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Marriage Market Takeover: The Women of the Viral Hit Tell Their Story

Two weeks ago, International Prestige Skincare Brand SK-II premiered the film “Marriage Market Takeover”, celebrating a number of inspirational Chinese women standing up for their right to choose who and when to marry. Launching on Chinese video hosting site Youku, the film has lifted the veil on an important topic and across China a huge amount of women have expressed feelings of vindication, encouragement and a new willingness to speak up, with millions of reactions on social media as a result.

The pressure being put on the brave women in the film has intrigued many, and the discussion has expanded to more than 50 countries spread over all continents, resulting in news articles, video features, progressive debates and 20 million views globally in less than two weeks. And throughout the world several questions regarding the women’s situation has arisen. How prevalent is the Sheng Nu label? How come it is being put on successful independent women? And does it impact their daily lives?

They want to reconstruct the mutual respect between generations, increase society’s understanding of the women’s right to choose their paths in life freely and take control of their destinies.

To answer these questions, SK-II is now releasing a series of in-depth interviews with the women of the film and their parents.  The aim is to provide an even greater insight into the nuances of China’s views on marriage, the situation for those who choose to wait and to paint a complete picture of these outstanding women.  More importantly, the interviews show the transformative power of the women’s personal messages in opening up difficult topics and in strengthening the relationship between the parents and their daughters. These women are opening up about wanting to wait with marriage until they find true love, the difficulty in balancing what’s best for them with their parents’ wishes and how it feels to challenge traditional views. The film has created a platform from where parents and their daughters can speak more openly.

“I think the biggest benefit I’ve gotten out of this experience is that the three of us in our family have been communicating to such a deep level”, says the father of Hu Ting, one of the women of the film. “Now I understand her better.”

This is the latest phase of #changedestiny – an ongoing global campaign launched last year that is designed to inspire and empower women to shape their own destiny. As a part of this campaign SK-II has been sharing stories of women who overcame challenges and barriers that were preventing them from achieving their dreams and goals. The success stories of these women have become a source of inspiration to women around the world.

Watch the interviews here and learn more about the women’s courage and their road to acceptance:

Wang Xiao Qi:

Zhu Li:

Hu Ting:

Marriage Market Takeover