Powerful Money Mantras: A Guide To Create Your Own Wealth-Magnets

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As human beings, it is normal to aspire to a better life, away from what we already have. Not because we are ungrateful creatures, but because we want to enjoy greater tranquility, secure our financial future, more days of rest, etc.

To achieve these aspirations, many people turn to money mantras to achieve their money goals.

You might’ve heard of Warren Buffet’s “keep reinvesting your profits.” Utter simple though it may seem, this is a money mantra that has helped him become one of the greatest investors in the world.

With a net worth of $3.7 billion, Mark Cuban from Shark Tank has a couple of money mantras against credit card debt. “Credit cards are the worst investment one can make,” he used to utter in front of the famous show’s aspiring entrepreneurs. His mantra is, by the way, “ditch the plastic.”

Bill Gates –worth more than $80 billion– abides by his own money mantras, one of the most famous ones beings, “don’t whine about your mistakes; learn from them.” In a financial context this is certainly a golden piece of advice coming from someone who has built a fortune surviving several ups and downs.

What is a Money Mantra?

A mantra is a set of thoughts, words, or syllables that are usually heard during the practice of meditation. The origin of the word “mantra” comes from Sanskrit “man” (mind) and “tra” (instrument).

A mantra can be recited aloud or mentally. Among the benefits of listening and reciting a mantra, the main one is to maintain better concentration, relax, forget about stress, and even invoke a divinity.

However, mantras are also used to attract abundance or generate wealth. Money mantras help you adjust your mindset and change your approach to money, prosperity, and wellbeing. They are there to help you set financial goals and inspire you to achieve them.

Despite any possible skepticism you might have, money mantras are very much used by multimillionaires and financial gurus. Some are short sentences, some are longer and more philosophical.

​​Among some positive money mantras that people usually incorporate, there is:

  1. I am worthy of financial abundance.
  2. I can reach a solid financial basis.
  3. My experience of wealth is a positive part of my life.
  4. I embrace financial realization.
  5. I can use my skills to earn money.
  6. New revenue streams will come to me.
  7. My financial situation will recover.
  8. I rely on my judgment to make good financial decisions.

Do you want to know more about how money mantras work and how you can create your own? Keep reading.

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Examples of Money Mantras that Really Work

Anthony Robbins has built his $500 million fortune with a bit of help from money mantras. One of his favorites is a bit long but worth reading:

“God’s wealth is circulating in my life, his wealth flows to me in avalanches of abundance. All my needs, desires, and goals are met instantaneously through infinite intelligence, for I am one with God and God is one.”

“Love it or lose it” is the money mindset used by the author and motivational speaker Jen Sincero, who’s helped lots of people reach financial wisdom. She wrote the best-seller You Are Badass at Making Money and is well-known for her business acumen.

If you feel we’re getting too hazy, there are mantras with a more practical vibe. When you’re about to have a splurge but invoke a thought like “saving feels better than spending,” you will be pretty damn sure that mantras can have a powerful effect on how you deal with money.

How to Create a Mantras for Wealth and Money

You can find money mantras everywhere –on websites, financial help books, motivational talks– but you can also come up with mantras by yourself. There is, however, a recipe you can follow to hit the spot and come up with phrases that can really change your money mindset and help you reach prosperity.

Identify Area of Focus

First of all, you should identify your area of focus –or let’s say weaknesses. With money mantras –money affirmations– you want to change your mindset towards economic success, depending on your financial life and context.

So, are you having trouble getting rid of credit card debt? Do you have some savings but have absolutely no motivation to invest them? Or perhaps, you haven’t been able to save enough money or want to reach financial freedom?

The area of focus will help you start with the right foot, so you can come up with a money magnet that will help your mind tune in with your goals upon which you will start acting. Some focus areas could be better management of your bank account, paying off debt, budgeting, credit cards, and so on.

Focus on What You Want to Improve or Grow

Now that you have defined your area of improvement, you must dedicate time to determine how you’re going to go about it and define your financial future. This also means that you have to put every ounce of effort and dedication to achieve your goals.

If you’re perhaps too adept to credit card spending, you will start with this focus area. Now, how do you want to achieve this? Credit cards are a good example as people can misuse them in several ways.

Do you pay plastic at the grocery store? Do you have splurges in apparel or electronics? Do you use your credit card to cover other debts? All these questions –and more– determine how you’re going to go about your money mantra.

So, if you tend to have a splurge, you can create a money mantra that will also serve as a call-to-action: “Saving is better than spending. Stop paying plastic and save for everything I want.”

Put it in Writing, Remind Yourself, and Take Action

The most important aspect of a money mantra to work is that it must be a reminder to take action. This means that repetition is essential, as it is something you would want to have carved in your mind and operate by it.

