Mario Gabelli Likes Superior Industries International Inc

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Mario Gabelli Likes Superior Industries International Inc

Mario Gabelli, GAMCO Investors chairman, CEO & CIO shares his final thoughts on Superior Industries, the markets, investing, and the economy.

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welcome back to squawk. guest host has been chairman ceoand cio, a lot of titles entertaining mario. earlier in the program we talked about catalyst, private market value, you pointed out one equity, one stock who you thought sort of lined up in terms of discount, private value, and catalyst for marking this value.tell us. well, there’s lots of companies like that. the one we were chatting about deals with the automotive industry, oe production is rising sharply. superior located in southerncalifornia. the founder died recently, steve bark has been running it for several years. he may have other things on hisplate fo going or ward. $200 million in cash. there’s a shortage of capacity at the company to do wheels. so when you think of wholes on cars and car production, what should they do? i think one of the things they’ll do is be bought by a private equity group or — your firm owns 4 1/2% right now. you say you’ve been buying more? stock’s 18, 19. i like it. what is the private market pay $19 for a stock, $8 in cash. paying $11. if i were running the company i would tell my customers, hey, i’m not producing any more cars, i’m going to raise the price. short runs, you want to buy wheels from the chinese, good luck.thanks, mario. thanks for coming in. great see you. always a pleasure, privilege.

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