, and while you’re at it, also delete some useless icons from the desktop – the less cluttered your desktop the better it is.

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