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10 Costco Membership Benefits You Did Not Know About

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Apart from what is said to be the best hotdogs and delicious food samples, shopping at Costco offers many benefits most people are not aware of. Granted there is an annual membership fee but the cost is little in comparison to all the benefits you could utilize.

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The following involves Costco membership benefits that are not well known. What are you waiting for to be a member?

  1. Medical insurance

If you are looking for a new medical insurance policy or you do not have one, Costco could be the solution. Costco offers affordable rates for members with both personal and small business plans. It is important however to read the insurance plan, be diligent about the details just to ensure that Costco’s coverage is what you need or are looking for. Medical insurance should always meet your needs.

  1. Free health screenings

As we are on the topic of health, did you know that Costco offers free health checkups through their pharmacy department? Screening for diseases such as diabetes and osteoporosis is possible. Call your local Costco today and find out when the health checkups are available or check their local website.

  1. Budget eyewear and group vision plans

Costco offers good deals on reading glasses that are quickly out of stock. The small investment of the annual fee is worth it to acquire reading glasses at good discounts. In addition, it also offers group vision plans.

  1. Low prescription costs

A few years ago, I did a story on how pricing of medical prescriptions varied across different pharmaceutical companies. I found that Costco’s pricing was much lower in comparison to other companies. Ensure you check with their pharmacy when you are doing a comparison.  Note that in most states, you don’t need to be a member to utilize their pharmacy. Let them know that you want to drop off or fill up a prescription.

  1. Unique deals on gift sets

At times, Costco packages different items together as a gift set that is impossible to find in other stores with cost-effective price tags. Make a note to do a sweep of their beauty and housewares sections during the holidays to get these unique sets of gifts.

  1. Low cost vaccinations

Costco pharmacies offer vaccinations at affordable prices. For those without insurance, it is important to do some research on the vaccines you need and utilize their competitive offers.

  1. Discount movie tickets & gift cards

Today it seems as if going to the movies is a small fortune. When you take into account drinks, popcorns and the movie tickets, we have spent a lot. Worry not, Costco offers discounted movie tickets. Summer is here and so are the summer blockbusters. Stock up on these discounted tickets and have a cinematic summer. With these discounted tickets, you will save an average of 25%. The discount also goes for gift cards so more good news!

  1. Low grocery prices

We all have a budget for what we want to spend on grocery items. Shopping wisely will result in good savings. Visit Costco and look at their pricing on cheese and peanut butter. Peanut butter is among one of the household items will long shelf life so you can stock up on as many as you need.

  1. Awesome prices on birthday cakes

Costco’s bakery has some awesome deals that you should not miss. If there is, a birthday coming up and you need a big birthday cake Costco should be the first place you look. I confess that Costco’s cakes taste as good as other expensive cakes I have had before.

  1. Ink cartridge refills

I have saved one of the best benefits for last. Costco refills inkjet cartridges. All you have to do is bring in your old ink cartridges and make savings of up to 70% in comparison to buying a new one. While saving money, you are also reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfills. Conserve the planet!

Costco is the best place to find everything you or your family needs. From groceries to cosmetics, clothing and auto repair, the store is designed to satisfy your every need with one visit in comparison to other stores such as Harbor Freight or Home Depot that specializes in certain items. With hundreds of locations worldwide and a wide variety of items, your shopping experience will be wonderful.  Costco is for everyone so join today.

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