Financial gurus advise that you must write your mantra and put it in a place where you can access it every day. Whether it’s the fridge door or a sticky note on your computer screen, you must remind yourself of your area of focus and goals, and how to achieve them.

Although it might take some work, the wording is very important as it needs to call to action and inspire you.

The wording is absolutely important,Dr Jeremy Shapiro says. If you came up with a money mantra to help you save money for the holiday season, phrasing your goal “Greece 2022” is better than “savings.”

“Try putting a photo of the thing you’re saving up for in your wallet,” he asserts, as it will tune you in with the goal you want to achieve and it won’t be a chore you’ll dread doing.

When writing your money mantras, be concise, focus on self-reflection, write them with the future in mind, and try to visualize a clear outcome.

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Benefits of Having a Money Mantra for Financial Abundance

There’s a myriad of positives when abiding by a money mantra, always bearing in mind your financial context. They put you in the right vibe to attract wealth by changing your negative mindset towards money.

Perhaps the most important one is that mantras help you stay on course to achieving your goals and keep your finances healthy.

So many people try hard as they lose focus and never get things done with regards to e.g. investing their money, opening a bank account, an IRA account, or start saving.

Money mantras are there to remind you of your responsibility and to stick to your words, and they’re a perfect opportunity to boost your empowerment and self-awareness.

Another clear benefit is that, through sticking to a money mantra, you’ll be able to improve your financial habits, as you’re teaching yourself what and what not to do with money.

As mantras operate as reminders and “rules of thumb,” you’ll build on your progress and start walking step-by-step in the right direction.

It is a matter of repetition and persistence until the new ideas settle in –remember, it’s a mantra!– as you’ll be reinforcing good habits and reap the benefits of your new financial self.

Finally, a third benefit is, once you’ve strengthened your will, self-awareness, and have incorporated healthy financial habits in your everyday financial life, you’ll be assuming a new way of thinking and getting rid of a negative mindset.

This is critical and is the pinnacle of what you want to achieve through money mantras. “An abundance mindset refers to the paradigm that there is plenty out there for everybody,” according to Forbes.

As opposed to a scarcity mindset, this “new” paradigm has been covered in several books by various financial gurus and coaches, especially by Stephen Covey in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

“It’s no wonder when promotions and raises are scarce, resources are limited, managers hoard information, micromanagement abounds, and generally, short-term thinking is the norm.”

According to Digital Marketing, people who lack an abundance mindset, “usually have feelings of overwhelm, stress, and anxiety. When you’re living with a scarcity mindset, it’s easy to feel stressed that if something happens, you’ll never bounce back or prosper again.”


How do you make a money mantra?

To create your money mantra, you have to focus on a specific area of your finances that you want to improve. Any of these areas could be credit card spending, opening an IRA, being more thrifty in your overall spending, or saving enough money.

Once you have identified these areas, you start by defining the actions that will take you to meet your goals –spend less, invest more, etc.

The wording of your mantra must be a call-to-action and must be coherent with your financial situation and context. As a reminder, the mantra must be displayed in places you interact in very often.

Switching away from a scarcity mindset takes time, and it’s like going to the gym. You will have many opportunities to strengthen your mind and embrace new financial habits that will open up an abundance mindset.

Do mantras really work?

Mantras work through constant repetition, which will discard thoughts and allow you to focus on achieving financial betterment.

Several entrepreneurs and investors are famous for citing their own money mantras as ways of economic success, which goes to show that –in every person’s own context– they certainly have an effect on the mind.

People like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and even Mark Zuckerberg have their own way of dealing with money and cemented their fortunes on actual thoughts and ideas that help them thrive in their businesses.

Final Thoughts

Establishing money goals is one of the greatest concerns that we have in our lives, and there are times when we try to do the impossible to unblock all those obstacles that stop money from flowing in and out of our pockets harmoniously.

To create your own mantras, think of that one statement that makes you feel positive. Put it on paper and repeat it as many times as you can in your mind.

It is no secret to anyone that the subconscious has great power, and is capable of exploiting our true potential; from achieving a successful career, starting a business, establishing a loving relationship to enjoying good health, or achieving financial abundance.

People don’t know how to harness the power of the subconscious to accelerate success, attract more money, and live an abundant life. Rather, we cling to negative news and comments from newspapers, television shows, family members, or colleagues.

Mantras remind you of your goals, and the feeling of wealth produces wealth, just as the feeling of health generates health. Therefore, the secret is to attract and manifest the exact level of wealth you want, based on what you believe and feel. And mantras relating to money and abundance are the way to start.