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No one ever said getting older was easy. However few Americans understand how complicated it can be to take full advantage of the two key entitlement programs we take for granted – Medicare and Social Security.

By one estimate, 95% of Medicare recipients overpay for their coverage and there is evidence that many Social Security recipients are not taking full advantage of that program and are actually leaving money on the table.

Our guests on WEALTHTRACK this week are devoting most of their careers to changing that equation, and helping Americans maximize both sets of benefits.

Mary Beth Franklin is Contributing Editor at InvestmentNews, a leading publication for financial advisors. She is a certified Financial Planner, an award winning personal finance journalist and a recognized expert on Social Security. The revised edition of her ebook, “Maximizing Your Social Security Retirement Benefits” was recently published.

Katy Votava is Founder and President of, a healthcare consulting firm for individuals, small businesses and financial planners.  She is a registered nurse with a PhD in health economics and nursing. She is also a regular columnist for InvestmentNews and the author of the ebook, Making The Most of Medicare, A Guide for Baby Boomers.

Each has discussed these topics on WEALTHTRACK before but both believe now is an important time to revisit the programs because there have been some significant changes in each that occurred during the Obama years but are taking effect now.  They can be very costly if not properly managed. How to do that is what we will cover this week.

Mary Beth Franklin & Katy Votava – Money Saving Advice

If you miss the show on your local public television station you can always catch it on our website.  You’ll also find a web exclusive EXTRA interview. Mary Beth Franklin gives her advice on the best strategies for same sex couples claiming Social Security.  As always, we welcome your feedback on Facebook, Twitter or via the Contact Us link on our website.  We read all of your comments.

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