For Better Or Worse: Why Men Are Better Off Married

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Marriage is the butt of many jokes. An “expensive agreement”, the “ball and chain”, the “old man”, the “nagging wife”…is it really a surprise that many people feel being married isn’t worth the hassle? Well, there’s research to show that yes, it actually might be well worth the effort. If you’ve ever wondered whether it would be best for you to stay single or enter wedded bliss, read on. This infographic delves into some of the results of recent research, showing just what the improvements in your life might be. It turns out that there are many psychological, physiological, social and emotional benefits, as well as support to your earnings and income. Definitely worth a closer look!

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Better off Married - Some benefits for males

Most people are probably aware that married couples have increased tax benefits and financially, they may be better off, but you may not realize by just how much and that it’s not all because of governmental preferences. Married men in general will earn more during their working lives and have more assets later in life compared to their single peers. The institute for Family Studies in America found that married men made around $16,000 more than their single counterparts.

The research also shows that your social, psychological and emotional well-being are improved by marriage, particularly if you are a man. For example, both men and women are known to live longer than their single counterparts if they are in a long and steady relationship. They’re also more than 60% less likely to die from a heart attack and survival rates post diagnosis are higher. Men in particular seem to benefit from being in a happy relationship suffering less strokes and a reduced chance of terminal cancers and heart attacks.

Marriage is shown to promote a healthier lifestyle in general for both men and women, as they suffer less stress and are less likely to develop depression. A good social circle of well trusted friends and family and a better life balance are probably contributing factors for this.

If you opt to stay single, there are a few advantages to that too. So take a look at the following piece and weigh up your options carefully.  If you’ve ever wondered if it’s worth getting married in this day and age, the research from these recent studies will expand your knowledge of the benefits and really give you something to think about.

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