Man Dies On United Airlines Flight From Denver To Houston

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An in-flight death was reported at Bush Intercontinental Airport late Tuesday night, according to KHOU 11 News.

United Airlines flight 95 was travelling from Denver, Colorado to Houston, Texas when the death occurred.

According to reports a man collapsed in the aisle of the plane at around 9 p.m and CPR was administered.

A United Airlines spokeswoman confirmed that there was a medical emergency on-board and emergency services met the flight after it landed around 11 p.m. The man was pronounced dead on arrival.

Houston Police Department homicide detectives and the the Harris County Medical Examiner are investigating the cause of death.

United Airlines safety record

United Airlines is rated at seven out of seven stars on and Houston airport was rated the third safest airport in the U.S in a 2011 study.

The last in flight death reported on a United Airlines flight occurred in Feburary 2014, on a flight from Hong Kong to Singapore.

Staff were unaware that the passenger had passed away until the flight landed. After the incident a passenger accused staff of not responding quickly enough to his warning that the deceased appeared to be unconscious.

United Airlines issued a statement which called it an “unfortunate incident”.

No further details have been provided about the death at Houston and although we are still awaiting the autopsy results, no foul play is suspected at this stage.

Two deaths in the same evening

As well as the in-flight death, another tragedy occurred at Houston airport that same evening. Click 2 Houston reported that a maintenance worker fell to his death about 11.30pm.

The identity of the worker has not been released, but HPD Homicide detectives said that he lost his footing as he inspected a railing on the tram system near Terminal C.

This is the second time in four years that a contractor has been killed while undertaking maintenance work on the tram system at Houston Airport.

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